Chapter 48: Qi Qing, You Can’t Like Me

There was no hot water in the battleship, and since Ji Xingjue was covered in blood and dirt, he borrowed the washroom at the ground base to wash up. He didn’t see Qi Qing after coming out of a shower, so while slowly wiping his wet hair, he walked to the battleship parked outside, raised his hand and knocked.

After waiting for a while, the cabin door opened, and besides Qi Qing, there was an acquaintance inside.

That was Tian Luo from the Protection Squad.

Seeing Ji Xingjue, Tian Luo quickly greeted him. “Ma’am, I’ve heard about it! Are you okay?”

“I’m okay,” Ji Xingjue smiled at her. He had just finished taking a shower which made his pale face turn red, and when he smiled, the tails of his eyes were raised, and the red mole was ostentatious, which was particularly eye-catching.

Qi Qing picked up his towel and directly covered his face.

Ji Xingjue: “?”

Tian Luo, who was a little overwhelmed from Ji Xingjue’s laughter, hurriedly reported the information collected by herself and others before summed it all up, “Everyone has done preparing, Damel is ready to respond at any time.”

Qi Qing nodded: “Go back and handle things with caution.”

Tian Luo saluted, turned and left the battleship.

Ji Xingjue twirled the ends of his hair that were still a little wet, and was too lazy to continue wiping it. He took off the towel and looked at Qi Qing, not bothering about making a fuss: “When are you leaving?”

Qi Qing said, “After attending the celebration banquet.”

It wasn’t a wise move to stay in the Star Pirate’s territory, because once the time was prolonged, the situation might change adversely.

Of course Ji Xingjue knew that he, himself was being willful, so he smiled and didn’t say more. Putting down the towel, he said, “Neil is already waiting outside, let’s go.”

Qi Qing held him down, took back the towel, covered his head with a cold face, and rubbed him gently.

The words that had originally come to his lips upon seeing the weird atmosphere between the Holy Son and Ji Xingjue, were swallowed back.

His intuition told him that it was best not to have a showdown with Ji Xingjue now.

The Holy Son and the archbishop resolutely evacuated the Boundless Star Sea. After Neil led the people to clean up the aftermath, the dark clouds that shrouded the head of the Star Pirates dispersed, and the celebration banquet was extraordinarily large. The chairs at the huge open-air lecture hall were taken underground which made the hall become a very good place to hold the celebration. 

The aroma of wine and food escaped, completely washing away the “sacred atmosphere” left by the Holy Order.

When Ji Xingjue and Qi Qing arrived at the scene, Neil was holding a wine glass and having a drink with a few Star Pirate bosses.

Back then, most of the entire Boundless Star Sea betrayed Old Luthor, and the rest were watching with cold eyes of a bystander, but he was open-minded and didn’t pursue each of them.

“Is this the right-hand man of Boss Neil?”

The Bald-head man who gave Ji Xingjue and Qi Qing a ride before was also present. He turned around and said suspiciously. “Looking familiar.”

Tsk tsk, this brother beat me so hard that I couldn’t fight back. It felt like being chased away by Qi Qing.”

“I have to say, this brother is much stronger than Qi Qing. Wait until our brothers have gathered a come-back, and defeat Qi Qing’s prestige and beat him until he cries for his mother!”

Neil: “…Pfft, good proposal!”

Ji Xingjue also had a choke.

The corner of Qi Qing’s mouth twitched coldly as he sat down with Ji Xingjue, and took note of all the faces of these Star Pirate bosses, before adding them to the special notice list.

There were many Star Pirates sitting around, laughing and cursing while drinking, making all kinds of noises, and those who got too drunk started fighting on the spot. Other people didn’t even try to stop the fight, instead they applauded and shouted in cheer.

The night was long, and the wind was blowing from the field outside the city. When one looked up from the Central Star, they could see countless bright stars, which made people relax unconsciously.

The subject of talk of the Star Pirate was going in circles, but when it came to Qi Qing, it was inevitable to think of the battles with the Empire and the Alliance during the years. Everyone talked about what they did under the Holy Order in recent years, and shook their heads while heaving a sigh in regret. “Boss Luthor was right, there is no such thing as a pie falling from the sky.”

The Baldy-man poured a glass of wine and pushed it to Qi Qing. “By the way, what’s the name of this brother? Come have a drink!”

Qi Qing didn’t move and coldly looked at him.

The Baldy-man froze.

The warm atmosphere suddenly turned icy cold. Neil narrowed his eyes sharply, and said meaningfully, “Why don’t you drink? Is it that you don’t want to drink or… can’t drink?”

An identity like Qi Qing absolutely couldn’t have any weaknesses. Even if there were, it should also be hidden tightly so that it wouldn’t be exposed, otherwise it would be easy to be used by people with intentions.

For example, being lightweight.

Ji Xingjue smiled and stretched out his hand to block it. “Let me drink in his stead.”

Qi Qing glanced at him, frowned, and said lightly, “It’s just that I don’t like the smell of wine.”

He took the glass of wine, raised his head and drank it down with a calm expression.

Neil carefully observed the expression on his face and the light in his eyes, but couldn’t detect a trace of drunkenness. Facing the cold light-colored pupils, he retracted his gaze regretfully, and shrugged. “Okay.”

Ji Xingjue quietly approached Qi Qing and lowered his voice, “Are you okay?”

Qi Qing’s movements were a little slow as he blinked and nodded. 

It doesn’t look good.

Ji Xingjue tilted his head and listened to the Star Pirate bosses’ imaginations about the future for a while. Turning the glass, he drank the wine one sip after another. After listening for a while with a smile, his complexion turned a little red because of the intoxication, and the scene in front of his eyes was hazy, like a mist that couldn’t be dispelled.

Neil noticed the wine glass in his hand, and suddenly turned pale with shock. “This is strong alcohol ah, why did you drink so much, are you uncomfortable?”

“… a little,” Ji Xingjue rubbed his temples, and stood up with a smile, “I’m going to get drunk if I sit down again. I’ll go back with him first.”

Neil wasn’t suspicious at all, and was genuinely concerned. “I’ll have someone deliver the hangover medicine in a while, hurry, go and rest.”

Ji Xingjue stood up unsteadily, and the moment he turned his back, his eyes were clear. Pretending to be supported by Qi Qing, they walked towards the battleship.

Qi Qing’s footsteps were still very steady, and there was nothing unusual about him.

As soon as they entered the resting cabin, Ji Xingjue immediately closed the cabin door, and as expected, his shoulders sank, and Qi Qing’s weight fell directly on him.

He had expected it a long time ago and helped Qi Qing approach the rest cabin, and carefully put him on the bed.

Qi Qing half-opened his eyes, his long eyes trembled slightly, and his gaze was slightly dazed.

This was indeed a rarely seen appearance.

Ji Xingjue took off the ring on his hand, and while looking at the familiar face that reappeared, the corners of his lips curled up. He bent down, boldly poked his face, shook his head and said, “The Duke was such a good drinker, are you really his son.”

Qi Qing looked at him earnestly, and gave a vague “um”.

Ji Xingjue took the ring and played with it, and said softly, “Qi Qing, the Duke would be very pleased to see you growing up like this.”

There were only two people on the battleship, and the laughter of the Star Pirates in the distance came in faintly, making the resting cabin even quieter.

Ji Xingjue thought for a while, and added, “I’m also very relieved.”

Qi Qing’s consciousness was muddled, not understanding what he was talking about. 

Ji Xingjue also didn’t mind, and even babbled on some nonsense as he unbuttoned Qi Qing’s clothes so that he could lie down more comfortably. “I’ll give you hangover medicine later, but I have to let you sleep for a while and you’ll be awake in an hour or two. You know me too well, and it’s not easy to do it under your nose… But I have a little doubt, did you drink that glass of wine on purpose?”

Qi Qing didn’t respond.

Of course, Ji Xingjue didn’t need him to respond. He sat on the head of the bed and poked Qi Qing’s face again. “I’ll come back after I’ve settled everything… I hope you don’t get too angry.”

If you are angry, I still have to find a way to coax you.

The Lord Marshal now was different from the young master before, and it wasn’t too easy to fool him. 

But he didn’t mind coaxing until Qi Qing was willing to calm down.

Ji Xingjue thought it through and wanted to stand up, but the hand resting on Qi Qing’s face was suddenly grabbed. Qi Qing seemed to be struggling out of drunkenness, and with a force, Ji Xingjue was caught off guard and fell on him. There was the smell of alcohol on both of them, and their breath was intertwined, making the air a little sticky.

“Where are you going?” Qi Qing asked vaguely.

Ji Xingjue was stunned, and replied, “Just go out for a while.

Qi Qing hummed in a daze, but still didn’t let him go.

“Lord Marshal?” Ji Xingjue approached his face tentatively, “Are you drunk?”

Qi Qing immediately retorted, “No.”

Ji Xingjue started to giggle. He lowered his eyes, tracing the handsome face in front of him inch by inch.

Because of the close distance, he could clearly observe Qi Qing’s sharp eyebrows and the light-colored pupils with thick eyelashes half drooping. He liked Qi Qing’s eyes very much, they were always crystal clear, not polluted by a trace of impurities.

Going down, it was where Qi Qing’s lips were, thin and alluring.

The touch and temperature brought by that sudden kiss seemed to return to his lips.

Ji Xingjue stared at Qi Qing’s lips without blinking, and when he recovered, he lowered his head and kissed him.

The moment their lips touched, there seemed to be an electric shock passing by, and something poked in his heart.

Am I drunk?!

Ji Xingjue reacted suddenly, opened his eyes slightly, and tried to get up while holding on to Qi Qing’s chest in a panic, but the back of his head was pinned down.

Qi Qing, who was half drunk and half awake, quickly rolled over and pressed him down, staring into his eyes, like a child, a little angry: “It’s you who came here by yourself.”

Then you want to leave again.

Before he could speak again, Qi Qing lowered his head and sealed his lips.

Ji Xingjue looked into his eyes, his struggling hand trembled, but still didn’t choose to knock Qi Qing out. Instead, he gently put them down.

Their hot breaths were entangled together. It was unknown who took a step deeper, Ji Xingjue was a little dizzy when the tip of his tongue was touched. His breath was taken away by the kiss that was gradually deepening, his gasp became heavier, his mind was blank, and when he closed his eyes, in his head only had those eyes that were close at hand; they were as shallow and cold as glaciers, but hot and gentle.

Why did he kiss him, why did he treat him so tenderly?

Ji Xingjue’s Adam’s apple rolled.

Of course he knew why.

When their lips parted, Ji Xingjue’s clothes were already torn into a mess. With a little force, he pushed Qi Qing back under his body. The drunkenness had already engulfed him, but Qi Qing refused to fall into the cage of sleepiness, and insisted on holding on to him.

Ji Xingjue pursed his lips, feeling a little numb after being kissed deeply.

“…you can’t like me.”

Ji Xingjue calmed down his breathing, and resolutely broke away from his hand, and said with a cold tone, “Qi Qing, your father was killed by me.”

After he vaguely recalled his childhood and told Duke Qi Bai his secret, they went to a secret planet, but were attacked before they arrived.


Everyone died protecting him.

The battleship crashed and was forced to land on a planet. The flames of the explosion engulfed the sea of flowers, and the blood in front of his eyes spread endlessly. He passed out in the flower field and was caught back, but the other party didn’t kill him. They only took him to a place, and examined him over and over again.

Then they let him go like this. 

Qi Qing lay unconscious on the bed. 

When he woke up, he would forget all this.

Ji Xingjue never dared to tell Qi Qing these things, he was afraid that the most important person in his heart would only hate and be disgusted by him.

He was a little mentally exhausted. Ji Xingjue let out a long breath before getting up and dissolving the hangover medicine into the water. He came back to feed Qi Qing, and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry.”

After looking back at Qi Qing for the last time, he sent a message to Tian Luo, then left the battleship. Pressing the switch of the ring, he disguised himself as another appearance, and quietly sneaked into the crowd, watching the battleship from afar.

After a while, Tian Luo and others arrived at the battleship and sent him a message: Ma’am, the Marshal seems to be asleep, where are you?

Ji Xingjue replied: You go first, I am on another battleship, and will follow up later.

Having seen Ji Xingjue’s combat capabilities, Tian Luo wasn’t suspicious, and the battleship slowly set sail and flew into space.

Ji Xingjue stood where he was, watching the battleship leave. After a long time, he turned around and randomly selected a lucky starship in the star port. After hacking it with a little effort, he got into the operating cabin, drove the battleship, and set sail to fly in another direction.

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

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《The Runaway Sweetheart of the Domineering Marshal》

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