Chapter 38: It Is Very Secure To Sit On Lord Marshal

The location of this asteroid was quite well hidden, without any mark on the star map. If they hadn’t followed in, perhaps this place would have been subconsciously ignored.

The battleship that followed the starship slowly landed on the ground.

The climate of this planet was quite bad. The yellow sand was long and vast, and there were strong winds blowing from time to time making the sand and dust rise, and the existence of the oasis couldn’t be seen at a glance.

As soon as Ji Xingjue stepped out of the battleship, a handful of sand blew on his face. He spoke while spitting, “It doesn’t look good to set up a lair in this kind of place.”

Another wave of yellow sand rolled up, Qi Qing came to block in front of him in time, and tilted his head: “En?”

“Since they have chosen this kind of suffering place, it is clear that most of the elites of the Holy Order don’t have much time to enjoy life. They want to put an end to humanity—well, at least the desire to destroy the Empire and the Alliance is real.”

Ji Xingjue’s analysis was clear and logical. No longer letting Qi Qing shield him from the wind and sand, he stepped forward in three or two steps, and walked side by side with him. “Since approaching this planet, the magnetic field has been disturbed, and my signal can’t be sent out. Is the locator you gave that friend still useful?”

Qi Qing had already sent a signal, and said lightly: “Probably.”

“This may not be good,” Ji Xingjue rubbed the dirt off his Adam’s apple, his face didn’t seem to show much fear, “Then let’s proceed with caution.”

Qi Qing narrowed his eyes: “They just disappeared in front.”

There was not a single thing presenting in the front, just a whirlpool of quicksand, flowing slowly with the wind.

Ji Xingjue bent over to pick up a stone and threw in. Watching the stone engulfed by the whirlpool, he paused: “I have a small idea, which is to be more adventurous.”

He smiled at Qi Qing: “Does Lord Marshal dare do it?”

Qi Qing withdrew his observation gaze, and slightly raised the tip of his brow, revealing an arrogance that could not be concealed. “Why don’t I dare?”

He then approached the whirlpool: “I’ll go down first, and send you a message when I get there.”

Ji Xingjue’s hands were fast, he grabbed Qi Qing’s hand and clenched it with a face full of smiles. “That’s not good, leave me alone, I’ll be afraid.”

Qi Qing: “…”
Qi Qing was a little stiff, glancing at their palms joining together, and pursed his lips: “…As you wish.”

The moment they approached the whirlpool quicksand, a suction force came, and the support under their feet was completely lost, and the two suddenly fell straight down below!

Qi Qing pulled Ji Xingjue closer to him with his backhand, and protected his head. The process of falling was very short, and after a while, the two of them fell into another unfamiliar world.

This was an underground palace.

Ji Xingjue fell on top of Qi Qing while being protected by him. He shook his head, propped up on his chest, and sat on his body, before blinking and looking around: “Eh, there seems to be no one here ah.”

Qi Qing lay on his back, stiff and didn’t dare to move. The blue veins on his forehead twitched as he muttered, “Can you get up first then talk?”

“It’s very secure to sit on the Lord Marshal ma.” Ji Xingjue carried out the process of getting up, smiled and stretched out his hand at him, “Come.”

The hand that was handed to him was fair and slender, and seemed more suitable for flower arranging by slowly twisting the flower branches than holding a knife and a gun.

Qi Qing did not express his opinion on his “Sense of Security”, and silently held his hand and got up with borrowed strength.

The place where the two of them fell was on the high altar. It looked empty and desolate without a hint of people around, as it seemed that this place had been abandoned for a long time.

The architectural style of the underground palace was very similar to the one on the Dark Star, and it looked like it was built by a group of people.

“It can’t be that we came to the wrong place, right?” Ji Xingjue looked at the empty underground palace, frowned, and then quickly stretched out, “Forget it, if after we fell down and were welcomed by a group of crazy priests, that would be too much to bear.”

Next to it was the main hall, with God knows how many unknown surprises were waiting inside.

Ji Xingjue and Qi Qing looked at each other and approached the main hall carefully.

The main hall looked a lot like some kind of church. When the two turned in, what they saw were hundreds of neat benches, and in front of them was a huge sculpture, probably the “God of the End of the Universe” believed by the Holy Order. With its head lowered, the sculpture looked soft and sacred. Even though the facial features were not clearly carved, Ji Xingjue’s eyebrows twitched looking at it.

At first glance, a quirky familiarity that made his heart skip a beat came to his mind.

Taking a closer look, the familiarity was gone.

After suppressing the strange feeling, he heard rustling footsteps.

The few Holy priests that disappeared previously walked slowly into the main hall from the side door. They bowed their heads reverently and prayed under the sculpture. The man in the front still did not take off his mask and hood, and stood beside the others while watching them.

Ji Xingjue saw that something was wrong, so he approached Qi Qing and said in an airy tone, “Do you think that the person talking beside him is like the real leader?”

Qi Qing nodded and looked at the mysterious man who was wrapped tightly by mysterious air.

Who would be the person he and Ji Xingjue feel familiar with?

“Okay, we have completed the task entrusted by Lord Holy Son, and it’s time to go back to give the report.”

After praying, the middle-aged man who had spoken to Luen before spoke up.

As soon as he opened his mouth, the others finally spoke up, and their words were full of worry and awe: “But we lost Neil Luther, and I’m afraid we will be punished by Lord Holy Son.”

“This star pirate is really daring and dares to challenge the authority of the Order.”

“Just as stupid as his father, unable to recognize others’ good intentions,” the middle-aged man lightly snorted. “It is a great honor to be able to receive the full help of the Order, and to be bathed in the glory of God. How dare they refuse us.”

Hearing the condescending and arrogant comments of this group of Holy Order, Ji Xingjue was slightly stunned.

The Holy Order appeared in the Boundless Star Sea more than ten years ago, bringing along advanced weapons and warships, as well as countless resources, and proposed cooperation.

Many star pirates were extremely envious and wanted to agree immediately, but Neil’s father, one of the famous star pirates at the time, took the lead in rejecting it, offending the Holy Order, and soon died in a rebellion.

It was under the hand of the Holy Order.

It seemed that Neil and the Holy Order did have a huge debt of blood.

….it was no wonder that after being shot a few times by Qi Qing, he continued to seek cooperation tirelessly.

“By the way, Ji Xingjue has appeared on the front line, do we need to report to Lord Holy Son?”

The middle-aged man said, “No need, Lord Holy Son definitely knows.”

Ji Xingjue’s breathing stagnated.

It was not a very wonderful thing to hear such news from the Holy Order.

To be able to know this information from the side: there should also be spies of the Holy Order in the army.

The chillness in Qi Qing’s eyes deepened.

Those few people chatted for a few more idle words, and the hooded man who had been silent for this while suddenly turned his head and looked straight at the place where the two were hiding.

The middle-aged man’s expression changed: “Someone has followed in!”

Several people immediately took out their guns and rushed towards this end.

Qi Qing’s expression remained unchanged. He fiercely kicked the seat in front of him, and the heavy bench that was kicked flying into the air was firmly caught by the hooded man and threw it aside. (T/N: ooh)

Taking advantage of Qi Qing attracting their attention in the front, Ji Xingjue went around to the back, picked up a seat and fiercely shot it out.

A few screams suddenly echoed in the hall, but the middle-aged man responded in a timely manner. He jumped a step back, but before he could raise his gun, Ji Xingjue sent him flying with a kick.

Seeing Ji Xingjue’s face clearly, the middle-aged man’s pupils shrank, and quickly turned his head to look at Qi Qing who had already fought with the hooded man: “That is Qi Qing!”

He glanced at Ji Xingjue again, gritted his teeth and said, “Retreat!”

Ji Xingjue smiled and said, “How can it be so easy?”

His strength was not as strong as that of Qi Qing, but he was extremely quick and flexible. When he striked, his ruthlessness was the opposite of his gentle face. He grabbed a priest, twisted the other’s hand with a cracking sound until that priest cried out in pain before his hands drooped softly in an abnormal arc as he fell to the ground.

Others were both shocked and furious, but they seemed to be afraid of something and dared not lift their guns.

Ji Xingjue’s smile did not change: “Gentlemen, you will lose if you don’t get on your hands and feet.”

On the other side, Qi Qing had already pressed the hooded man to the ground and reached out to reveal his mask.

In an instant, the hooded man burst out with a terrifying force, so strong that as if his body was not made of flesh and blood, but as strong as a man of steel. Suddenly, Qi Qing was thrown away.

Qi Qing’s face sank as he spit out three words: “A reformed person.”

He was so anxious about being seen by him. Qi Qing was even more convinced that the reformed person must be someone he and Ji Xingjue knew.

Over there, the middle-aged man who was forced to retreat by Ji Xingjue suddenly took out something, pressed it down before glancing coldly at the group of believers who had lost the ability to move on the ground, and said with a stern voice, “Go!”

The hooded man stopped fighting immediately, and with speed that was astonishingly fast, he rushed towards the middle-aged man, grabbing him and rushing to the side of the wall.

The moment the two got close to the stone wall, the mechanism opened with a click, then immediately turned over. Once it turned over, there was no trace on the wall at all.

Qi Qing and Ji Xingjue were a step slower. The thick stone wall obviously couldn’t be opened with brute force, and they also didn’t know where to unlock the mechanism either.

Ji Xingjue frowned, and was about to search the neighborhood to see if there were any traces, when a strange sound suddenly came from outside the church.

Like footsteps, rustling, heavy and chaotic.

The next moment, the church door was slammed open.

Countless people poured in from the outside—it couldn’t be said that they were people. Their appearance was indeed human-like, but their bodies were mixed with machinery and flesh. Some had two arms that were bionic machines, some were half bodies, and some even bear a mechanical head, but underneath was a body of flesh and blood.

Like a group of experimental subjects whose transformation failed.

This group of experimental subjects had already lost their human consciousness and were controlled by the chips implanted in their bodies. The few priests who rushed into the church and had their hands and legs broken by Ji Xingjue were still groaning in pain, but when they saw this group of experimental subjects, they immediately let out a scream, ” Don’t… help, help!”

The “ka ka” sound of bones shattering was submerged in the sound of the continuous influx of experimental subjects walking, along with the bloody smell.

Obviously, the middle-aged man pressed the button before leaving, probably to wake up this group of experimental subjects, and to clear the group of people on the ground who might be leaking secrets.

It was too late to save people, Ji Xingjue gave a short “ha” and gritted his teeth, saying, “No wonder there is no shadow of a living person here.”

Qi Qing’s face was extremely ugly: “These lunatics.”

When the experimental subjects approached, Qi Qing immediately swept away with a step.

However, there was still a steady stream of experimental subjects pouring in outside the gate, almost filling the entire church. The strength of these experimental subjects was uneven, some were as powerful as remodeled people, and some were swaying, almost all standing unstable.

The God statue had its brows lowered, as if singing, compassionately looking at its followers.

It was also unknown how many of them were out there.

There was absolutely no way to leave the church, and with such energy consumption, the two of them would be killed.

Ji Xingjue soon discovered that something was wrong.

These experimental subjects only attacked Qi Qing.

He tried to stop and approached the subject, but the subject ignored him and rushed towards Qi Qing instead.

This realization did not make him any happier.

Qi Qing also discovered this problem and said decisively: “Look for the mechanism, I’ll draw them away.”

Ji Xingjue nodded: “Be careful.”

Qi Qing drew the group of walking corpses to the other side of the church. When the surroundings were empty, Ji Xingjue immediately looked around for the activation mechanism.

His eyes searched around inch by inch, and when his gaze stopped on a stone pillar, he noticed the raised pattern on it was slightly different from the surroundings.

Ji Xingjue pressed firmly, and with a booming sound, the stone wall slowly opened again.

He shouted over: “Qi Qing!”

Qi Qing gave an acknowledgment sound in response. Ji Xingjue grabbed him and crashed into the space behind the stone wall before the army of experimental subjects rushed over.

There was only darkness before their eyes, the voice of the experimental subject was isolated, and gradually became silent.

Ji Xingjue’s heart was beating a little fast, and with a light breathing, he smelled a faint bloody smell. He took a breath, immediately turned on the terminal’s light, raised his hand in a panic and touched Qi Qing’s body: “Where are you hurt?”

Qi Qing was stiff from his touch. He held down his hand and said in a low voice, “…no.”

Ji Xingjue blinked, still not convinced. In the dim light, he saw that there seemed to be blood on his neck. He stretched out his hand and wiped it. Instead of touching the wound, he touched Qi Qing’s Adam’s apple.

He clearly felt Qi Qing’s Adam’s apple rolling, and the vibration when he opened his mouth stuck to the palm of his hand: “It’s not my blood.”

Ji Xingjue: “…”

Ji Xingjue embarrassingly withdrew his groping paws: “Why did you get blood on you?”

“I snatched the experimental subject’s brain chip,” Qi Qing stretched out his clasped hand, with a bloody chip lying in it, “It should be useful to you.”

…during that kind of situation, and you still have the mind to grab the chip.

All of sudden, Ji Xingjue didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He spread out his hand, ready to take it, but Qi Qing blocked him. He lowered his head, carefully wiped the blood on the chip with his clothes, before gently placed it in his hand.

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