Taizi: Chapter 20.1

When Yong Lin heard the shout, he quickly turned around. After seeing clearly the person who came was Yong Shan, he was so angry that the rim of his eyes were almost split open. Ignoring even Yong Qi, he let out a roar and rushed towards Yong Shan’s face with a punch.

This fist was bursted with anger. Although the momentum was strong, it was incoherent, and Yong Shan could avoid it with a turn of his body. Yong Lin, who couldn’t hold back his strength, had his fist slammed on the wooden door behind him, making a loud noise, and half of his fist was embedded in the wood.

Yong Lin missed a single hit, and became even more mad. He pulled out his fist that was stabbed by the wood layer until bleeding, turned his head and threw another fist at Yong Shan again and again, roaring, “You did it! It’s you who did it!”

Yong Shan’s face was as dark as black iron, but he was much calmer than Yong Lin. He was able to avoid Yong Lin’s hurried fist by turning backward, making Yong Lin roar in anger again, and used his head to slam into Yong Shan’s chest. 

Although Yong Shan didn’t yell or scold, his heart was already bleeding from hatred. Dodging a few punches from Yong Lin, he seized the opportunity to jump away, and landed a cold punch on Yong Lin’s back.

Yong Lin couldn’t hit him, and couldn’t hold his stand. Being punched fiercely on the back by his brother, no matter how strong he was, he wouldn’t be able to defend himself. With a bang, he was beaten to the ground and was about to struggle to stand up when Yong Shan became hostile, rushing forward and kicked Yong Lin on the ground without thinking.

Yong Qi managed to escape Yong Lin, but before he could catch his breath, he met the intense killing between two twin brothers, Yong Shan and Yong Lin. 

It was already normal enough if Yong Shan didn’t make a move, but when he did, it was extremely scary. Watching Yong Shan kick Yong Lin to the ground, Yong Qi’s scalp went numb. He didn’t even bother to put on his clothes, rushed out of bed and crawled on the ground, grabbing Yong Shan desperately, “Stop! Yong Shan, stop kicking! You will kill him!”

“This kind of thing, let it be beaten to death! Keeping it is also a curse!”

“You can’t!”

“Who said I can’t!” Yong Shan replied through his gritted teeth, pushing away Yong Qi who was hugging his waist and dragging him back, and then rushed forward two steps to kick Yong Lin again. 

Yong Qi, who was pushed away by him, jumped up and hugged him again and dragged him back. For some unknown reason, Yong Shan suddenly resented Yong Lin to such an extent that he rushed over again and again, using the strong strength of his feet to greet Yong Lin’s head, face and chest, and other important places, as if he had to kick the twin brother to death in front of his eyes.

“Stop! I beg you, Yong Shan!”

“Don’t stop me!”

“He’s your younger brother!”

“I don’t have such a scoundrel brother!”

Having Yong Qi blocked in front of him,  Yong Shan was finally held down. Yong Lin, who was kicked to the point of coughing up blood, finally had time to hold his breath, yet without any understanding of the situation at all. After strolling for a little time, he suddenly and unexpectedly exerted his strength like a bull, grabbed the right foot that Yong Shan had kicked him and pulled down, but was still unable to knock Yong Shan to the ground. He took advantage of Yong Shan’s being off guard and bit into Yong Shan’s calf.

He had enough biting strength in his mouth, and through the thick winter trousers, he bit Yong Shan to the point of bleeding, and roared with his blood-stained white teeth, “It’s me who doesn’t have a beast brother like you! You are not human!”

Yong Shan’s leg was in severe pain, and his face that had always been calm also showed a hideous look. He picked up a wooden round stool and smashed it on Yong Lin.

Yong Qi was so frightened that he used all his strength to take down the stool, and his voice floated to the highest level, “Are you crazy? Do you really want to kill him?”

With a bit of opportunity, Yong Lin had already crawled up while supporting himself on the big wooden cabinet, staring at Yong Shan, “You beat me to death ah! I have no face to live, anyway. With a shameless brother like you, I might as well die!”

“Good! I will fulfill your wish!” Yong Shan rushed over again.

“Stop, Yong Shan, calm down!”

“Yong Qi, you move aside! You heard it too, he didn’t want to live, I’ll make it work for him!”

Yong Qi’s eyes were red, his whole body was trembling, he didn’t know if it was because of the chill or because he was angry. Now he didn’t even care how he would meet people in the future. Saving Yong Lin’s life was of the utmost importance, and he used his four limbs to tie Yong Shan like an octopus to the point he couldn’t move. While blocking Yong Shan, he yelled and begged at Yong Lin, “Yong Lin, quickly go! I beg you, please leave quickly!”

How could Yong Lin be willing to go? He threw a punch at Yong Shan’s face.

Yong Shan was temporarily stopped by Yong Qi, and it was inconvenient to avoid him. His jaw was hit hard, his teeth collided, and bloodshots rushed out from the corners of his mouth.

Yong Lin also gained power and was hostile. After another fight, he scolded while beating, “It was you who bullied Yong Qi Gege! It was you who did something wrong to him!”

Yong Shan, who had never been beaten from childhood until his current adult, not to mention the one who was beating him was his favorite younger brother, started a prairie fire of rage in his eyes. While dodging, he returned his fist and said viciously, “Yes! I bullied him, and I did bad things to him! I’ve done anything and everything bad to him! Everything you can and can’t think of! I’ve done it every night!”

Yong Lin almost fainted out of breath.

“You…you forced him!”

“Yes! It’s me who forced him! I forced him! Is it your business?”

Yong Shan let out a roar without the slightest scruple, not at all like his brother who was calm and collected in everything before, which made Yong Lin stunned. When his fists stagnated, he was immediately punched by Yong Shan, which caused his nose to bleed.

Yong Lin roared wildly and rushed towards Yong Shan again.

This time, he didn’t fail. Yong Shan was hit hard by him, and his footsteps were unsteady. The two brothers rolled on the ground like a gourd, and then jumped up like a red-eyed cock and continued to punch and kick, accompanied by roars and curses.

“You have no shame! I’ll fight you to death!”

“Fight if you have the ability! Let’s see who kills who!”

“You did these things, and you still have the face to punch me?”

“Why don’t I have the face to punch you? I’ll tell you, I’ve been attracted to him since long before!”

“You!” Yong Lin was extremely angry as he roared hoarsely, “In the Inner Punishment Court… that thing!”

“That’s right. I, in the Inner Punishment Court, already did that thing to him! I tied him up and made him cry and beg for mercy! Are you not convinced?”

Yong Lin almost fainted from anger, and his fists were even more scrambled. Instead, he was again and again hit by Yong Shan several times and shouted, “You are not human!”

“I’m not human! I’m the Crown Prince! You can’t control me!”

Yong Qi tried his best to stop the two of them, but the more he listened to them, the more unbearable he became, his ears were buzzing, and he felt his head almost explode.

When he rushed out of bed, he was too impatient and didn’t feel it. Listening to the two of them fighting and scolding each other, he suddenly felt a shock. As if he had entered an ice hole, and suddenly remembered that he was still having his upper body bared.

What kind of elder brother was he, he was really just an embarrassed character!

Yong Qi was originally in a hurry to stop the two of them from fighting to death, but in an instant, the heat burning in his heart turned into ice again. He thought in a daze that Yong Lin was not involved in such a shameful thing, and he felt that it would be better to die than shame, so why did he have to live?

Thinking about it this way, the brothers who were close at hand seemed to have suddenly moved thousands of miles away, and it didn’t matter anymore. Yong Qi allowed them to continue punching back and forth, and stood there by himself. After a while, he turned around in despair and walked to the corner of the room.

He himself didn’t know why he walked over. After being at a loss for a while, he suddenly understood again. He picked up the heavy inkstone on the table, and glanced coldly before raising his hand and smashed it on his forehead.

“Yong Qi!”


Yong Shan and Yong Lin’s roars penetrated into his eardrums one after another, causing his foreheads to feel even more painful.

Someone’s hand stretched out and twisted his wrist like an iron, and someone grabbed the inkstone.

“What are you doing?”

“Are you crazy?”

Gege! Don’t be silly!”

Yong Qi felt pain on both shoulders that were pinched. Someone was shaking him, as if to shake him out of this nightmare. He couldn’t wake up, but he felt that the world was shaking in his vision, and everything was messed up.

The roars didn’t stop at all, and the feeling of being picked up in the air made him even more suspicious of being in a dream. After a while it was warm again, unable to pinpoint if it was the quilt or the clothes covering him.

After a while, Yong Shan and Yong Lin’s scolding could be heard again.

“It’s all because of you bastard!”

Putting Yong Qi back on the bed, Yong Shan kicked Yong Lin, who was still worried, on the waist. This time, the sneak attack was so forceful that he didn’t show mercy at all, kicking Yong Lin’s back against the door, and fell out of the room.

The servants and guards of the Crown Prince’s Palace had been waiting outside the door, but did not dare to break in. They looked at each other and looked down at His Highness Yong Lin, who was kicked out. Before he could react, they heard a shuddering roar from the room, “Are you all blind? Still not hurry up and tie him up!?”

The guards were shocked, and immediately rushed forward in a hurry, tying up the colorful dumpling Yong Lin that had been beaten until the corners of his mouth were cracked, his nose was bleeding.

He was already tied up, but what came after being tied up? 

At this time, no one dared to go to the Crown Prince, and all of them looked at the Palace head, Chang Defu. Chang Defu had already been beaten by Yong Lin today, and now he had to deal with this hot potato. He didn’t have the guts of a leopard, how dare he go to Yong Shan and ask how to deal with him? Standing under the porch outside the door, because of the rare shivering on his cheeks, he yelled sullenly after a long while, “Lock up first, and then ask for instructions when His Highness Crown Prince is out of anger.”

Unexpectedly, the anger of His Highness Crown Prince this time was far beyond the imagination of Chang Defu.

As soon as he finished speaking, Yong Shan’s roar shook the roof again, “What rubbish! Chang Defu, who told you to lock it up? It’s useless to keep this kind of thing, whip him! Whip him to death! If you can’t whip him to death, I’ll kill you instead!”

Hearing the stern and violent voice, the hairs on Chang Defu’s back stood up, almost kneeling in response to Yong Shan’s order. While trembling, he ordered someone to get the whip.

This is too miserable!

His Highness, the Crown Prince had been driven into madness, and he was so angry that he would be unlucky if he didn’t do as instructed, but if he really whip His Highness Yong Lin to death, in the future, when His Highness Crown Prince calmed down and remembered his brotherhood, he couldn’t save his own little life either.

After thinking about it, Chang Defu quickly and secretly sent someone to inform Shu Fei Niangniang. Once the person was sent out, the whip was already delivered over.

Yong Lin was gagged, his upper body was bound, with arms tied behind his back and rope looped around his neck, and knelt on the snow in the front yard. Seeing that Chang Defu came over with a whip, he raised his head, his eyes filled with fierceness.

“Chang Defu! Why still not move your hand?” Yong Shan’s stern voice came from the room again.

Chang Defu wanted to cry but had no tears to shed, “Your Highness Yong Lin, this is the order of His Highness Crown Prince, excuse me.” He handed the whip to a guard and ordered the beating to start.

The guard knew that the Crown Prince was really furious today, and if he couldn’t control the crucial moment, the whip might fall on his head instead. As soon as he made a move, no matter whether he was hitting the Crown Prince’s younger brother, he used his true strength to hit Yong Lin one after another.

Yong Qi lay in a daze on the bed for a while.

He wasn’t a fool, looking at Yong Lin like that, everything had been uncovered, and sooner or later, their Imperial Father would know.

Mother… she…

He didn’t want to hurt Yong Shan, but even if he didn’t want to, now Yong Shan might have been hurt by him.

How could the Imperial Father allow the Crown Prince to interfere in such a thing?

He originally wanted to seek death, but he didn’t succeed. Nevertheless, his heart was already cold, and it seemed that he was already half dead.

However, even death couldn’t end everything. His heart, which was obviously numb, still seemed to be hurting. He could hear the whistling of the whip outside, but Yong Lin didn’t make a sound at all. The white snowflake that filled the whole sky seemed to be very ominous. 

In the end, Yong Qi couldn’t bear it anymore and sat up.

After all, he was a soft-hearted silly rabbit.

Yong Shan hugged him and asked, “Lie down, be careful it’s cold. Did you have a bruise from just now?”

There was no trace of blood on Yong Qi’s face as he said in a daze: “Yong Shan, you let Yong Lin go. It’s my fault, don’t vent your anger on him.”

“Why is it your fault?” Yong Shan hugged him gently and kissed him on the tip of his nose, so gentle compared to just now, he was like a different person, “Even if someone is at fault, it’s me. I forced you to do those things.”

Yong Qi felt his heart suffocate for no reason.

Unable to tell what it was, just a riffle sense of desolation.

Yong Lin was beaten until his nose was blue and his face was swollen, and Yong Shan didn’t have a good result either. There was fist punch on the handsome and masculine face, as well the cracks on the corners of his mouth. He had just wiped off the blood, and now there was a little redness from the corners of his lips.

Yong Qi looked at him, not knowing what to do.

This shameful thing had been disclosed, but it was not as frightening as he originally thought. He was probably stunned, but not even scared anymore.

Or like smashing a pot to pieces just because it was cracked, having abandoned himself. 

Yong Qi thought about it for a while, and felt that probably because Yong Shan stayed by his side like this, he wasn’t so afraid. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but get closer to Yong Shan, and carefully touched the corner of Yong Shan’s mouth with his fingertips.

Yong Shan was surprisingly behaved, like a little sheep letting him touch his wounds and hugging him quietly.

“Let go of Yong Lin, okay?” Yong Qi pleaded.

Truly unimaginable.

It was icy and snowy outside, with Yong Lin being beaten, but they were embracing each other on the warm bed, talking softly.

Yong Qi sighed, “It’s better to let me die.”

It was unknown if he remembered the matter of Yong Qi’s death just now, but a strange smile suddenly appeared on Yong Shan’s face.

He raised his hand gracefully and gently grabbed Yong Qi’s neck like a chicken.

“It’s not easy to want to die, I just need to use a little force, and it’ll be twisted and broken.” Yong Shan smiled, and the corners of his blood-soaked mouth turned upwards, gentle but a little scary. “Twist it off, and all troubles are solved.”

There was a little foolishness in Yong Qi’s mind. He was not even afraid, and whispered, “Then twist it.”

Yong Shan revealed a light smile, the smile that made people feel pain.

Of course, he didn’t really exert any strength, and slowly put his hand down again, tightly holding Yong Qi in his arms.

Gege, look at this Palace, everyone has their own cover, those who use poison, those who use tricks, those who slander, those who use underhanded tactics… Even a fool like Yong Lin would at least know how to use a small favor to buy the hearts of the guards and strike with clenched fists.” Yong Shan sighed in his ear, “Only you, Gege, you are different.”

In fact, Yong Shan didn’t say anything earth-shattering, but Yong Qi suddenly shuddered.

His heartbeat suddenly increased, and all of a sudden a terrifying thought popped up, reminding him that his mother wanted him to harm Yong Shan!

This matter might be ordinary to others, but it was a huge burden to him. He thought about it every day, thinking about how his mother endured torment in the Cold Palace, hoping for his own success, and how Yong Shan would be furious if he found out. No, he wasn’t so afraid of Yong Shan’s anger anymore, he occasionally felt that this younger brother was really pitiful, but how pitiful was he? He couldn’t tell. 

Just simply holding back a cavity of desolation, absolutely empty and uncomfortable.

Yong Qi struggled in his mind, and when he couldn’t hold it anymore, he made a shout, “Yong Shan.” The voice went out of tune with emotions. 

Yong Shan was taken aback by his sudden excitement, lowered his head and looked down at him, “What’s wrong?”

Yong Qi’s throat rattled. He opened his mouth, but his mouth was empty. It seemed like what he wanted to say had run away from himself, and it took a while for him to find it again.

But God seemed to also oppose his decision. 

Just as Yong Qi was about to speak, a sharp voice from outside struck in, interrupting everything in the moment. 

“Shu Fei Niangniang has arrived!” 

Hearing this, Yong Shan sneered, “Sure enough.” He hid Yong Qi back under the covers, got out of bed by himself, put on a big purple-golden fur coat, and walked out the door.

With his body standing up straight, he looked down at everyone in the courtyard.

T/N: there seems to be two parts of chapter 20 and this is the 1st part. The 2nd part looks like twice the 1st part so I might separate it to 2 parts again. Err, enough! What I want to say is, chapter 20 might have 3 parts of translation.

PS: IDC if this is incest, I’m on Yong Shan’s side!!!=__=

– 3383 English words translation.

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