Chapter 51: I Also Know A Person Named Armon

No one wouldn’t know what Qi Qing looked like, and the moment the two of them appeared, all the researchers were stunned.

The flaw that Ji Xingjue revealed in an instant was successfully submerged in the crowd. He immediately restrained his expression while stepping back quietly.

Most of the Star Pirates broke away from the control of the Holy Order and temporarily recuperated in the Boundless Star Sea. The remaining ones were at the mercy of the Imperial Army, being swept like a gust of wind sweeping fallen leaves. 

Not long after he left the Boundless Star Sea, he heard about the great victory on the front line, and Qi Qing seemed to be called back to the Capital of the Empire.

But he didn’t expect that the Emperor would send Qi Qing to the Alliance without stopping to test. 

After the shock, Ji Xingjue felt a little dissatisfied.

The Lord Marshal was so busy, yet he didn’t let him rest even a bit. 

There were unexpectedly so many people in the backyard. Qi Qing raised his eyebrows, glanced at the people in the courtyard, and when his eyes passed over Ji Xingjue, he didn’t stop.

It seemed like he didn’t recognize him.

The heart that was slightly raised within him suddenly settled down. 

An Hong’s general facial appearance wasn’t similar to An Tang’s. That handsome face was completely expressionless and looked more permeable than Qi Qing. He didn’t expect that there were so many guests at home, so he turned his head and glanced at An Tang, who smiled slightly and explained, “Brother, I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you, some people from the Research Institute are here to report today.”

He stood up and stretched out his hand to Qi Qing. “Your Excellency Marshal, long time no see. I heard that your side has won at the front line. Congratulations.”

Qi Qing reached out and shook his hand, his tone was light. “Thank you.”

An Tang glanced behind him. “Didn’t Professor Ji come with you?”

“Admiral An seems to miss my wife very much.” Hearing him mention Ji Xingjue, Qi Qing narrowed his eyes saying with a tone that was difficult to understand.

“Naturally, I appreciate Professor Ji’s talent very much.”

Ji Xingjue was standing behind An Tang. Seeing Qi Qing’s unpredictable expression out of the corner of his eye, he silently shrank back again. 

It seemed that the Lord Marshal was even more angry than he could imagine. 

It was a pity that Ji Xingjue was a living person, and it was useless no matter how hard he tried to pretend that he was the air. Qi Qing finished exchanging greetings with An Tang without any difference, then turned to look at Ji Xingjue, fixing a stare on the person. “This is?”

His eyes were dim and slightly cool, very oppressive, but Dr. Chen, who was considered to be someone who was fiercely protective of his children, took the lead. “My assistant.”

Dr. Chen didn’t like the scene of political exchanges where it was lively and bustling. He stood up and said, “Since a distinguished guest is here, we won’t bother you. Armon, don’t stand there.”

The moment “Armon” came out, Ji Xingjue’s eyelids twitched violently.

The pot is broken, I’m screwed.

He shouldn’t be goofing off!

“So it’s a scientific researcher?” As if he didn’t hear anything, Qi Qing extended his hand to Ji Xingjue friendly, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, my wife is one too. I always have a respect for scientific researchers.”

Ji Xingjue was faced with fear and trepidation in the face of disaster, simply put, he was terrified. Pretending to be nervous when seeing a big shot, he carefully wiped the sweat off his hands before reaching out and shaking hand with Qi Qing.

The expected strong grip didn’t appear. Qi Qing just gave him an empty grip in a very normal way, and then let him go.

Ji Xingjue then breathed a sigh of relief.

Qi Qing turned around and said, “Speaking of which, I also know a man named Armon.”

Ji Xingjue: “…”

“But he doesn’t look like this Mr. Armon, what a pity.” Qi Qing glanced at Ji Xingjue’s ring again, and said casually, “The ring is not bad.”

“…Thank you for your exaggeration, Your Excellency Marshal.” Ji Xingjue shrank his fingers; he didn’t want to find out whether Qi Qing had recognized him anymore, he just wanted to run away quickly, “This humble me will take his leave first.”

After leaving An Tang’s house, Ji Xingjue felt a headache.

When he upgraded the ring, he also changed the appearance along the way, changing the gaudy shape designed by Cecilie with gems inlaid into an ordinary ring, a style that almost everyone had in possession.

The name Armon was also very common, and it belonged to the type that could turn back when you shout it on the street.

Bionic intelligence engineering had become very popular in recent years, and it wasn’t surprising that many researchers had devoted themselves to it.

But when all the conditions came together, it was hard not to doubt it.

Dr. Chen glanced at Ji Xingjue, thinking that he was frightened by the Imperial Marshal, and patted him on the back, feeling dissatisfied. “Boy, you’re good at everything, but you’re timid. Why do you have an expression like you have been caught having adultery? Qi Qing and you have no grievances, he won’t eat you.”

He could really eat me.

Ji Xingjue forced a smile.

At least this trip was fruitful, and he learned an important piece of news: An Hong had retrieved the document and stored it in their home.

Ji Xingjue inquired a lot of information on his way to the Alliance, and heard a lot of gossip about An Hong, the Chairman of the Council. 

It was said that An Tang was attacked on the battlefield, and after his legs were disabled, An Hong personally went to the front line to bring him back. The proud An Tang couldn’t accept the fact that he became disabled, and wanted to commit suicide several times, but An Hong’s strict defense prevented him from doing so.

These two weren’t biological brothers, but they had a very good relationship, especially An Hong, who treated this younger brother more than a relative.

So the possibility of An Tang lying was very small.

An Hong could set up a special project and set up a laboratory for his younger brother, so it was normal to retrieve confidential information to check for the sake of his younger brother.

Why not check it out tonight.

Ji Xingjue made up his mind and closed his eyes to rest.

Back at the Research Institute, Dr. Chen remembered something and announced beamingly, “By the way, Armon, starting today, you can access the core data, and I will give you permission later.”

Ji Xingjue paused for a while, clutching his stomach, his face pale. “Doctor, my stomach hurts a little, it seems to be an old problem with my body, can I take a short leave to go back and rest?”

Dr. Chen didn’t suspect anything, and went tsk tsk while shaking his head. “What’s wrong? Alas, you young people, why are you in such poor health? When I was young, I was fine without closing my eyes for five consecutive days… Go, go, come back after resting.”

Ji Xingjue smiled apologetically, turned his head while clutching his abdomen, and sighed in silence. 

Dr. Chen was different from Yelis. Dean Yelis had stayed in the school anyway and had contact with all kinds of people, whereas Dr. Chen was obsessed with research, completely ignorant of the world, and seldom suspicious of others.

For such a sincere person, he didn’t want to cause him any trouble.

He also had no intention of taking this opportunity to steal the core data of the Alliance Research Institute.

He slowly walked out of the Research Institute, out of the monitoring range outside the Institute, and turned to the hotel where he was resting.

As soon as he entered the hotel, Ji Xingjue found that the atmosphere wasn’t right. There were many people standing in the lobby. Seeing him, a waiter hurried over. “I’m sorry, guest, a VIP has reserved the hotel, and there are no rooms available.”

Ji Xingjue’s eyelids twitched, and he said calmly, “I stay in 3607.”

The waiter whispered in embarrassment, “Ah, this… The manager is negotiating with the VIPs, you may need to check out, don’t worry, we will compensate you for the loss……”

He thought that Ji Xingjue would scold him furiously like other guests, but unexpectedly Ji Xingjue smiled gently, nodded understandingly, and said decisively, “Okay, then please help me to take down my things, all in one backpack, I’m checking out now.”

The waiter was overjoyed. “Okay, okay! Thank you.”

Ji Xingjue glanced at the center of the crowd, his scalp felt numb for a while, and he just wanted to check out and run right away.

However, his speed was still slow.

Qi Qing pushed aside the crowd and walked over with big strides. “Mr. Armon?”

Ji Xingjue silently imitated the Star pirate and cursed “Fuck me” in his heart. As if he had just discovered Qi Qing, he turned his head while quivering from head to toe. “M-, Your Excellency Marshal? Why are you here?”

“I think the nearby scenery is good, it’s also close to the Research Institute, and here is an inspiring place producing outstanding and talented people. I plan to stay here when I’m in the Alliance.” Qi Qing lowered his eyelids, looked at the check-out signing screen handed to Ji Xingjue by the front desk, and expressed a little apology, “Is it because we checked in that you’re checked out? My apologies.”

The Lord Marshal glanced at the front desk indifferently. “Cancel the check-out.”

He spoke so fast and decisively that Ji Xingjue didn’t even have a word to say. He just watched the front desk nod vigorously, then withdrew his hand in a swish, giving his heart a sudden cold.

Coincidentally, the waiter who helped to get the backpack ran back with the bag. When he saw the two of them standing here, he was a little confused. “Ah, Your Excellency Marshal, hello. My guest, your bag…”

Qi Qing cut him off, “What room does he stay in?”

Facing the civilians, the Lord Marshal restrained his aura, but was still majestic and fierce. The waiter swallowed and subconsciously replied, “3607.”

Qi Qing hummed, took the backpack, and bowed slightly and gracefully to Ji Xingjue. “As an apology, I will escort you back.”

Ji Xingjue’s scalp was numb. “Marshal is polite, I…”

“You’re welcome.”

Qi Qing went straight to the elevator, then turned his head and glanced at him. “Mr. Armon?”

Ji Xingjue moved his lips, and followed Qi Qing into the elevator with heavy steps. Damel, who he hadn’t seen for a long time, was negotiating with the manager at the other end. Seeing Qi Qing, he quickly trotted over. “Marshal? Where are you going? The one next to you is…”

He still wanted to follow in, but Qi Qing ruthlessly pressed the button, and directly closed the door, shutting the ignorant Adjutant outside.

Ji Xingjue took a deep breath. He wanted to ask directly, but then again he was afraid that Qi Qing really didn’t recognize him. If so, wasn’t it like confess without being pressed. He was a little skeptical.

Also, he pretended not to know Qi Qing, so Qi Qing must have noted down this hatred. 

The stingy Marshal could have written a full notebook…

He didn’t want to face his wrath just yet.

The atmosphere turned silent for a moment, then Qi Qing took the initiative to speak again. “I heard that Mr. Armon is also doing bionic intelligent engineering?”

Ji Xingjue pretended to be confused. “Also?”

The elevator rose slowly, and the outer wall gradually became transparent.

As the line of sight continued to widen, one could clearly overlook the scenery of the capital of the Alliance. The atmosphere surrounding the capital was leisurely and unhurried. In the distance, there was the statue of the Goddess of Peace holding white doves in her hands, wearing a wreath on her head, and singing praises with her head raised.

Qi Qing looked away from the statue and turned to Ji Xingjue. “My wife is also working in this direction.”

The depositions of the two them seemed to have turned over. Usually it was Ji Xingjue who talked about molesting Qi Qing, and Qi Qing responded like gold, but now it was Ji Xingjue’s turn to become silent. “Is that so, what an honor.”

They arrived at the thirty-sixth floor.

Qi Qing carried Ji Xingjue’s backpack, and when they walked to the door, he handed the bag to him, then stopped talking and prepared to leave.

It seemed that he was really feeling apologetic, and sent Ji Xingjue all the way in a gentlemanly manner.

Ji Xingjue swiped his identification card, turned the doorknob and walked in. Before closing the door, he heard the distant footsteps approaching again.

“Ah, right.”

Ji Xingjue’s heart suddenly twitched, the veins on his forehead popped as he looked at the Lord Marshal who was particularly annoying at the moment and faked a smile. “Your Excellency Marshal, is there anything else you want?”

Qi Qing pointed to the door opposite him. “I forgot, I live opposite you.”

After finishing speaking, Qi Qing politely nodded at him, walked to the opposite side and opened the door, and smiled at him before entering.

Ji Xingjue: “…”

For some reason, he felt that Qi Qing was playing tricks on him.

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

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And there is evidence.

Chasing his husband thousands of miles away-Qi Xiaobao, abandoning his wife and son-Ji Xingjue

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