Chapter 41: Call Them Away Just To Take A Bite

The Marshal’s Protection Squads, including Damel, were scrubbed by a realization today:

Madam said he can fight, and he really can fight.

Although he was caught by his ankle, Ji Xingjue reacted very quickly. He hooked his toes, and when he retracted it, he successfully left a mark on Qi Qing’s chest. Qi Qing squinted his eyes, turned his body and approached in a flash, and the strength of his blow was unforgiving.

Tian Luo immediately covered her eyes, unable to bear to see Ji Xingjue being sent flying.

However, a picture leaked from her fingers—Ji Xingjue’s waist was surprisingly flexible as he folded down in an incredible way, and stretched like a bow, easily avoiding the blow.

The Lord Marshal didn’t get annoyed at all when the attack failed, but instead he obediently clung to his waistline and gave him a little support.

There was an inexplicable lingering feeling in the action.

These two people, who fought back and forth ruthlessly, as well as without showing each other any mercy, but inexplicably, there seemed to be strands of thread wrapping around, together with a sense of touching emotions.

Chen Pi opened his mouth and muttered to himself, “Why do I feel like we shouldn’t be here at this time?”

Tian Luo continued to cover her face, “You’re right, but do you dare to leave?”

Damel thought that the innocent child was shy, so he put out his hand to cover her eyes, but was slapped away by the latter. He shrank his hand, feeling aggrieved. He observed the two people who were fighting in the field for a while, and was amazed. “Madam usually doesn’t show anything, but I didn’t expect… It seems that Madam and the Marshal are the same.”

The fighting skills of Qi Qing and Ji Xingjue were taught by Duke Qi Bai.

When they were children, they practiced against each other, and the outcome was always half-half. Both of them had unyielding characters, and neither would let anyone take the lead.

It was not until they were in their teens that Qi Qing’s strength advantage became more and more obvious, and he was able to successfully press the sensitive Ji Xingjue under his body in the pairing exercise, leaving him no room to move and gaining the upper hand.

So after a long absence for many years, when he returned to the Imperial Capital and saw Ji Xingjue’s weak and innocent look, the Lord Marshal was particularly speechless.

After fighting for a long time, Qi Qing caught the slightest flaw in Ji Xingjue’s movements with sharp eyes. Just like when he was young, he grabbed his hands quickly and ruthlessly, and pushed him to the ground with a “bang“.

Both of them were slightly sweating, they were very close to each other because of their movements, their breathing was clearly audible, and they could almost hear each other’s violent heartbeats.

Ji Xingjue was firmly pressed on his hands and feet, even his waist was pressed, his whole body was locked, only his head could move. He blinked, and said with a smile, “Lord Marshal, you’re really merciless.”

Qi Qing looked down at him, and there was some kind of deep and fiery flame burning in his eyes, the temperature was scorching.

“…But,” Ji Xingjue slowly stuck close to his ear, saying as if whispering, “All’s fair in love and war.”

Qi Qing’s pupils shrank suddenly.

Ji Xingjue bit the tip of his ear.

Lord Marshal obviously neglected that Ji Xingjue’s mischief character did not disappear with the passage of time, he just learned to hide it.

Once his ear became hot, Qi Qing’s hand immediately shook, and the strength where he was gripping Ji Xingjue loosened unconsciously. Ji Xingjue seized the opportunity and immediately turned the table. The posture of the two of them on the ground suddenly collapsed, and it was replaced by Qi Qing on the bottom and Ji Xingjue on the top.

Qi Qing was caught off guard when his ear was gnawed. The tips of his ears were abnormally red, and the redness even spread to his neck. He stared at a certain person surnamed Ji, who smiled without any guilt.

The group of Protection members opened their mouths and looked at each other.

They have learned their lesson, but this… who dares to speak up?

With an oddly expression, the overwhelmed Qi Qing threw a glance, giving the Adjutant, who seemed to be snickering, an indifferent look, and the meaning was clear and straightforward:

Get out.

Damel immediately brought people away.

Ji Xingjue tilted his head and glanced at the Protection Squads who were running away before looking back at Qi Qing who he had suppressed with great interest, and jokingly said, “What to do, Lord Marshal, your guards have all run away, who else can save you now?”

Qi Qing looked at him calmly. “What do you want to do?”

Ji Xingjue smiled and lowered his head close to him.

Qi Qing’s muscles suddenly tightened.

The red mole on the corner of his eyes made his temperament more charming, his voice was lingering like water, and his breath was clear and smooth. “Lord marshal is worth 300 billion star coins.”

What fell into the bottom of his eyes was the red lips of the person on his body. When he smiled, the red and white were distinct, and the thin neck line was particularly conspicuous. Qi Qing narrowed his eyes, looking at the fair neckline, he wanted to leave a mark on it.

Ji Xingjue was unaware of the danger, and continued to take his time molesting Qi Qing, “But I’m reluctant to assassinate the Lord Marshal. Seeing how good-looking the Marshal is, many people like… uh!”

Before he finished speaking, he was also bitten by Qi Qing.

Qi Qing thought of doing it, and he really did it; he took a bite at Ji Xingjue’s undefended neck.

Ji Xingjue didn’t expect Qi Qing could also play in such a rude way. His eyes widened in astonishment. His neck was his sensitive area, and from where he was bitten, an unbearable itch that was hard to explain suddenly rushed through his body. His fingertips trembled, and the scene in front of him suddenly turned over.

When it was clear again, the one who was pressed down was replaced by him.

Ji Xingjue: “…”

His neck was red, and while he was covering it very uncomfortably, he heard a cool and indifferent voice from above his head, “What about you?”

Ji Xingjue was stunned for a few seconds, then reacted.

many people like him.

what about you?

He reluctantly ignored the strange feeling on his neck, looked at the handsome and threatening face of the Lord Marshal, and had to admit that he was indeed seductive.

Qi Qing had not only grown up, but had also grown into a mature man who was quite attractive in every way.

Ji Xingjue licked his lips, lying down in a relaxed posture. “Like, of course I like—Okay, Lord Marshal, there’s no end to the fight, how about we call it a tie?”

The unfortunate Squads from just now also slipped away.

Qi Qing silently looked at the moist lips, hearing the word “like”, his eyes were unfathomable, and he stared at him for a long time before slowly withdrawing his hands.

Ji Xingjue sat up, touched the neck that was itching which was a little bit inexplicable to explain, and laughed sullenly, “You called them away just to take a bite, the dignified Imperial Marshal, to actually use such a disgraceful means.”

What he said was to argue with the courage of his own convictions. Qi Qing glanced at the publisher of this disgraceful method, got up and handed him his hand, and said softly, “I just put what I have learned into action.”

Ji Xingjue took his hand, stood up with his help, and patted the non-existent dust on his body, as if nothing had happened. “I’m a little hungry, how about you?”

His complexion was fair, and the neck was particularly delicate and untouchable. When he was bitten, the red marks were particularly obvious.

Qi Qing licked the tip of his canine teeth, his gaze was faint. “Hungry.”

When the two came out of the fighting training room, the group of people had disappeared.

Ji Xingjue touched his Adam’s apple, thought of something, turned his head carefully and said, “I found a pot of flowers in your room.”

Qi Qing’s eyelids lowered. “Oh?”

“All living has an animism,” Ji Xingjue retaliated with a smile, “I suggest you give it a name, how about Xiao Bao?”

Qi Qing: “…”

“According to the experience taught by my friend in the field of botany, you can say ‘Xiao Bao, grow well’ to your flower every day before going to bed, so that he can grow fast and well.”


Until he walked into the cafeteria, Marshal Qi Xiao Bao, whose face was paralyzed, didn’t answer any more words to Ji Xingjue.

It was dinner time, and the cafeteria was full of soldiers after training. When they saw Qi Qing, they all stood up. “Marshal, Madam, good evening!”

In just one afternoon, the news that the Marshal brought the Marshal’s wife back to the base spread everywhere.

The ostensible purpose Ji Xingjue used was “Research on the remains of high-level androids excavated from the former site of Randa of the Seventh Galaxy”, the repeated reason was perfunctory and very unthoughtful but no one thought there was a problem.

Qi Qing raised his hand to indicate that they didn’t need to salute, and took Ji Xingjue to find a double seat.

The greetings kept coming, and the word “Madam” was doubled and banged, making Ji Xingjue a little depressed.

He was starting to miss the days when he was surrounded by students calling “teacher” and “professor” at school.

After dinner, the sky of Doyler Star was completely plunged into darkness, but the lights of the base were lit up, as bright as day.

This pale blue planet was extremely beautiful even in the vast universe.

Six months ago, Ji Xingjue hid on a nearby planet and peeked at this planet for a while.

Unexpectedly, after half a year, he could personally land on this planet.

There were a lot of things for Qi Qing to do. He still had to go to check the patrol work, and after leaving the cafeteria, he took the initiative to dismiss Xiao Bao’s feud. “I’ve already informed the laboratory, you can tell them what needs to be done.”

Cecilie’s ring was very convenient to use, but it was just a small toy to fiddle with after using it, and there were still many shortcomings.

Fortunately, there was a laboratory in the base.

Ji Xingjue nodded: “I will upgrade as soon as possible.”

“No hurry,” Qi Qing glanced at the sky, “the opportunity hasn’t come yet.”

Ji Xingjue raised his brows suspiciously, and quickly recalled: “You mean…”

Seeing that he instantly understood what he meant, the corners of Qi Qing’s lips curved, showing a rare soft expression: “Un.”

“As expected of Lord Marshal.”

Ji Xingjue boasted with a smile, “But the situation on the front line is so chaotic, and the Holy Order is so old-fashioned, maybe the opportunity will come soon.”

After he finished speaking, he waved his hand lazily, and strode towards the laboratory in the evening wind.

There were not many people in the military laboratory. Most of them were for the first time to study the things collected from the battlefield. If they couldn’t be analyzed, they would be transferred to a higher-level laboratory.

Damel came to inform them in advance, and especially told them not to disturb Ji Xingjue, so everyone just said hello to Ji Xingjue, while curiously peeking at the rumored Marshal’s wife, and did not come forward to chat.

Thus, Ji Xingjue leisurely did his thing, turning on his light brain, and connected the chip data in the ring.

Cecilie was very relieved with Ji Xingjue, and sent the core data without asking too much what he wanted to do with the ring.

Based on this magnanimous trust, it was very easy for Ji Xingjue to rewrite and improve some functions.

Returning to a similar working environment, he quickly immersed himself in work until the night was getting dark. After debugging a few times, when he felt that it was almost the same, a few greetings suddenly came by his ears: “Marshal.”

Ji Xingjue pulled back from the data in front of him, raising his head to take a look, and saw Qi Qing was walking into the laboratory, nodded slightly at the researchers, and walked towards him. “Why haven’t you gone back yet?”

Ji Xingjue finished rewriting the last set of data, and the upgrade was almost done, and was going to debug it again tomorrow. He turned off his light brain, and smiled, “Just finished, Lord Marshal is here to pick me up from work?”

Qi Qing was noncommittal: “Dan Dan misses you.”

Ji Xingjue put away the ring, followed his example and asked, “What about you?”

The group of researchers behind them pretended not to care, but actually had their ears pricked up, instantly casting a burning gaze.

Qi Qing paused. He reached out his hand and rubbed Ji Xingjue’s hair, and calmly said, “Let’s go, I think it’s time to water A’Xing.”

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

The author has something to say:
Stubborn; Lit: hard-mouth, is the same as ()

English word translation: 2256


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