Chapter 34: He could Actually Restrain The Desire To Lock Up Ji Xingjue

“…432 Star pirates were captured alive, with no injuries, and we also received the report that the damaged starship has been repaired.”

Damel stood at the conference table and summed up the results of this battle: “The only surprise is that Neil Luther’s starship did not appear at the expected transition point, and it is currently confirmed that he has escaped.”

After spending a long while in the medical cabin, the rescued Colonel Barry had recovered his strength. Right now he lowered his head in shame, saying, “Sorry, Marshal, there are two transition points in the space base, and I could only detect one.”

Another transition point was blown up by Neil and was now no longer traceable.

Qi Qing nodded slightly: “No need to blame yourself, take good care of your body, the base still needs you.”

He got up and said, “Let’s end the meeting.”

Everyone in the conference room bowed and dispersed.

Damel followed Qi Qing and continued, “There are a total of seven Star pirate bosses who have been captured, and interrogations have been arranged. They were originally small groups of star pirates wandering nearby, and this joint attack on the base was instructed by the Holy Order. Neil Luther took his people into the space base from another hidden transition point, then locked them up, and wanted to take the star pirates under his command.”

Qi Qing tilted his head: “Where’s Hans?”

Damel: “He hasn’t woken up yet. I have sent people to guard him strictly, and there will never be another incident like in the Ministry of Security again!”

The surface environment of planet M6782 wasn’t suitable for survival. The base was built underground, and even though the artificial sun on the top had come out, the display time was night time.

Qi Qing casually nodded. “Go to rest, and after finishing investigating Hans, go back to the resident base of Doyler Star.”

Damel’s eyes lit up, thinking of his childhood sweetheart, and he happily answered “yes”, his pace was much more relaxed and lively.

Qi Qing changed direction and went back to his resting cabin at the last minute to seize someone.

Before even entering the resting cabin, the person he wanted to catch slowly and leisurely came into sight. Probably just after taking a shower, his dark and slightly long hair was still moist, which made his face even more white and handsome.

Also seemed to have changed clothes as well.

The temperature of the base was appropriate so that Ji Xingjue was able to wear a shirt, the hem of his shirt was neatly tucked into the waist of his trousers, drawing out the line of his narrow waist. The pace of his walking seemed to have a rhythm, which was particularly good-looking.

Qi Qing calmly looked at the person from head to toe, clenching the fingertips hanging by his side.

When they were embracing in the starship a few hours ago, the touch of those fingertips and that body temperature were still lingering.

How thin and tough that waist was, he had already felt it.

How amazing that he could actually restrain his desire to lock up Ji Xingjue.

“Lord Marshal?” Of course Ji Xingjue also noticed Qi Qing. He quickened his pace, leaned forward and bent his eyes, “Why are you in a daze?”

What greeted him when he returned to his senses was the scorching and fascinating moles on the corners of his eyes. Qi Qing’s eyelashes trembled, as he tried to calmly look away. “Have you had dinner?”

“I’m about to go.”

The soldiers in the base were training in the evening, and wave after wave of shouting sounds could be heard in the distance, leaving the cafeteria space empty. It was already past the meal time, but tonight was a special situation, and there were snacks in the cafeteria.

Qi Qing also didn’t do anything in particular. After ordering two meals, he and Ji Xingjue sat by the window.

Ji Xingjue bit his chopsticks and felt a sense of momentarily confusion.

As if everything had not happened, he and Qi Qing planned to be admitted to a university together. Just like when they were in the middle school days when they came and left school together. They would come to the cafeteria to have dinner together after class as well.

This imagining made him very happy, but it also made him feel a little depressed. He shook his head and asked, “Has Neil escaped?”

“Why asking about him?” Qi Qing glanced at the dinner plate, he subconsciously put the things he didn’t like into Ji Xingjue’s dinner plate.

Realizing what he had done, he stiffened for two seconds before trying to pick it back.

Ji Xingjue quickly suppressed the vegetable and teased, “Still a picky eater huh, Xiao Bao?”

Qi Qing lowered his head, not showing any expression in his face and ready to ignore him for the time being.

Ji Xingjue threw the vegetables into his mouth, chewed them slowly, and said with a smirk, “Don’t be so murderous, maybe there will be a chance to cooperate in the future.”

Qi Qing’s face was paralyzed, noncommittal.

After the meal, the two returned to the temporary dormitory in the rest area—not knowing why there was a crisis appearing in such a large space base. When Damel told Ji Xingjue about the allocation situation, and after criticising the military’s Ministry of Finance, he finally asked with a regretful expression, “So, you don’t have any opinion on living together with the Marshal?”

He scolded what should be scolded to Damel first, what opinion Ji Xingjue could have.

As soon as the door was pushed open, their feet sank at the same time.

This time, the little robot did not favor one over the other, and hugged the legs of the two people happily.

Ji Xingjue bent over to pick up the little guy, walked to the table and sat down. He picked up the charged terminal, opened it and glanced at it, and suddenly said, “Xiao…Lord Marshal, are you free to come over here?”

Qi Qing, who had been peeking at him, heard the sound, and pretended to take off his uniform jacket and walked over to him. “En?”

“Neil’s video message.”

Ji Xingjue projected the video to the front.

A 3D image of Neil appeared at the table, looked at the camera, waved his hand, and smiled brightly. “Good evening you two, is Marshal Qi still satisfied with the ability I have shown? I have been thinking about the reason for the rejection of the negotiations for a long time, and I have just realized it. Please allow me to apologize to Professor Ji again and look forward to cooperation next time.”

Ji Xingjue was very amused. “This Star pirate boss is quite interesting.”

Qi Qing sneered coldly.

In the next second, Neil cleared his throat: “As for Marshal Qi Qing, I also have something to say to you – Fxxk. Your. Uncle!”

This time, he said it loudly and vigorously.

When the video ended with a beep, Ji Xingjue clenched his fist with his hand, coughed lightly against his lips, and kindly changed the subject. “I did a preliminary examination on Hans, and there is no trace of modification on his body.”

“Really?” Qi Qing wrote another note to Neil and said lightly, “Why don’t you tell me by the way, what question did you ask Hans that you revealed yourself?”

Ji Xingjue touched the tip of little robot’s ear and said slowly, “I, myself haven’t yet figured out this problem.”

Qi Qing lowered his gaze.

“I’ll tell you when I figure it out.” Ji Xingjue raised his head and looked at him, “This is the truth.”

Qi Qing looked at him and nodded slowly: “Okay.”

Hans finally woke up the next morning.

When Damel came to report via video, Ji Xingjue had just put on his clothes, and when he heard the sound, he stretched out his legs and gently rubbed his toe on Qi Qing’s shoe. He politely asked, “Can I listen in?”

Qi Qing was a little heated up, and had the illusion of being molested. He took a deep breath and said sullenly, “…can.”

Seeing Ji Xingjue again, Hans was very worked up. “So you are an imperial dog! A liar! Shameless! Disgusting!”

Damel was very surprised. “Why is he so excited?”

Ji Xingjue leaned back in a low-key manner, held his hands calmly, and hid his merits and fame. “It was probably done by your Marshal.”

Qi Qing glanced at him and took the pot without saying a word.

Once Qi Qing had already recounted the information about Hans’s quilt cover, Damel’s face became sullen, his hands were on the table, as he stared at Hans condescendingly. The ruthless appearance that he deliberately concealed when he got along with Ji Xingjue, was no longer hidden. “You still have a chance to sit here and better tell me well, who is Bishop Luen, in what capacity can he move about, and where is he now?”

Hans had suffered a pass out from movements in martial arts by Ji Xingjue once. He was very vigilant and could only use fear to force him to speak.

Unexpectedly, Hans, who was very sloppy, appearing to be very terrified, closed his mouth tightly and refused to answer.

Ji Xingjue carefully observed his expression, half-squinting his eyes.

—Under the coercion of the Imperial army, Hans had a deeper layer of fear in his eyes.

There was something that made him even more frightened that he didn’t dare to speak.

Damel asked sharply one after another, “Where is the hiding place of the Holy Order? Who is the Holy Son and the Holy Father?”

Hans remained silent.

“Hans, what do you think the Holy Order will do with you, a traitor?” Ji Xingjue warmly interjected, “In the territory of the Imperial army, you can still have a good death.”

He spoke harsh words warmly, and Damel quietly gave a thumbs up.

As expected of our Marshal’s wife!

Hans trembled again. He glanced at Ji Xingjue with resentment and horror. Gritting his teeth, his lips were trembling and was silent for a long time, before he opened his mouth with a sobbing voice. “I, I don’t know, I’m just a low-level person, I just want to be able to live a good life…”

Most of the ordinary people absorbed by the Holy Order were from marginal and poor galaxies.

Perhaps many people were not so religious, they just thought they could live a good life.

“Hans, I’ll give you one last chance,” Ji Xingjue gave Qi Qing a glance and said softly, “Tell me everything you know, and we can still protect you. Think clearly, the only people who can protect you from the Holy Order are the Imperial Army now.”

Hans was deceived by him once, and he didn’t dare to believe him again. He hesitantly looked at Qi Qing, who had the most right to speak.

Qi Qing said, “I am Qi Qing, I can guarantee it.”

Hans had never seen pictures of Qi Qing, but he had heard of Qi Qing’s name.

But Qi Qing’s name still didn’t eliminate his uneasiness. He looked around and muttered, “That, that’s fine, but I want to change to a safer place. I can’t say it here, I can feel it…”

Ji Xingjue: “What do you feel?”

Hans’ face was pale, and fear almost overflowed his eyes. “Someone is staring at me.”

He swallowed: “It’s not safe here… As soon as I speak, I will die.”

Even Qi Qing, the most sensitive person didn’t notice anything, but Hans said he was being stared at.

A horrific chill suddenly appeared on everyone’s back.

Qi Qing said decisively, “Damel, relay my command and prepare to set sail. We’ll go to Doyler base.”


There was still something Qi Qing needed to do at the base. After looking at Hans, he ordered his subordinate, “Send ten people to strictly watch him, and take him up to the battleship when it is ready.”


Ji Xingjue felt a little uneasy in his heart.”I’ll just stay to guard him here.”

Qi Qing nodded, “I’ll be back soon.”

Damel sent ten trustworthy subordinates to watch Hans with Ji Xingjue.

Being stared at by a group of people, Hans instead calmed down, as if in this way, he would not be killed by the person who was watching him in the dark.

Although he was cheated once, looking at Ji Xingjue’s kind and believable face, Hans still licked his dry lips and asked, “He is Qi Qing, so who are you?”

Ji Xingjue stared into his eyes and spit out three words, “Ji Xingjue.”

Hans reacted for a few seconds at first, immediately afterwards, it was like he was struck on by a thunderbolt. “Ji, Ji Xingjue, I heard Lord Luen say this name before…”

The color on Ji Xingjue’s face changed. “What?”

“I, I…” Hans’s face gradually turned blue, his body trembled, his teeth chattering and trembling when he spoke, “You are…”

“Hold him down!” Ji Xingjue ordered sharply, rushing forward to hold Hans down, “Military doctor!”

Hans trembled more and more, and grabbed Ji Xingjue’s sleeve. At this moment, his eyes shrank to the size of soybeans, staring at Ji Xingjue, struggling to spit out a word: “Yse…”

His voice stopped abruptly, as if something cracked in his body, while maintaining a terrifying expression, and lost his voice.

When the military doctor hurriedly entered the door, Ji Xingjue’s heart was already cold. He closed his eyes, stretched out his hand to close Hans’s staring eyes, and exhaled heavily, “It’s no help.”


Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

The author has something to say:

Xiao Qi: There is an illusion of being molested.

Xiaoji: Be confident, it’s not an illusion.

T/N: just so you know, I only read as I translate each chapter so I don’t know the story in advance. But JXJ’s identity should be very very verrrry special (probably one of the Randa?) Urkk, just saying.


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