Ch65: Not as big as yours

On the way back, Ye Nanqi was obviously depressed, but he didn’t show it in front of Shen Du.

Probably due to him taking a break from acting for a long time, he was unable to pretend in front of Shen Du. The emotions that built up and hid to the point that not one drop of water could leak out fell into Shen Du’s eyes, but he didn’t say it.

When they got home, there was no light in the house, and it was all dark. Shen Du was about to turn on the light, when a strong force behind him pressed his hand that was pressing the switch. Ye Nanqi, who was silent all the way, pressed him on the door panel. Only his outline was vaguely seen in the dark, and neither of them spoke.

Tugging his tie, Ye Nanqi pressed the two cold lips together, his breath trembled slightly.

Shen Du paused. For the first time, he no longer feared the darkness as he stretched out his hands and hugged him tightly, gently letting him vent his feelings.

It was unknown how long it took, until the lamp was knocked over, Ye Nanqi lowered his head, buried himself in Shen Du’s arms. He took back his hand, and said hoarsely, “I’m sorry.”

Shen Du caressed his back and suddenly stretched out his hands to hug him up.

Ye Nanqi was taken aback, as he raised his head and put his arms around his neck. Shen Du’s arm strength was amazing. He walked steadily, as if the person in his arms was just a feather, and even lowered his head to smile and ask in a leisurely mood, “Sorry about what?”

Ye Nanqi whispered, “You are afraid of darkness.”

“I’m not afraid when you’re with me.” Shen Du’s footsteps were light and quick, holding him upstairs.

Shen Du had lived for more than 20 years, and experienced the stirrings of love twice. After careful consideration, the first time was also because Jiang Yuanyu’s appearance was a bit like Ye Nanqi.

He could say harsh words that could poke people to the core with stern looks, but once he fell in love with someone, he would be incomprehensible. He would be a thousand times gentle and soft, extremely kind and accommodating to him no matter how people look at him with a toothache.

Entering the room, Shen Du put him on the bed with his arms supported, and looked at him, but said nothing.

Ye Nanqi felt a little embarrassed when he thought of his bold move at the entrance door. He turned his head to avoid his scorching gaze. After thinking about it, he turned his head back and looked directly at him and explained, “In the afternoon… I wanted to kiss you when I was in the police station, but it was not suitable afterwards. Just when I entered the house…”

It was rare for Shen Du to hear what he said in his heart, not to mention that it was about getting close to himself. He smiled and simply pressed on him and asked, “Why do you want to kiss me?”

Ye Nanqi frowned: “Get up, you are so heavy.”

“Why?” Shen Du, who didn’t want to be treated severely without listening to excuses, and not satisfied with small gains, “Was it because you couldn’t hold back but wanted to kiss me as soon as we entered the door?”

Ye Nanqi didn’t avoid his sight as he was giving his unreasonable and arrogant excuses: “I just want to kiss. I’ll kiss my man whenever and however I want. Does President Shen have an opinion?”

Shen Du held back his smile, and solemnly nodded his head: “What Mr. Ye said is right.”

Ye Nanqi and Shen Du looked at each other for almost half a day, and couldn’t help but laugh. He pinched Shen Du’s waist and said, “Get up… go see if Xue Xiangyu’s email is here, or do you want to wash clothes?”

As quick-witted as Shen Du, he had already counted the brand styles and colors of the clothes in the half of the cabinet that suffered a calamity, asking the assistant to buy exactly the same ones. By the way, he would add some new clothes that he liked to see his wife wear. After secretly planning the action of throwing those old clothes away, Shen Du was not in a hurry. He got up and turned on the computer.

Xue Xiangyu pretended to be the mud that couldn’t support the wall, and became a second generation ancestor who didn’t understand the ass, let the Xue family relax their vigilance. After staying in the Rongyu Group for many years, nobody knew how many things he secretly collected. The email contained evidence of the Xue family’s transfer of gray income, but it was not complete.

Ye Nanqi leaned over to take a look, and listened to Shen Du briefly explaining the dazzling pile of reports, he hesitated: “Are we going to cooperate with him?”

Except for being untrustworthy, Xue Xiangyu was a good partner for cooperation.

It was just that what he did was all for himself and his purpose was very strong. He loathed the Xue family, but the Xue family wasn’t the only one in that organization. If someone else threw an olive branch at him, this person wouldn’t necessarily stick to the promise of cooperation.

Shen Du turned his head and looked at Ye Nanqi: “Nan Nan, do you want to cooperate with him?”

Ye Nanqi couldn’t find an answer for a while.

His mood towards Xue Xiangyu was very complicated.

It was difficult to define people like Xue Xiangyu in clear terms such as good or bad. He had a painful past, a bad growth environment, and cultivated a not-so-good personality. He might have been selfish in order to bring down the Xue family, but he… helped Ye Mei, who he had never known.

It may only be a whim, but it was pure sympathy. 

Ye Nanqi’s gratitude before he left was not to thank him for helping Ye Mei to bring in the camera, but to thank him for covering Ye Mei with a piece of clothes.

He was still hesitating, and Shen Du understood. He typed a string of words, replied to the email, got up and kissed Ye Nanqi’s face: “I’ve been tired for a day, give me a kiss.”

Ye Nanqi turned his head to take a look: “You agreed?”

“He is really useful.” Shen Du said indifferently, “Don’t worry about him turning his tail just before the battle starts. He won’t be a threat to us either.”

Ye Nanqi muttered, “Officer Li’s team has captured several people and they are being interrogated.”

“They have become vigilant. The police are investigating this case, and they might push some people from within to be substitutes for those wretched bastards.”

“No one wants to be substitutes for those wretched bastards.”

Shen Du said: “Yes, no one wants to. Therefore, it should be the core members who selected a few unlucky bastards and pushed all the stalls up without them knowing it. After all, although there is a video proof, most of the people in the video are wearing masks. As long as the evidence is confirmed, the unlucky bastards won’t be able to protest even if they have a hundred mouths―they aren’t that innocent to begin with.”

“If this is the case, I’m afraid that people in that organization will panic.” Ye Nanqi paused and said in a puzzled manner, “But if they push other people out as substitutes for the wretched bastards, aren’t they afraid of getting anxious and getting bitten in the back?”

“If misfortune isn’t for the whole family, they should take the handle of the unlucky ones, let alone sacrifice a few people. It’s not difficult for the remaining people to be suppressed, but they can no longer act so arrogantly in the future.” Shen Du’s expression was a little cold when he spoke, “But this kind of solid organization, actually easy to collapse from the inside. A group of people don’t trust each other and threaten each other with weakness. Once the dog bites the dog, it’s time to die.”

It was Ye Nanqi’s first time seeing him talking about business affairs like this.

When facing the enemy, he looked cold and…very handsome.

With this thought in mind, Ye Nanqi’s eyelashes trembled. He tried to stabilize his mind, scolded himself secretly, and shook his head and said, “What you said is clear and logical. Do you have any other ideas?”

Shen Du took him in his arms and sat face to face, enjoying the feeling of holding his waist, as if he could declare absolute possession, and smiled: “Aiya, I’m so thirsty, I want Nan Nan to kiss me.”

Ye Nanqi: “…”

Shen Du said, “Just now you were looking at me in a daze. Just found out that your husband is handsome? There were many people chasing me when I was in school, Nan Nan, you have to cherish me a little more.”

Ye Nanqi said, “Is it enough cherishment if I feed you bamboo leaves every day?”

Shen Du embarrassingly closed his mouth, sorted out his thoughts, and was about to continue the topic just now, Ye Nanqi came over and gave him a quick kiss. “En?”

Shen Du tasted the sweetness, smiled at the corners of his lips, and said leisurely, “They can form this organization, and we can break it apart. What’s more, if they merge into one, there is always a group of people who’ll throw stones at those who fell down a well and divide the benefits. The Shen family doesn’t need to be the leading sheep, just letting out a bit of news would do.”

Ye Nanqi pondered for a moment: “Then Officer Li…”

“There are planted agents in the police station, and there should be more than one.”

He hadn’t finished his words, but Ye Nanqi could understand the meaning. “The Criminal Investigation Department set up an investigation team, many of whom were assigned to Officer Li. Officer Li also doesn’t know who that person will be. Although it can be investigated openly now, the confidentiality is not as good as before. His progress will be leaked ahead of time. The other party will introduce substitutes for the wretched bastards based on the clues that Officer Li currently has… When did you discuss this with Officer Li?”

“I discussed it with Officer Li when I got the video. I didn’t tell you because…” Shen Du paused. “It is inevitable to get in touch with those people if you want to destroy them. Elder sister’s enemies… are more than one, I’m afraid that you will feel uncomfortable.”

Ye Nanqi thought for a while, bowed his head and sent a text message to Xue Xiangyu.

Shen Du saw a gap and stuck in a needle: “Send text messages to other men in front of your husband?”

Ye Nanqi said jokingly, “What’s the matter? Xue Xiangyu and I are friends who have experienced each other without pants.”

Shen Du’s hand strength suddenly increased a lot. Clearly he was smiling, but his eyes seemed to be swishing cold: “Oh?”

“I watched him take off his pants.” Ye Nanqi explained, but since he was hugged tighter, it was not easy to continue to tease, and decided to continue to explain, “My sister’s diary said… one of the Xue family members had a birthmark on his thigh. I wanted to confirm it when he first came to me.”

Shen Du almost wanted to strangle Xue Xiangyu to death. “Baby, were you planning to take off their pants once you see one?”

Ye Nanqi smiled awkwardly: “I didn’t see anything, don’t be nervous.”

Seeing that Shen Du was still looking terrible, it was very likely that he would chop Xue Xiangyu tomorrow while he wasn’t paying attention. Ye Nanqi righteously said, “He only lasts twenty minutes, and not as big as yours. You’ve heard this twenty minutes phrase before, and that was visually inspected by taking off his pants.”

Shen Du: “…”

Ye Nanqi said, “Is this pass?”

Shen Du pinched him: “Fine. Pass.”

“I just sent a text message and asked him who else he had back then.” Ye Nanqi took back the phone, and was disturbed by Shen Du from time to time. He didn’t feel so uncomfortable talking about these things. “He should know a little more.”

“Want to avoid those?”

“No.” Ye Nanqi’s face was expressionless, “To kill them first.”

Shen Du looked at his cold face, and only thought that it was so cute that it made his legs soft. He touched his chin for a while, took the person into the bathroom, and coaxed him: “After a day of tiredness, let’s take a bath and rest.”

Ye Nanqi, who thought that the bath was just a simple bath, followed up without suspicion. Two hours later, he was hugged when he came out. His eyes were red, as he rolled on the bed, short of breath. After a while, he was so exhausted that he fell asleep.

After Shen Du was satisfied, he realized that he didn’t need to wash his clothes, therefore, he happily went out and made a phone call with a friend. When he came back, he warmed his hands by holding Ye Nanqi to sleep contentedly.

After the video broke out, Bai Yu did not contact Ye Nanqi.

Ye Nanqi, while patiently waiting for his response, handed over the list obtained from Xue Xiangyu to Shen Du and Li Hengran. Before he even started to take action, Li Hengran made significant progress——

As soon as the list with “Yang’s family” written on it surfaced, the clue went to Yang’s Investment Co., Ltd.

Sure enough, the other party started to introduce a substitute for the wretched bastards. 


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