Chapter 46: A Kiss Reward

The next day, the Central Star of the Boundless Star Sea, which was heavily guarded, was opened, and the Star Pirates who came back to participate in the election convention set sail from all over the place.

Ji Xingjue stood by the window and looked out.

Within his field of view, the great vast sea of stars was dark and silent, like a black curtain, dotted with countless glowing white dots where the battleships were scattered all over the place, and couldn’t see the edge at a glance.

Compared with the well-ordered regular army, the Star Pirates were extremely wild in operating the starship. If there was hatred involved, the situation would be like, you chase, I run, while overtaking each other, and each one strived to be the first. The real game hadn’t started yet, but their heads bumped back and forth, stretching out the gun muzzle, and were ready to fight ahead of schedule.

But compared to the messy formations of other Star Pirates led by those leaders, Neil’s fleet was quite unexpected, as well as reasonable and orderly.

Qi Qing looked around and glanced at the star map on the podium. “It seems that the attacking Star Pirates he talked about are these Star Pirates.”

Neil went out to discuss with an acquaintance last night, and most likely the ones he found were Old Luthor’s old troops. Ji Xingjue didn’t know much about the formation of troops, but he could tell that there were no fleets around that were aggressive towards his fleet.

Ji Xingjue turned his head and leaned against the bulkhead. He glanced at Neil who was instructing his subordinates, and in a low voice, asked with a smile, “What if he goes back on his words and attacks us?”

He asked the question jokingly, but Qi Qing answered seriously. “I have arrangements, nothing will happen.”

Ji Xingjue originally didn’t worry much, but seeing Qi Qing’s calm and reliable appearance, he rolled his eyes and stopped playing around. “I know, Lord Marshal is the most reliable.”

“If you really think I’m reliable,” Qi Qing said lightly, “speak more truthful words.”

Ji Xingjue said solemnly, “Ain’t I always telling the truth?”

Qi Qing sneered: “That’s also true.”

—It was just that the proportion was relatively small, and most of the time was used by making jokes, avoiding topics, and fooling around.

The sight of the Central Star was gradually approaching, and naturally, it was impossible to have so many battleships landing on the mainland. Thus, the other fleets would stay somewhere temporarily, and only the Star Pirate’s leaders could drive the main battleship to land on the Central.

This planet that was dotted in the middle of the Star Sea was much more ordinary than imagined. There was no extreme cold or endless desert, nor was it overwhelming rainforest vegetation. The climate was suitable, the land was fertile, and the plains outside the city were endless. It was no different from the countless ordinary planets of the Empire after a war.

The other Star Pirates who were on the battleship also came to the window and sighed: “What a good place.”

“If only I could settle here.”

“When our boss brings us a great victory, this place will belong to us, and I will make this planet full of potatoes!”

“…You have been eating potatoes for more than thirty years, and still haven’t gotten tired of eating them.”

“What do you know, potatoes are the best food in the world!”

“Fart, tomato is.”


The two Star Pirates started a scolding battle, and Ji Xingjue, who listened to their words with great interest, was dragged away by Qi Qing while covering his ears with a dark face.

“How does Professor Ji feel?” Neil paced over, “After getting along with a group of Star Pirates who were described as inhumane by the Imperial headline?”

Ji Xingjue thought for a while: “It feels good.”

Putting aside the issue of position, sometimes he even thought these Star Pirates were quite cute.

“Then, does Professor Ji have any idea of joining us?” Neil took a few steps forward and said enthusiastically, “You have also seen that the Star Pirates don’t understand anything except fighting and killing. They have been illiterate one generation after generation, and only by studying can they have a future! The biggest wish in my life is to marry an intellectual wife…”

Qi Qing slapped his hand away, and said nonchalantly: “If the Star Pirates surrender collectively, it’s not impossible for the Empire to build a few Star Pirates Learning Academies for you.”

Neil shrugged: “How is that the same? This group of stereotypes is hopeless, I want to run a school for children.”

Ji Xingjue laughed: “It’s really not like what a leader of the Star Pirates would say.”

But Neil just smiled and said nothing more.

The starship slowly fell into the center of the city. There were no tall buildings like the Empire, and the place where it docked was a simple and huge open-air lecture hall.

Ji Xingjue glanced at the bionic man in charge of maintaining order, and then his eyes fell on the podium in the distance.

After the leaders of the Star Pirates were all seated, the members of the Holy Order slowly walked onto the stage, with a benevolent white-haired old man walking in front.

Neil said in a low voice: “This is the archbishop who the Holy Order claims to supervise in the Boundless Star Sea, and his status in the Order is not low.”

Ji Xingjue asked: “Do you know who the ‘big shot’ is?”

Neil shook his head: “I can’t find out.”

Just as he was talking, the archbishop on the stage began to give a speech before the election convention. In terms of talking superfluous words at the meeting, the whole universe had an amazing interlinking, as the Star Pirates off the stage fell asleep one by one. Ji Xingjue originally wanted to find some useful information from his clichés, but after listening to it for a long time, not a single word could be used, he became rarely impatient, poking Qi Qing’s waist: “Can you make him shut up?”

Qi Qing: “?”

“Now I seem to be back at the school meeting, listening to the principal’s deeply moving speech.”

There was a bit of a smile in Qi Qing’s eyes: “You also can feel irritable?”

Ji Xingjue: “Of course, you seem to have misunderstood me a lot. Especially when I was in a meeting and reading a graduate thesis, that feeling made me support the teachings of the Holy Order for a moment.”

Their heads were pressed close together while chatting in a low voice making Neil come over curiously to join in. “What are you talking about?”

Qi Qing turned his head and said coldly: “Look up.”

The archbishop on the stage finally said enough and made a conclusion. “In order to congratulate all of our friends on this important festival, the Holy Son I teach personally visited the Boundless Star Sea today to offer God’s blessings to the brave warriors.”

The Holy Son!

As Ji Xingjue raised his head, his eyes trembled.

On the high platform, a person suddenly appeared.

It was a man with a mask, wearing a holy white robe, and the long silver hair pouring down was as beautiful as a section of moonlight.

“The winner will be bathed in the light of God together with me.”

The Holy Son seemed to be smiling, his voice was as soft as the wind, with a strange magical power, and the Star Pirates who were waiting impatiently and began to restless instantly quieted down.

He raised his hand, as if he was making an invitation. It was unknown if it was a coincidence, but his hand was raised in the direction in which was facing toward Ji Xingjue. Slowly and gently, he said,

“I’m waiting for you.”

The figure of the Holy Son slowly disappeared from the audience surrounded by the other priests. Qi Qing looked away and then looked at Ji Xingjue: “What’s wrong?”

It was only then that Ji Xingjue realized that his expression was a little stiff. He smiled, ignoring the lingering sense of familiarity that had risen in his heart just now. “It’s nothing. That was just a 3D projection. I’m afraid the Holy Son himself didn’t come to the scene, but hid somewhere.”

He lowered his voice and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “Don’t act rashly. This is the lair of star pirates. There is a saying in ancient earth that an elephant can be killed by a group of ants, and it won’t do us any good here.”

Qi Qing nodded.

Compared with the Holy Order, it was obvious that the ridicules of the Imperial Army had become more stable, and not to mention that the Star Pirates were now dissatisfied with the Holy Order, but if the Imperial Army appeared in the Boundless Star Sea, the Star Pirates could still join forces with the Holy Order to fight against the Imperial Army with a change of face.

Qi Qing was proud and confident but not conceited, and he was well aware of this point.

Neil clenched his fist. “The opportunity has come, as long as we can catch the Holy Son and the archbishop, we can win. The archbishop is terribly afraid of death. My people have tried for several years, spending three to five years, but they couldn’t sneak into the range of five meters around him. The guards around him would not fall if they were shot, which is very evil. But Professor Ji, don’t be afraid, hide by my side in times of danger, and I will risk my life to protect you.”

Qi Qing said indifferently, “Who will be ‘we’ with you.”

Neil raised his eyebrows: “I mean, I and Professor Ji, Your Excellency, don’t take it too seriously.”

“It’s not good to flatter yourself.” Qi Qing smiled that it was not like a smile, stretched out his hand and held Ji Xingjue into his arms, wrapping around his waist full of possessiveness, “This is ‘we‘.”

Ji Xingjue: “…”

Why was he the one who was attacked again?

The election convention was about to begin.

There were no rules in the Star Pirate’s convention, they could challenge other leaders at will. The winner would challenge another winner or be challenged. As long as they could win to the end, any means could be used.

Neil was someone who wouldn’t give people a face and kept saying negative words regardless of other people’s feelings, but when he returned to the starship, his face changed quickly. He left the best starship to Qi Qing and Ji Xingjue, followed Qi Qing’s instructions to evacuate the others, and waved his hand casually. “I will also assist you from here, it’s up to you, Star of the Empire.”

After finishing speaking, he looked at Ji Xingjue again: “Madam really won’t come to my side? My side is safe.”

Ji Xingjue just smiled: “There is a saying in the marriage oath of the Empire that ‘we share weal and woe, we stand together through thick and thin’. I think it is more suitable for me to stay here.”

The hatch of the landing cabin was closed, and the two battleships slowly separated. Ji Xingjue had quickly connected to the control system of this battleship before making a hand signal to Qi Qing, “Lord Marshal, go ahead and give orders.”

Qi Qing raised the corners of his lips: “Um, I’ll leave it to you.”

The first challenger soon came up.

The opponent’s battleships were much more numerous than Neil’s. It was obviously a big fish that was going to eat the small fish first with dozens of battleships surrounding them. Qi Qing controlled the battleship and got out of the intertwined artillery net at a tricky angle.

“Left wing, fill up 30% of the energy, I say fire and fire.”

Ji Xingjue was acting as an auxiliary adjutant: “Okay, Captain.”

With a move of his two fingers, he pressed fire at the moment Qi Qing shouted “Fire”, and the burning energy cannon blasted out, knocking down four battleships in a row.

The first cooperation went well, and with Ji Xingjue caught up with the rhythm, Qi Qing stopped making a sound.

Even after seven years of separation, the tacit understanding between them had not diminished. After a little break-in, once the starship made a movement, Ji Xingjue could guess what Qi Qing was going to do, and knew when to fire without Qi Qing’s instructions.

It was the same as fighting together when they were teenagers, beating dozens of people.

They were born to be the best partners.

This battleship was like a sharp knife, while the others were like fragile melons. It was a spectacular scene where there was only a downfall ending, where everything was like broken bamboo, and pieces of sliced dumplings falling down.

Neil was awestruck.

Even if he was very dissatisfied with Qi Qing’s dog temper, he had to admit that even him, under Qi Qing’s hands, could only end up being chased away.

With Neil’s deliberate manipulation and the participation of Qi Qing, the chaotic warfare in the Star Sea ended unexpectedly quickly.

The Holy Order watched a monkey play on the Central Star, dissatisfied with the Star Pirate that didn’t kill off most of them. At the end of the melee, the losses were not as much as the Holy Order had expected.

“A complete victory,” Ji Xingjue rubbed his sore fingers, stretched his waist before leaning on the operating table and lowered his head to smile at Qi Qing. “Lord Marshal, what reward do you want for your hard work?”

It wasn’t right to say that this victory was effortless.

Qi Qing lazily leaned back. He lifted his eyes and swept over the corners of Ji Xingjue’s red lips.

Maybe it was because of the excitement after the victory, or maybe it was because he had regained the tacit understanding that he didn’t distinguish between them. With an unquenchable fire burning in his heart, he got up and put one hand on Ji Xingjue’s side, staring into his eyes. “Any reward is fine?”

Ji Xingjue didn’t notice anything wrong either. When he molested Qi Qing, he often got very close on purpose. Observing the subtle changes in Qi Qing’s expression was enough for him to enjoy himself for a while. Hearing the sound, he said happily, “Of course.”

As soon as the words fell, his jaw was pinched, and Qi Qing’s deep voice fell into his ears, “I want this.”

Before Ji Xingjue could react, the scene in front of his eyes suddenly turned dark.

There was a soft and warm touch on his lips.

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

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