Chapter 49: We Also Have A Child

A month later.

The starship that was heading for the capital of the Alliance docked at the starport, and the pleasant voice of the starship’s intelligent system sounded: “The starship has arrived at Bernoulli, the capital of the Liberty Alliance, which has inheriting the eternal spirit of freedom and democracy of the Alliance for hundreds of years. I wish you a pleasant journey….”

Sitting opposite Ji Xingjue was the middle-aged man who had a good chat with him all the way, and suddenly he felt distressed. “How come we arrived already! I haven’t talked enough with this friend yet.”

Ji Xingjue expressed a polite smile. “It’s fate to be able to travel together all the way.”

I’ve got enough information, and if you were to continue to chat, you will tell the whole story about your account and password for sure.

The passengers got off the starship in an orderly manner. After passing the security inspection at the gate, the fake identity chip that took half a month to make successfully passed the first threshold.

Ji Xingjue walked out of the gate in satisfaction, but was stopped by the middle-aged man who had been deceived by him as he strode over. “I actually forgot to ask, friend, what’s your name? My family lives at No. 22 Fourth Avenue, come visit us when you have time!”

Ji Xingjue didn’t even bother to make up another name as he smiled slightly. “Armon.”

Compared with the strict hierarchy of the Empire, the Alliance known as the land of freedom was indeed very free.

Sitting on a car from the starport to the central area, Ji Xingjue saw a lot of messy parades and publicity speeches, from those who supported the Empire to defeat the Alliance to those who supported the Star Pirates, full of tricks.

Ji Xingjue watched all the way with great interest, and turned his head to look at the time.

It took more than a month to rush to the Alliance from the Boundless Star Sea, plus the time to make fake identities.

He couldn’t imagine what expression Qi Qing would have when he woke up and found that he had run away.

…hoping that he wouldn’t be strangled to death when he went back. 

When the suspension car slowly arrived in front of the Alliance’s Research Institute, Ji Xingjue calmed down, got out of the car and looked around.

Influenced by the predecessor of the Randa Empire, the architecture of the Empire was always exquisite and majestic, and must show a bit of dignity, especially the Royal Palace located in Ankara, which was as exquisite as an artist’s model collection.

The style of the Alliance was more concise and refined. Whether it was the government building in the distance or the Research Institute nearby, the style was unified with that of ordinary buildings. The statue of the God of Liberty was located on the largest square, from which you could vaguely see the goddess’s downcast and soft eyebrows.

It was much more normal than that evil idol of the Holy Order.

Ji Xingjue withdrew his gaze and walked briskly towards the Research Institute, but was stopped by the guard at the door. “What’s your business?”

Ji Xingjue took out a letter from his arms and unfolded it calmly. “Check in.”

The confirmation letter had the anti-counterfeiting seal of the Research Institute, and the guard nodded, “Please come in.”

As soon as he walked into the gate, he was met face on with a woman in a white coat. Seeing Ji Xingjue, she paused her steps, “Hi! Are you Armon? I’m sorry, I was supposed to pick you up at the starport, but something went wrong with the experiment, so I forgot to notice the time…..”

Ji Xingjue listened patiently and smiled, “It’s okay, I know the way.”

The young man in front of her was obviously ordinary-looking, but he had an unspeakable charm when he smiled. The female researcher couldn’t help but look at him a few more times, feeling a bit out of place.

She felt that this person should look better.

I should be under an evil spell since I did too much experimentation.

She scolded herself inwardly, and in order to hide her guilty conscience, she coughed dryly and did the introduction to Ji Xingjue. “You’re new here, so you may not know that our bionic intelligence is the most popular in the compound, and the Council is very diligent in appropriating funds.”

Ji Xingjue blinked, his face full of regret. “It’s a pity that I’m just an experimental assistant.”

“There is a shortage of people now. I see that the achievements on your resume are also good. After a year or two, you will be able to get involved in formal projects.”

The female researcher said while taking Ji Xingjue to get a work permit. When they walked into the building marked with bionic intelligence, she lowered her voice, “Dr. Chen has a bad temper, and has scolded several assistants until they ran away. When he scolds, you just ignore it, and wait for him to finish scolding before you start responding.”

“Okay, thank you.” Ji Xingjue smiled and wished her well, “I wish you a successful experiment.”

The female researcher smiled, waving at him and turned to another laboratory.

Ji Xingjue took a look at the laboratory number and raised his hand to knock on the door.

His luck wasn’t bad, getting in was much easier than he had imagined.

After waiting for a while, the sound of “Come in” came from the laboratory. Ji Xingjue pushed the door open and walked in. When he looked up, he saw a man wearing a uniform of white lab coat and a pair of black-rimmed glasses standing in front of him with a cold expression. “What’s your name?” He asked in a cold tone.

Ji Xingjue observed his eyes before walking past this person. He went around to the other side, and looked at the white-haired old man sitting behind a light brain. “Hello, Dr. Chen, my name is Armon.”

The old man looked at him in surprise, and there was a trace of satisfaction in his eyes. “Not bad, you are the first assistant who hasn’t been deceived. It seems that this time finally came a more reliable one.”

The bionic man at the door came back quietly and stood beside Dr. Chen.

“This is my most proud work. I named him Chen Xiaochen.” Dr. Chen stroked his beard proudly, “Not bad, right?”

This old man was a bit like Yelis, giving Ji Xingjue a sudden friendly feeling as he nodded sincerely, “Very good.”

Dr. Chen felt like a love at first sight, and after ordering a series of laboratory tasks, he didn’t stand on ceremony and threw a bunch of complicated data with a thud. “Run it again and correct the wrong data.”

Ji Xingjue received the data with the light brain of the laboratory, and after glancing at it, he said while running the data, “Is our laboratory conducting research and testing on bionic human limbs?” 

Dr. Chen looked at him in surprise, and said without much concealment. “You can see it just by looking at the data? That’s right.”

Ji Xingjue processed the data quickly and didn’t ask any more questions.

It was too difficult and risky to break through the Alliance’s firewall by himself, and not to mention it would trigger the alarm, so he could only stay calm and wait for a while longer.

Dr. Chen’s workload wasn’t small. Fortunately, Ji Xingjue was so used to this kind of work mode that he could finish processing the data much faster than Dr. Chen had expected. After finishing the data, in order not to seek trouble soon after, he waited leisurely for a while, letting his eyes take a rest, before handing in the data.

Sure enough, as soon as he finished handing in, Dr. Chen praised “good speed” in a rare satisfaction, and then slammed another bunch of them at him again. 

Those who devote themselves to research were most likely to have a good impression of talented people. Ji Xingjue got two waves of goodwill, and then slowly said, “Doctor, I’m a little curious, I think that your Chen Xiaochen is perfect in every aspect, and can completely catch up with human flexibility, why do you want to continue to focus on physical flexibility?”

Just in time Chen Xiaochen came over and poured him a glass of water.

Dr. Chen also didn’t conceal anything. “The project in cooperation with the Council is currently being done by three laboratories.”

Ji Xingjue raised his eyebrows, and suddenly thought of An Tang, a diplomat who was visiting the Empire.

Qi Qing gave him an introduction that An Tang was defeated in a battle, which resulted in a half-body disability. He lost both legs, and could only stand up again after wearing prosthetic limbs.

But compared to the original two legs, no matter how similar the prosthesis was, it was just a metal machine that had no connection with the body.

His elder brother was the Chairman of the Alliance Council, so it was normal to set up a special project to serve An Tang.

“I heard that the scientists of the Randa Empire left some information on bionic intelligence,” Ji Xingjue said calmly, quietly watching Dr. Chen’s expression, “Is there no such thing?”

“Who knows?” Dr. Chen shrugged, “I don’t know if that file exists or not.”

Ji Xingjue asked curiously, “Isn’t it kept in the Research Institute?”

Dr. Chen snorted, “It’s just rumors from the outside world. You’re also a member of the Research Institute now, so don’t believe in those things, it’s embarrassing to even say it.”

He spoke both naturally and frankly, so the chance of him lying was low, and Ji Xingjue’s heart sank slightly.

There were indeed different opinions about the existence of this information. He specifically picked the Research Institute that was most likely to have data, and got close to Dr. Chen, who was in charge of the bionic intelligence project who was also most likely to have contact with the data, but still failed to find out the news.

With An Tang’s status, it shouldn’t be a lie to use the information left over from the Randa Empire as a temptation to invite him to join the Alliance.

That information was in the Alliance, but not in the Research Institute. 

….It was better to throw away his job, and get close to someone who was close to the Council.

Once this idea came to Ji Xingjue’s mind, he moved his hands away from the optical computer keyboard, mercilessly preparing to run away.

Then Dr. Chen added, “However, I’m going to report to Admiral An Tang’s house this weekend. If you’re curious, you can ask him. I know you young people are all interested in that.”

Ji Xingjue immediately put back his hands that were moved half-way, calmly continued to process the data, and nodded happily. “Okay.”

Ji Xingjue evolved into a ruthless data processing machine. From the moment he walked into the laboratory, until the night was dark, only then did the old man Chen let him go with satisfaction. “I didn’t expect you to be able to solve the amount of the original assistant for a week worth of work in one day. Young man, you have a bright future ah.”

Ji Xingjue forced a smile, resisting the urge to unload Chen Xiaochen on the spot and plunge the old man into despair.

Ji Xingjue was only an intern assistant, and the Research Institute didn’t assign him a residence. He also didn’t want to live in a dormitory with strangers, so he left the Research Institute and found a hotel nearby to live temporarily.

The next few days were quite repetitive.

Although Dr. Chen appreciated Ji Xingjue, he had only been here for a few days, so he couldn’t hand over the important data of the project to him for the time being.

Ji Xingjue swam in a pile of boring wrong data, constantly correcting mistakes, as if he had returned to the days when he first came under the hands of the old man Yelis, making him unable to either laugh or cry. 

This was him, coming to the Alliance to do odd jobs to recall his youth.

Even after processing the data every day, the time of him leaving was still far away. The night was dark, but it didn’t put the whole city into a deep slumber. The citizens of the Alliance who came and went freely shuttled in every corner. Looking around, it was indeed more pleasant than the capital of the Empire, which was full of wind and snow, lifeless and had a high concentration of nobles. 

Taking this opportunity, Ji Xingjue walked around and planned several escape routes from different places in his mind.

A few days later, Ji Xingjue and Dr. Chen became a lot more familiar with each other, and the old man would occasionally gossip with him. 

“Boy, do you know why we are going to report to Admiral An Tang’s house?”

Ji Xingjue listened attentively.

“Because,” the old man Chen stroked his beard, “I’m his uncle.” [T/N: Mother’s side]

Ji Xingjue: “…”

“An Tang has a good temper. When we meet tomorrow, you can ask whatever you want.” Dr. Chen buried his head and looked at the light screen in front of him again. “I think you have great potential. It’s a good piece of material, once you have access to the core data, you will be able to meet him more in the future.”

Ji Xingjue did ask a lot of information about An Tang on the sidelines in the past few days, and he choked a little when he heard the words. “Why does your old tone sound weird?”

“You think I don’t know?” Dr. Chen glanced at him proudly with a penetrating look, “You young people, you always come here to ask me this and that, An Tang is indeed a nice person, the Alliance likes him…”

Ji Xingjue’s scalp was numb, and he repeatedly called him to stop. “Doctor, you misunderstood!”

Dr. Chen looked at him suspiciously.

“In fact, I’m already married, and my relationship with my wife is stable,” Ji Xingjue thought for a while and added seriously, “We also have a child.”

Dr. Chen suddenly felt regret. “Oh, I still think you are good, and I want to introduce him to you.”

Ji Xingjue didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. 

Why do these old men love to be matchmakers so much?

While they were on this topic, Dr. Chen thought of something again. “By the way, there is an envoy of the Empire coming recently, and they may visit An Tang, or come to the Research Institute for exchanges. In front of the Imperial envoy, you should pay attention and let that flock of tough and stubborn people see the demeanor of our Alliance.”

Ji Xingjue responded casually, and when he heard the word “tough and stubborn”, he guessed who it would be.

Anyway, he wouldn’t feel worried if that person wasn’t Qi Qing.

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

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