Why Did The Good Ol’ Enemy Force The marriage?/说好的宿敌为什么逼婚

Chapter 21: Do You Want To Stand In A Circle And Watch Us Kiss?

Chapter 22: Being Human, The Most Important Thing Is To Be Happy

Chapter 23.1: Must Take Responsible For Being Rough On Me

Chapter 23.2

Chapter 24: Xiao Bao, You Can’t Find A Wife Being Like This

Chapter 25: Looking So Handsome, Yet Doesn’t Want People To Look At

Chapter 26: It Seems Your Husband Has Fed You Well

Chapter 27: You Two Even Have A Baby?!

Chapter 28: Have You Heard of ‘Project of Resurrection’?

Chapter 29: Ji Xingjue Is Someone They Cannot Touch

Chapter 30: Will I Become A Child Of A Single Parent?

Chapter 31: It’s Not A Shame To Take After Your Husband’s Surname

Chapter 32: Lord Marshal Has Married A Good Wife

Chapter 33: Niel Luther, It’s You Who Is Being Surrounded

Chapter 34: He Could Actually Restrain The Desire To Lock Up Ji Xingjue

Chapter 35: It Depends On Whether You Can Beat My Husband

Chapter 36: Sooner or Later, I Will Make You Cry And Spill Out Everything

Chapter 37: The Most Wanted Criminal of The Empire, Worth One Millions Star Coins

Chapter 38: It Is Very Secure To Sit On Lord Marshal

Chapter 39: Is It Appropriate To Involve A Weak And Delicate Lady In A Dangerous Adventure?

Chapter 40: I Am Not Afraid Of Pain, Even If You Exert Your Strength

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