Chapter 47: What’s My Name?

The kiss that fell on his lips was light, contrary to his master, no aggressiveness, but like treating something fragile.

There was an explosion in Ji Xingjue’s head.

For an instant, he froze in place, his heart was beating wildly and his mind was in a mess. He closed his eyes and thought in a daze: What’s my name?

After being slow for a few seconds, a question that should have been popped up earlier, appeared: What is Qi Qing doing?

Qi Qing was kissing him. 

It was gentle at first, but when he reacted and wanted to back away, Qi Qing used a little force to press the back of his head to prevent him from backing down, biting his lips, and slightly entering deeper.

Inside the operating cabin was quiet, only the sound of kisses rang in the ears. The air seemed to become damp, and both of them were breathing heavily.

After a long time, a noise of reminder sounded, and Qi Qing slowly let go of Ji Xingjue. There was warmth and bitterness in his chest, and as soon as the sense of satisfaction surfaced, there was a huge emptiness again. The pain and regret brought about by the seven years of missing, was inflated every minute and every second, and urgently needed to be compensated.

When he let go of Ji Xingjue, he had a little regret that he hadn’t tasted it earlier.

No matter how hard Ji Xingjue’s mouth was, it was very soft when he kissed him.

He was sweet and more refined than whatever he had in dream and imagination.

His ears were also a little red, relying on Ji Xingjue still had his eyes closed, he said calmly, “Didn’t you want to give me a reward?”

Ji Xingjue was dumbfounded for a while. While stupidly opening his eyes, his mind was still buzzing, and Qi Qing’s warmth was still on his lips: “You…”

It was Qi Qing’s first time debuting as a hooligan, so he quickly grasped the essentials and asked, “Can’t give me?”

Ji Xingjue was a little pitiful: “I…”

He was brought into the thinking circle of “Can give or not” by Qi Qing, and after going around in a circle, he suddenly came back to his senses when the communication request sounded again. He subconsciously wiped his wet red lips, smiled as he used to, and forced himself to be calm. “Research has proved that dopamine secretion at the moment of victory will cause people to do many stupid things, and there are a lot of comrades who hug and kiss each other on the battlefield, but I didn’t expect that the Lord Marshal would do the same—”

While he was talking in a composure manner, he pressed to connect to the communication.

Neal’s face appeared on the light screen.

Ji Xingjue’s reaction was also expected.

It was unpleasant.

Now the timing wasn’t right, Qi Qing stared at him for a few seconds, then looked coldly at the communication screen: “What is it?”

“I seem to have disturbed the two of you?” Neil keenly smelled the hint, and laughed, “There is still plenty of time to turn around, there’s no need to rush at the moment. Once we arrive at the ground base, we have to bathe in the light of God with those religious scammers, and beat them until their ass blooms.”

Qi Qing glanced at Ji Xingjue who had already somehow worn a mask and jumped a few meters away from him, and ended the communication straight away.

“A’Xing,” when the battleship arrived on the ground, Qi Qing walked over and touched his face through the mask, “It will end in a while, and I have something to tell you.”

Ji Xingjue paused for a moment, and said “Un”.

The hatch opened, and the two walked out calmly as if nothing had happened.

Neil got off from another battleship and walked forward with the two of them. The other leaders of the Star Pirates also came down one after another, and were stopped by the bionics of the Holy Order.

Unexpectedly, several people were ready to have an argument, but Qi Qing and Ji Xingjue were not stopped.

The archbishop waited in front of him with a friendly smile: “Congratulations to Captain John, the Church is very happy to cooperate with such a powerful partner as Your Excellency.”

Neil glanced around and kept smiling: “I’m also honored to be able to cooperate with the Holy Order—where is the Lord Holy Son?”

The archbishop shook his head: “I’m sorry, Lord Holy Son has something to do, so he left first. But after you finish handling the affairs on the side of the Boundless Star Sea, my lord will invite you to our real Church for a talk.”

Neil leaned forward: “Oh? Where is your Church? I’m quite free now, and I’ve admired the Holy Son for a long time. Why don’t I go directly to visit, it’s more sincere this way.”

The archbishop laughed and said, “As long as you have a firm belief, God will guide you.”

Neil looked regretful: “Ah, so that’s it. I’m sorry, I’m an atheist.”

The archbishop wanted to speak again, but Neil caught him off guard and raised his gun. “So, I have to ask you, a devout believer, to take me there.”

The unforeseen event happened, but the archbishop calmly said, “What are you doing? Neil Luthor.”

He already recognized him!

Neil’s face changed slightly, and suddenly a huge force came from his lower back, kicking him away with a bang. Neil hissed, and almost fell like a dog eating shit. He turned his head and saw that there was a mechanism on the ground where he was standing just now, and a big crack had opened.

Qi Qing was in a bad mood, and nodded indifferently: “No need to thank.”

Neil scolded in his heart.

The archbishop frowned, raised his finger, and ordered the guards following behind him: “Take them alive.”

The guard answered “Yes” and rushed up together with the restless bionics around them.

Neil immediately released the signal, tried to fire a few shots. The guns hit, but didn’t move the guards at all. He couldn’t help cursing: “Fuck his grandfather, these monsters are really thick-skinned!”

Ji Xingjue turned his hand and took out a gun, aimed at a guard’s forehead and shot it in bursts.

The footsteps of the invulnerable guard froze.

Ji Xingjue smiled slightly: “Aim at the fiducial point.”

He wanted to remind again that “it will explode”, but Qi Qing pushed him to the side first and hid. Neil, who was left uncared, froze for a moment, and was blown away by the heat wave again.

The other Star Pirate’s leaders who had been intercepted heard the loud noise, and clattered around again, discussing with one another.

Neil scolded again, and got up quickly. He felt that it was really good to be educated.

If it weren’t for Ji Xingjue, it was estimated that he could only discover the weaknesses of these monsters through continuous experiments—the premise was to have enough opportunities for experimentation.

Some of the reformed people who were hit by the weak point would explode, and some would not. Once they exploded, they would immediately blow up a piece of their own people. The archbishop’s expression finally changed, he took a step back subconsciously, and muttered to himself: “Impossible, how do they know…”

“Of course I was told.”

A voice sounded behind him, and the archbishop suddenly turned his head.

Ji Xingjue took off half of his mask, smiled at him, but his eyes were icy cold, and the gun in his hand rested firmly on the back of the man’s head while asking politely, “Excuse me, where did the Holy Son go?”

That Holy Son couldn’t be such an idle person, to specially come to the Boundless Star Sea, did nothing and left early.

The moment he saw his face, the archbishop had an extremely strange look; surprised, appreciative, joyful, regretful, but also mixed with a bit of remorse, complicated and unspeakable: “…It’s you.”

Ji Xingjue paused.

The archbishop put down his sneaky gun, his eyes were strange. “I didn’t believe it when I saw the photo, you have grown so big.”

Ji Xingjue’s expression didn’t fluctuate at all, and the gun in his hand was pushed forward again, reminding him: “Don’t delay, when someone else comes to ask you, your treatment will change.”

The archbishop looked at him as if he didn’t hear it, and smiled strangely: “You will come back to us in the end.”

The last two words were said in silence, drowned by a loud noise. Looking at his mouth shape, Ji Xingjue’s pupils shrink suddenly.

If Qi Qing brought this man back……

Ji Xingjue became uncontrollably terrified. He looked not far away in the smoke and dust. Neil’s people and the cooperative Star Pirates had already killed their way in. Neil connected to the ground base communication, exposed his real name, and stirred up the Star Pirates in the sky.

And Qi Qing killed a difficult reformed human with one shot, and looked over.

Through the mask, he hastily looked at Qi Qing, and quickly looked away.

Qi Qing will know.

Ji Xingjue immediately made a decision and smiled softly: “Then you may be disappointed, not only will I not ‘go back’, I will send you away first.”

He moved his hand and was about to shoot when suddenly an afterimage flashed in front of his eyes, and the gun in his hand was blown away by a huge force. The people behind him moved much faster than him, locked his wrist, and twisted it behind his back.

The hooded man who he had seen near the Dark Star appeared ghostly beside the archbishop, protecting him and preparing to escape.

Ji Xingjue broke out in cold sweat on his forehead, and slowly turned his head.

Due to movement restrictions, he could only see a few strands of silver hair, swaying in the wind like moonlight.

The voice of the person behind him was gentle: “I’m here to take you back.”

Ji Xingjue was silent for a moment, then said coldly: “If you want to bring back a corpse.”

“Is it because of that person?” The Holy Son was not annoyed, and looked at Qi Qing who rushed over but did not dare to act rashly, “It seems that you haven’t remembered yet.”

His voice was a bit bewildering. Ji Xingjue didn’t want to hear him say anything more, gritted his teeth, looked at Qi Qing who was standing still not far away, and said sharply: “Why are you in a daze, do it!”

Qi Qing didn’t move, but ordered the subordinates who were about to attack to stop.

The Holy Son and the hooded man appeared too suddenly. The moment Ji Xingjue was caught, he was like falling into an ice cave. In the Holy Order starship behind, everyone’s guns were aimed at Ji Xingjue like a bright, silent threat.

The archbishop had already been brought into the starship, and the Holy Son looked at the Star Pirates who were overwhelmingly landing on this planet after being instigated by Neil, and sighed regretfully: “I have to abandon this pawn.”

He let go of Ji Xingjue, his tone was still gentle: “See you next time.”

Suddenly there was nothing behind him, Ji Xingjue turned his head immediately, but only saw a white corner of his clothes, the Holy Son had already boarded the battleship.

Qi Qing stepped forward in a few steps, his face was more ugly than ever before: “Are you all right?”

The battleship took off with a bang, and disappeared into the sky during the pursuit. Ji Xingjue came back to his senses, and smiled: “I’m okay.”

Qi Qing stared at his expression that didn’t seem to be alright, and nodded after a while.

Once the backbone was gone, the remaining priests in the Boundless Star Sea would be easy to deal with.

Most of the Star Pirates had deep grudges against the Holy Order, but they were short of someone who could take the lead to raise their arms. Neil was the son of the former leader, and there were many old subordinates. The power gathered together should not be underestimated, it could suppress the forces of the Holy Order in the Star Sea.

The Star Pirates who disagreed with the rebellion against the Holy Order were not big enough, so they angrily silenced their voices and watched with cold eyes.

Neil caught two priests who were trying to escape, and personally brought them over to Qi Qing and Ji Xingjue who were waiting in the battleship. “The main personnel all ran away ahead of time, and I don’t know how they got the news. I’ll have someone lock up the rest of the miscellaneous soldiers for interrogation——Professor Ji, are you alright?”

Ji Xingjue nodded absentmindedly. “As long as Boss Neil doesn’t turn back on his words, I’ll be fine.”

Neil said with a smile, “Don’t worry, my father taught me since I was a child that a man is only as good as his words. Even if I am a star pirate, I am still the most trustworthy star pirate.”

Seeing that someone stepped forward, took the two young priests and brought them into the battleship, he shrugged his shoulders: “…Besides, the two of you also brought people in, so I’m not stupid.”

“Why do I think the key point is the last sentence, “Ji Xingjue didn’t look at Qi Qing’s face, and smiled, “You came here specially, what else is the matter?”

Neil touched the tip of his nose and said truthfully, “Everyone wants to have a celebration banquet later, and many people want to meet the Lord Marshal who beat them to pieces.”

Qi Qing didn’t even think about it before saying, “I’m not interested.”

The Marshal of the Empire participated in the celebration banquet of the Star Pirates, the picture would be very magical if you think about it.

No one knew what Ji Xingjue thought of. He finally looked straight into Qi Qing’s eyes for the first time after the kiss. He tilted his head and smiled and said, “Ai, don’t you want to go? I’m quite interested.”

Qi Qing was silent for two seconds, then looked at Neil indifferently: “Ten minutes at most.”

“…” Neil stared at him like a monster, and kept tsk-tsk, “Marshal Qi, may I be bold to ask, is it that you don’t want to principle in this kind of thing in front of Madam?”

Qi Qing was expressionless: “So what, scram.”

Neil still had things to attend to, so he quickly rolled away.

Ji Xingjue hurriedly turned his eyes away again, trying to find a reason to leave, but he couldn’t find it. As he weaved countless new lies in his heart, he said softly: “Is there anything you want to ask?”

After a while, he heard Qi Qing’s answer: “No.”

He didn’t want to ask what the Holy Son said, nor did he want to ask why the Holy Son let him go.

The most important thing was that Ji Xingjue was fine.

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

The author has something to say:

The beefcake Xiao Qi who kissed Xiao Ji until he forgot his name (?).

English word translation: 2564


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