Chapter 17: We Are In A Legal Relationship And Don’t Need To Be Sneaky

The experimental base was indeed very far, however, the speed of the suspension car was very fast. Seeing the outline of the base come into view, Ji Xingjue solemnly raised his hand and proposed, “Put me down here.”

Qi Qing glanced at the raging snow and outdoor temperature, and silently rejected the proposal.

Ji Xingjue had to make a threat. “Lord Marshal, you probably don’t know what happened the other day.”


“You sent me to school and was secretly photographed,” Ji Xingjue was heartbroken. “The photos were posted on the gossip forum, and they all suspected that I am being raised by you.”

Qi Qing raised his eyebrows.

With this kind of illicit love rumors, Qi Qing definitely couldn’t be tolerated. Ji Xingjue was confident and stood up gracefully. “So just let me go down here, lest there be more rumors, which will be a bad influence.”

“You seem to have forgotten,” Qi Qing clasped his ten fingers, placed in front of him, and said in a faintly flat tone, “We are in a legal relationship, and we don’t need to be sneaky.”

Ji Xingjue: “……”

Lord Marshal had very few words, but once he opened his mouth, his words would have an ear-splitting effect that would astonish people and Ji Xingjue was shocked.

If it wasn’t for his reason telling him that he couldn’t fight, he really wanted to pry Qi Qing’s mind open and see what he was thinking.

The suspension car descended steadily on the docking platform of the base, and Ji Xingjue politely thanked him. One of his feet had already stepped out of the car door, and then he remembered something. “I have to stay at the base these days, so I won’t go back for the time being.”

The snow was heavy, and for a while, Ji Xingjue heard a faint “en” in the wind.

Although they only heard the rumors and didn’t see the actual thing, when Ji Xingjue walked into the base, everyone knew that Lord Marshal had sent Ji Xingjue to work.

Being bathed in the eye-catching ceremony, Ji Xingjue returned to his room at the base without sorrow or joy.

When Ji Xingjue came back, Song Mei was the first to jump out to find his death. “Why are you and Qi Qing so stuck together like glue? What kind of revenge is not revenge? I always feel that the two of you have acted in these years. What’s the inside story that I can’t know?”

“… His mother asked him to send me,” Ji Xingjue grinded out a few words between his teeth, and attacked him mercilessly. “Put on less fat, and you’re blocking the way. You won’t be able to wear spring clothes like this.”

Song Mei, who was the equivalent of a round glossy jade bead, was a white and rosy little fat man. Fat and round but still looking cute and was regarded as a mascot by everyone in the laboratory. He was immensely pleased with himself. “I call it sturdy! The wind in the Imperial Capital can’t move me, unlike you, the fragile delicate willow weakling against the strong blast of wind.”

Lord Marshal’s wife, a delicate willow weak against the strong blast of wind, did not want to pick up his fault, slammed the door shut, put on his lab coat, and got into the laboratory.

After Song Mei was finished with his own affairs, he wandered over and yawned. “Professor Ji, busy?”

Ji Xingjue turned a deaf ear, holding his hands, and staring coldly at the bionic person in the insulating glass layer.

With a soft “bang”, the bionic man was shot down to the ground, and the blood slowly spread on the surrounding.

A few seconds later, the bionic man got up, shaking slightly when walking.

“After suffering such damage, C9’s intelligent calculation program will be damaged, and the movement will slow down.”

The observer nearby came to the conclusion. “But it is already quite an amazing progress! The advanced bionics of the Empire have serious technical faults, and there are no samples that can be studied. Professor Ji, you are really amazing.”

Ji Xingjue was noncommittal, lowered his head to write down the observation record, and then took the time to glance at Song Mei. “This kind of enclosure, it seems that your recent task is very easy.”

Song Mei pointed to the dark circles on his face in shock. “Where is your conscience?”

“Okay,” Ji Xingjue politely distressed, “Why don’t you let your games and gossip comfort you?”

Speaking of this, Song Mei was aggrieved. “The forum I frequent has just been permanently banned, saying that it was spreading false information about important figures in the Empire!”

[T/N: scroll up and you’ll know why it’s banned. False information 😂]

Ji Xingjue, the resident protagonist of the gossip, felt himself like a chicken and a dog that ascended to heaven, and happily slapped his palm. “Justice is served!”

[T/N: riding on QQ’s back.]

“Tsk, I’m not talking about this with you.”

Song Mei clearly sensed the incompatibility between joy and sorrow. He sat down on a chair and glanced at the bionic person in the observation room and suddenly said, “Speaking of which, I recently watched a movie about bionic people. Tsk, tsk, that’s nonsense. For the professional part, I can write a long essay with 4D characters and puff it with.”


“However, setting aside the professional part…Xingjue, do you think people can achieve ‘mental transfer’ through bionic technology, bringing people back to life, and even reaching immortality?” Song Mei rested his chin on his hand, shook his head and sighed, “People are so greedy. They used to want to live a hundred years old. Now the average person is 200 years old. The longest life can live to 400 years old, and they still want to live forever.”

Ji Xingjue paused his fingers while holding the electronic pen to record.

The cold white light of the laboratory was projected on his profile, revealing his cold and pale facial face. He lowered his eyes and slowly said, “Who knows.”


Song Mei’s attention was attracted by the bionic man who fell to the ground and twitched behind the glass. He didn’t notice his slight difference, nodded and mumbled. “Also true, science is endless. Maybe there will be such a day… It’s a pity that all the advanced scientific research materials of the Randall Empire have been destroyed. It’s said that their technological level far exceeds the current Empire and the Alliance, and this problem may have been overcome long ago.”

“What are you thinking?” Ji Xingjue raised his eyebrows, and knocked his head with his notebook. “If the Randall Empire really has mastered such an incredible technology, the tyrant who died in prison should have returned long ago. Why would they go as far as keep silent for the destruction for more than a hundred years?”

“The sequelae of watching movies,” Song Mei laughed, “I will write a paper in this direction when I go back, and remember to provide professional help.”

Ji Xingjue nodded: “Yes, give me the money first.”

“How can you be so horribly poor as a professor!” Song Little Fatty was displeased and storm off in a huff.

The C9 test was mired in minor details and very troublesome, and needed to be adjusted at any time.

Ji Xingjue immersed himself in the research base for a week. He didn’t think there was anything in the past, but every day he took off his gloves and saw the black ring on the ring finger, he couldn’t help but think of Qi Qing.

Qi Qing…he seemed to be very busy, after all, he just took over the military department.

The howling wind and snow in the morning stopped for a while, and since Ji Xingjue took too many sleeping pills again, he was shaken by the terminal several times before waking up. He tiredly lifted his eyelids to look at the to-do list.

There were classes in the next two days, so he had to go back to Ankara University.

He stood up and after finished washing, he went to the next room to rob in: “I remember you have a class too, way earlier than mine.”

Song Mei, who finished working on the experimental data overnight, was picked up as soon as he closed his eyes. His bloodshot eyes were full of despair as he hugged a pillow and wailed. “I don’t want to go to class! Can I find someone to teach as a substitute teacher?”

“Wake up,” Ji Xingjue opened the quilt and said coldly, “You are a teacher.”

Twenty minutes later, Ji Xingjue was gone with a group. When he walked out of the base, Song Mei, who was still shocked with “what’s wrong with the teacher, why can’t the teacher skip class?” got into the suspension car back to school.

Ji Xingjue drove the car directly to the teaching building, bringing the people in a very short time.

Song Mei patted his face, straightened his hair, walked into the classroom like a dog, pretended to open the teaching system arrogantly, and began to call the names. “I know that it is difficult to get up in the winter―do you think it isn’t difficult for the teacher? The seedlings of the Empire, be more energetic. Points will be deducted for being late for absenteeism.”

Ji Xingjue glanced from a distance. Feeling the scene was a little bit spicy to watch, he quickly wandered off to his office.

Ji Xingjue’s class was about bionics. He was originally studying robotics and many robotics students took this class. They gathered around after the class and seized the opportunity to keep asking questions.

He had a lot of patience with these young people, no matter how difficult the questions were, he answered them one by one wittily and thoroughly. Even so, the number of students still had not decreased.

Finally, someone asked while stammering, “Teacher Ji, are you really married to the Marshal?”

Ji Xingjue showed off the ring in his hand. “Yes―children shouldn’t be so gossip, or they will become stupid.”

Seeing him with a good-looking smile, the hearts of boys and girls around him were suddenly broken.

Someone started this topic, and another person continued. “Professor, I heard that the Marshal is very bad for you… You, don’t be afraid. I am a law student and I have obtained a lawyer’s qualification certificate. I can help you in a lawsuit. Even if it’s the Marshal, I’m not afraid!”

Ji Xingjue felt it was quite interesting. He smiled gently at the boy who blushed after having plucked up his courage. “Thank you, little classmate. When you encounter injustices in the future, I hope you can stand up as you can now. But there is one point to clarify, the Marshal is very good to me, well, he bought me this suit. Everyone shouldn’t say what everyone says, you will become stupid.”

Although his tone was gentle and soft enough, the already heart broken boy and girl snapped again and suffered a second destruction.

When the atmosphere was harmonious, a sudden mocking voice came in from the rear. “Professor Ji, I heard that you used to be a slave to Marshal Qi’s house?”

The lively atmosphere suddenly fell silent.

Ji Xingjue squinted his eyes and looked up. There were a few familiar noble children standing outside the circle, looking at them disdainfully. The one who talked was the group leader, a red-haired boy.

This group of nobles really teach bad children.

He sighed inwardly and asked calmly, “Classmate, what is your major?”

“What is this for? Change the subject?” The man was taken aback, and hummed from his nostrils, “History Department.”

“Already a third-year student, you can choose my class.” Ji Xingjue said indifferently, “The “Slave Law” was abolished in 823. This is the content of the second semester of the sophomore year. It is almost the end of the semester. If you are like this, I am very worried about your final grades.”

Red-haired boy: “…”

The students standing next to Ji Xingjue were stunned for a few seconds, and couldn’t help but cheer. “The “Slave Law” was abolished, and I learned the history as early as the second year.”

“The same year as me? Then we also got this content in the exam. If one doesn’t even know this, how can he get into Ankara University?”

Seeing he was being besieged and outnumbered, the red-haired boy blushed, cut his eyes off Ji Xingjue angrily, and left the classroom with his attendants.

“Students, let’s stop here for today’s questions,” Ji Xingjue checked the time and spread his hands. “Next time, prepare questions in advance and ask less about irrelevant content.”

Although the students regretted it, they still stepped aside and waved goodbye.

The bell rang for the next class, and Ji Xingjue walked through the complex, along the familiar path in the woods, to the experimental building behind.

The moment the sound of the bell ceased, a silhouette appeared in front of him. Ji Xingjue fixed on his footsteps, and was a little surprised to see who it was, “Cathy?”

It was the student who often came to him to inquire about Yser.

When Yser was still in school, Cathy often looked for opportunities to approach him. The girl’s infatuation showed enthusiasm and fanaticism. Even if Yser’s attitude was cold and distant, it didn’t dispel Cathy’s enthusiasm for pursuit.

Three days ago, the fragments of the starship salvaged in the Sixth Galaxy were delivered to the Imperial Capital. After more rigorous testing, the death of Yser Lestervin was confirmed, and the information was officially released this morning.

The starship was probably hit by a sudden attack, and it was confirmed that no one was alive.

Ji Xingjue was silent for a while. “Sorry, I want you to know a bit later.”

It was difficult for him to speak to this girl who would be sad for Yser.

Just like many years ago, no matter how many times his lips open and close, facing Qi Qing’s red eyes, he could only squeeze a broken voice from his throat and tell him, “I’m sorry, Lord Duke is dead.”

If it weren’t for him, Qi Qing’s father would not die.

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

The author has something to say:

Because the Marshal is expensive, there are fewer shots for him in this chapter.

Rest assured that the emotional line is very sweet, there will be no misunderstandings, the essence of sweet text=3=

T/N: should I trust the author?=^=


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