Chapter 43: Are You Shy?

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The atmosphere in the battleship was very eerie.

At this moment, Ji Xingjue regretted not stealing a bigger battleship.

This small battleship had no resting cabin, only a narrow bathroom, with the operation cabin that was even more cramped. With two adult men occupying most of the space, the presence of Qi Qing had become extremely clear.

It was unknown how four or five Star Pirates could squeeze in together.

He didn’t feel that much when he came in, but now Ji Xingjue felt quite suffocated.

There wasn’t even a place to turn to ease the embarrassment.

In order not to appear as if he had a guilty conscience, he coughed dryly and decided to face the difficulties. “It doesn’t matter if they store this kind of thing in the database, and the taste was also nothing special.”

Qi Qing’s eyes shrouded on his face. “Oh? Sounds like you have a lot of experience?”

“Of course, I can recommend to you some good ones when I have time,” Ji Xingjue calmly changed the subject, “Speaking of which, I just saw that the boss of these unlucky Star Pirates is called Paro. Don’t forget it, we might be questioned later.”

Qi Qing calmly said “um”, and not knowing what the difference was. “It’s okay to recommend it now.”

Ji Xingjue: “…”

Ji Xingjue preempted: “Lord Marshal, now you are in the enemy camp, and you still want to see this kind of thing!”

Qi Qing bent lower, for some reason, his eyes looked a little red, sharp like a falcon, staring at Ji Xingjue’s eyes. His deep and hoarse voice was still very calm. “Ji Xingjue, are you shy?”

The tone was affirmative.

This space was so big that Ji Xingjue had no place to hide at all. After a long silence, he stretched out his hand to block Qi Qing’s eyes, and said helplessly, “Alright, alright, this is the first time I’ve seen this kind of thing—I’m a research worker with few desires, and I don’t have a hobby of studying pornography.”

Qi Qing didn’t take away his hand, and continued to ask, “How do you feel?”

“…” Ji Xingjue didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “What does this feel like, does Lord Marshal want me to write an essay to explain it?”

Qi Qing: “It’s not impossible.”

Ji Xingjue looked at him suspiciously: “Lord Marshal, are you kidding me?”

The corners of Qi Qing’s lips curled.

It was unknown if it was because he just watched something messy, but seeing the corners of Qi Qing’s lips curled up and smiling so beautifully, Ji Xingjue actually had the illusion that his heart was skipping a beat.

He let go of his hand, suspecting that because the distance was too close that he had such an illusion, and shrank back, pretending to be busy and looking down at the light brain. “The Star Pirates were driven out by your fleet once, and I don’t think they dare to stop on the road to load the supplies. This kind of small battleship doesn’t have much energy storage, I guess the main ship will take back the small battleship and let us board the ship, so let’s put on the ring first.”

Qi Qing, who was still staring at him, slowly obeyed.

Through the corner of his eyes, he saw Qi Qing’s face turned into an unfamiliar one, but regardless of temperament or body shape, they were familiar enough to recognize at a glance.

Ji Xingjue’s eyes wandered back and fro for a while, and sure enough they heard the voice of the current “boss” on the public channel, “Small battleships are collectively boarding the main ship, damn it, hurry up, Laozi don’t want to say it a second time!”

Ji Xingjue forced himself to stay strong, returning to the right track of mind, and sized Qi Qing up and down. 

Both of them were wearing Star Pirates’ clothes that Damel had specially found and cleaned up, but their temperament and clothes really didn’t match. It was fine to put on Ji Xingjue, with him shrinking freely, but Qi Qing, whose whole person was full of extravagance naturally noble cultivated from childhood education, it looked awkward no matter how he looked at it.

Looking at the approaching main ship, Ji Xingjue patted Qi Qing’s shoulder, very full of learning spirit: “Lord Marshal, try to keep your noble temperament under control. From now on we are Star Pirates, why don’t we learn how the Star Pirates speak first, what Neil and the boss said, fkkk you?”

“…” Helplessly watching Ji Xingjue being corrupted by bad examples, Qi Qing gradually became murderous to the Star Pirate’s leaders, “Don’t learn this kind of thing.”

It’s a cool feeling to swear, a unique new experience, and Ji Xingjue regretfully shut up: “Okay.”

The Star Pirate’s main ship opened the docking compartment, like a huge shark, swallowing the scattered small fish.

The Star Pirate on the main ship was waiting at the entrance, and the entry was casual: “What’s your name?”

Ji Xingjue smiled slightly: “My name is Amon, he is Eugene.”

The Star Pirate in charge of registration couldn’t help but glance at him more.

Qi Qing’s face turned cold, he put one hand on Ji Xingjue’s shoulder, like a lion defending the territory, silently declaring sovereignty.

His light-colored eyes were icy cold, and those that were stared at by him would feel the cold at the back of their head. 

The registrar quickly retracted his eyes, as if his mouth was also sealed, and didn’t even dare to scold “what are you looking at“.

If it wasn’t for the time being too tight, compared with Ji Xingjue, Qi Qing’s face was better than the Exit-Entry Permit for Traveling, and he wanted Ji Xingjue to use this disguise ring more.

As to avoid people always kept their eyes on him.

There were a total of two main ships that escaped, and the other ship ran in a different direction than this one. When walking to the command cabin, Ji Xingjue quickly glanced at the people nearby, however, there was no one he could recognize. It seemed that he and Qi Qing were the only ones who ran to this battleship, and a few others were on another ship.

In addition to the fish that slipped through the net on the small battleship, there weren’t many surviving people remaining. The Star Pirate leader, who was standing in front of the podium, had a bald head and face full of rage. Glancing at the bunch of timid little Star Pirates in front of him, he snorted, “To be able to escape from Qi Qing’s men, it means that your luck is not bad. I’ll boast to you all enough when we go back.”

The woman next to him folded her arms and looked around coldly. “Don’t let these miscellaneous soldiers touch the starship, and stay in the rest cabin before arriving at the Boundless Star Sea.”

Ji Xingjue, who hid in the crowd, quite appreciated the idea. 

It seemed that these two were quite wary in their hearts.

Bald-head listened to the woman’s words and nodded with a he he laughed before randomly waving his hand. “We’ll make a long-distance transition in another ten minutes, take them down to assign a rest cabin.”

The Star pirates who were called up all looked lifeless as they followed to find the resting cabin.

When he was with the Imperial Army, Ji Xingjue was still able to rub the light of Qi Qing and enjoy the single room. It wouldn’t be the same fortunate when it came to the resting cabin of the Star Pirates where the cabins were so small that they could only hold four beds.

The Star pirate who was in charge of allocating the resting cabins was not particular about it. Seeing that there weren’t many empty cabins left, when it was Qi Qing and Ji Xingjue’s turn, they impatiently shoved four or five people inside, regardless of whether there were enough beds. “Who sleeps on the ground and who sleeps on the bed, you can decide for yourself.”

After he finished talking, he closed the door with a “bang“.

Ji Xingjue: “…”

That was simply cruel.

The other three people who were stuffed in all looked at Ji Xingjue, who looked thin and weak, and were eager to test.

Ji Xingjue smiled, his hands that were hanging down, moved. Just as he wanted to educate these few people not to judge people by their appearance, his hands were held down by Qi Qing.

“Sleep with me.” Qi Qing made a final decision.

Ji Xingjue was stunned for a moment, then nodded obediently: “Oh.”

Not wanting to be in the limelight, as expected of Qi Qing, he was now really stable.

Several other people were immediately dissatisfied: “Wei, who are you, dare to jump in the queue?”

Qi Qing silently turned his fist.

A minute later, three people were stacked on the ground.

Qi Qing withdrew his hand and lowered his eyes lightly. “Do you have any objections?”

The three looked at him in fear and shook their heads wildly.

Qi Qing hummed a cold hum, chose the lower bunk, and signaled Ji Xingjue to come over. 

Ji Xingjue sat beside him with a complicated face. He looked at the few people who couldn’t get up before leaning into his ear and asked in a low voice, “Don’t you want to keep a low profile?”

“Their beds are not clean.”

Qi Qing pursed his lips and spit out a few words.

Ji Xingjue observed in confusion. 

Apparently…..nothing seemed to be the problem?

Just as he was thinking about it, the transition suddenly started.

It was unknown whether because he had been traveling between space recently, Ji Xingjue suddenly felt a sharp pain in his brain making him blacked out, unable to see the ground in front of him. The sound of his heart beating violently, ringing in his ear along the blood vessel.

It was just a short moment, and the moment his five senses returned, cold sweat almost soaked through his back.

When Qi Qing received no response, he turned his head in odd.

Ji Xingjue knew that his face at the moment must be very ugly, so he subconsciously got into the shadow under the bed, and smiled casually, “I was absent-minded, what did you just say?”

Qi Qing frowned: “Are you uncomfortable?”

“Well, of course,” Ji Xingjue was still a little dizzy, “the distance of the transition seems to be very far.”

Qi Qing immediately took off his coat and put it on the bed, signaling him to lie down and rest.

Since when did Qi Qing still also have a cleanliness addiction?

Ji Xingjue thought it was funny, and lay down obediently.

Qi Qing sat on the head of the bed and gently stroked his back: “Is it still uncomfortable?”

Ji Xingjue shook his head: “Much better.”

The ultra-long-distance transition was torture for both the mind and the mouth. The other people barely got up from the ground and shrank on the bed, wanting to vomit but not daring to vomit.

The resting cabin was quiet, only a few groans were heard occasionally. Qi Qing’s face was as usual as he stroked Ji Xingjue’s back.

Ji Xingjue originally wanted him to stop such childish behavior. He was not a child, but his body seemed to like being touched like this. The tightly curled body stretched out silently, and the pain slowly subsided.

When Ji Xingjue’s breathing calmed down, he squinted his eyes to peek at Qi Qing, and suddenly felt that it wouldn’t be bad to squeeze a bed with him.

Un… At least Lord Marshal can take care of people.

The days of being trapped in the rest cabin were not very pleasant, but Ji Xingjue had always been good at finding fun with Qi Qing, thus the ten days were not too slow.

When approaching the Boundless Star Sea, the Star Pirates who were locked all the way were put back into the operation cabin and received a lecture: “Everyone has worked hard all the way. It’s not that I don’t trust you. It’s just that I cherish my life, but since we all came to Star Sea together, we are all brothers who live and die together, and the election meeting is up to you.”

A little doubt appeared in Ji Xingjue’s eyes.

Qi Qing had fought against the Star Pirates for many years, so he was well informed, and explained in a low voice, “The Star Pirate will gather here once every fifteen years, and the leader of the Star Pirate will be elected. I thought you already knew.”

Ji Xingjue blinked innocently: “After all, I’m just hearsay.”

Passing through a stone barrier, the so-called “Boundless Star Sea” slowly fell into their eyes.

This was a circle of asteroids that were gathered together, and it was quite exaggerated to call it “Star Sea”. With the gradual landing, the Star Pirate’s settlement that was different from the Empire style came into view.

The vegetation on this planet was quite lush. From the star port, they could see the Star Pirates community hidden in the tall woods in the distance. Unlike the tall buildings of the Empire and the Alliance, it was more like a primitive village.

Bald-head and the woman led the crowd down to the ground, and being drifting for several days in space made most of them feel a little dizzy when they walked.

Ji Xingjue was pondering how to find a chance to get out of this Star Pirate team, when a group of people came towards him.

Once Bald-head saw that person, he greeted him with a smile, “Brother John, you’re here too.”

Ji Xingjue raised his head and took a glance, and then choked on the gaze that came over.

The so-called “Brother John” who greeted Bald-head was Neil Luther, who was chased by the Holy Order after being shot by Qi Qing.

Obviously, Neil also put on a disguise before he safely infiltrated the Boundless Star Sea.

Neil reacted, and secretly cast a wink at Ji Xingjue, and smiled he he, “Yeah, I’ve been waiting to meet you for a long time.”

Bald-head immediately rubbed his arm with goose bumps: “What did you say! I have a wife!”

Neil seemed to act like he had never heard of it, and with a strange smile, he waved his hand and led people away.

Ten minutes later, Ji Xingjue and Qi Qing successfully slipped out of the Star Pirate team and returned to star port. Sure enough, Neil waited on the spot alone, and when he saw Ji Xingjue, he took him away without a word.

It wasn’t until he was far away from the star port and walked into a small building near the star port without anyone around that Neil suddenly greeted him enthusiastically. “Aiya! I didn’t expect Madam to come in person. Didn’t your family Marshal come? Tsk tsk, Marshal Qi is really not a man. Don’t be afraid, Professor Ji, I will protect you well.”

Qi Qing lifted his disguise expressionlessly, and coldly spit out two words: “Really?”

Neil: “…”

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

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Neil: QAQ艹

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