Chapter 53: Do You Believe I’ll Lock You Up?

The moment their eyes met, Ji Xingjue suspected that he had become a fish on a hook.

The guard outside the door was reporting. “…..The specific situation is still unclear, Chairman, Admiral, look…”

An Hong’s voice was steady and cold. “Prepare the car.”

Rumors had it that the Chairman of the Council was a very responsible man, and would come to the scene in person for any major events in the Alliance, and it was true.

What’s more, the time for the general election was approaching, and An Hong didn’t want anything to happen during his term.

After the small gift was sent out, Ji Xingjue heard An Hong speak again. “It’s just a small matter, An Tang, you stay and continue to entertain the Marshal.”

It seemed like Qi Qing wasn’t going to leave anytime soon.

Ji Xingjue paused, and after making up his mind, he slipped decisively to the door of the study.

There was also a password at the door of the study. Ji Xingjue successfully unlocked it with the old method, gently pushed the door open, and slipped in.

Compared with the study room located upstairs, the downstairs study was much smaller, with few bookshelves and more like an office.

Ji Xingjue sat in front of the optical computer, plugged in the decoder before turning on the computer, and checked again.

Still nothing.

Ji Xingjue frowned.

Facing Dr. Chen and himself as an ordinary researcher, An Tang could be perfunctory or not reveal the news, but he wouldn’t tell such specific lies.

That document wasn’t handed over to the Research Institute, because it was more like a “wild imagination” than the scientific research document. Obviously, it had undergone the authoritative appraisal of the Research Institute back then, so it couldn’t be the highest-level confidential document.

Where did An Hong hide it?

Ji Xingjue sifted through it again without giving up, and this time he went through the trash cans and browsing records from a few months ago, and sure enough, he found some clues.

An Hong used to go through that document, but transferred it.

At this moment, the personal terminal that had been silent for a long time lit up.

Ji Xingjue glanced at it, and it was a message from Qi Qing, a simple one word: go.

An Hong was back.

Ji Xingjue made a decisive decision, exited the interface, cleared the traces, and turned off the optical brain in one go. He pulled out the decipher, opened the window and jumped out.

He remembered that outside the study on the first floor was the backyard, and there was no one there when he jumped out, but the sound of orderly footsteps was already approaching.

An Hong’s reaction was really quick, and he noticed something was wrong before he even got to the place.

Ji Xingjue returned to the courtyard wall the same way, and after finding the foothold, he jumped out, patted the ashes on his hands, and walked outside quickly.

With the map of this area and the changing route of the patrolling guards in his mind, he calmly avoided the monitoring and fled into a dark alley.

From here, he could still see An Tang’s villa was brightly lit, and the guards rushed up and surrounded the entire building.

Ji Xingjue looked over there for a few seconds, and when he turned around, there was already a person standing in front of him. The tall and handsome figure blocked the light, making it difficult to see his face clearly against the light. “Good evening, Mr. Armon. I didn’t expect to meet you here. Did you come out to take a walk?”

Ji Xingjue: “…”

Ji Xingjue squeezed out two words: “Qi Qing.”

“It’s getting late, and it’s dangerous outside,” Qi Qing glanced at the guards who were expanding their search area, “Why don’t I drop you off.”

Now wasn’t the time to talk nonsense. Ji Xingjue pursed his lips, lowered his head and followed Qi Qing out from the other side. Damel was waiting by the car, seeing Qi Qing came back with a stranger, he glanced at him strangely, but didn’t ask any further questions.

Sure enough, they ran into intensive interrogation by guards on the road. After knowing that Qi Qing was in the car, no one stepped forward to intercept him.

The car was quiet. Damel drove quietly and didn’t speak. Qi Qing folded his hands and closed his eyes without saying a word. The atmosphere was so deadly that it made people panic. The corners of Ji Xingjue’s mouth twitched, thinking whether to jump out of the car and run away.

This thought lingered until the car arrived at the hotel.

The moment the car door bounced open, Ji Xingjue jumped out nimbly, and as soon as his feet touched the ground, his wrists were bound.

Qi Qing calmly dragged him to the elevator, and Damel followed behind, dumbfounded.

This time Damel wasn’t photographed outside the elevator, and the three of them got into the elevator together. Ji Xingjue couldn’t help but want to pull his hand back, but Qi Qing clung to him tightly. The actions of the two were seen by His Excellency the Adjutant, making him even hesitant to speak. “Marshal, this…”

Ji Xingjue was no match for Qi Qing’s strange strength. Hearing Damel’s words, he was overjoyed and his eyes filled with tears. “Your Excellency Adjutant, help me, I’m married!”

Damel instantly thundered, and stammered, “Mar, Marshal, you…”

Don’t tell me you’re having an extramarital affair!

Qi Qing looked extremely oppressive, his eyes were dark, like a storm gathering strength as he spit out two words: “Shut up.”

Ji Xingjue glanced at the poor Adjutant who immediately shut up, and calmly withdrew his tears, explaining gently: “He’s telling me to shut up, not you.”

The elevator arrived with a ding, and Qi Qing pulled Ji Xingjue mercilessly, strode to the door of his room, swiped open the door, dragged him in, and slammed the door shut.

Damel: “…”

Although he knew that the Marshal had always been reliable, he was still not at ease.

The moment he entered the door, before Ji Xingjue could see clearly what was in front of him, he was pushed against the cold door panel. The ring on his hand was torn off. The lights in the room weren’t turned on, and just as the dim light touched the red mole at the corner of his eye, his jaw was pinched, his lips became hot, and a kiss that could not be refused fell down.

Ji Xingjue’s eyelashes trembled, trying to hide: “Dan Dan…”

Your son is still watching!

Qi Qing said briefly, “It’s charging.”

Ji Xingjue opened his mouth again, but this time he couldn’t make a sound. Qi Qing kissed him hard and fiercely. As their lips and tongues intertwined, seemingly to be touching each other’s deeper souls, the subtle, secret voice was heard in the quiet room, extremely clear.

Like an electric current passing through, Ji Xingjue’s waist softened unknowingly, and he stopped trying to struggle.

After a long time, Qi Qing let go of his red lips, took his left hand, and kissed his ring finger lightly, saying with an indistinguishable tone. “Where is the ring I gave you?”

Ji Xingjue panted slightly, wanting to joke about losing it. But when meeting his eyes, he couldn’t say it. He slowly picked up the thin thread on his neck, and drew out the ring that he regarded as a pendant.

The tracking chip inside was cleared by him, and now it was a clean good ring.

He pretended to be calm: “Lord Marshal has a lot of money, but he gave me a ring made of buttons, which is a bit stingy.”

Qi Qing lowered his eyes: “It’s the piece that stays on my heart.”

Ji Xingjue tightened his fingers holding the ring.

Qi Qing’s tone was very calm: “It’s up to you how you want to deal with it, as long as you don’t return it to me.” He paused for a while, then lowered his voice, “But for my own selfishness, I want you to cherish it a bit.”

There seemed to be a squeeze at the bottom tip of his heart along with a sore feeling. The tall, handsome and majestic Lord Marshal in front of him seemed to have turned into a miserable pitiful dog.

“…Cherish it.” Ji Xingjue was silent for a moment, then came to his senses again, and pulled the corner of his lips, “But it would be better for you to give it to someone else.”

He stubbornly refused to make things clear, lest the layer of window paper, the thin barrier he had built himself, which was about to be broken and crumbling, would fall apart as soon as the wind blew on it.

Qi Qing’s voice was somewhat a little cold: “If you say it like that, it’s better to throw it away.”

Ji Xingjue exhaled softly: “Qi Qing, there are many things you don’t know, and when you know, you won’t treat me……”

His ending sound was dissipated in Qi Qing’s bite as he leaned over.

Ji Xingjue’s eyes widened in surprise, he didn’t expect Qi Qing to do such a foolish thing.

Qi Qing showed no sign of change, clasped his wrist, pulled him into the room and sat down: “I know.”

Ji Xingjue was taken aback.

“I heard it that day, too.”

Qi Qing knows?

And it turned out that Qi Qing remembered what happened when he was drunk.

Didn’t he also get drunk that time in the Palace……

Ji Xingjue’s mind was suddenly in a mess. Seeing his expression had loosened, he added another blow, “Mother told me a long time ago, and she and I never thought it was your fault.”

Back then, Ji Xingjue just remembered his past and wanted Duke Qi Bai to take him to a planet to find something.

“It was done by the Holy Order, and you and your parents are related to the Holy Order, so you dare not tell me,” Qi Qing stared into his eyes, “Ji Xingjue, is your trust in me that shallow?”

Ji Xingjue shook his head, and said with difficulty, “It’s not just that, Qi Qing, do you know why I want that document?”

“They manipulated my body.”

Ji Xingjue pressed his left chest, feeling the even and steady heartbeat under the warm skin. Qi Qing knew it all and he had nothing to hide. “Qi Qing, it’s not that I don’t trust you, I just don’t trust myself.”

“I’m afraid that one day I’ll wake up and find that my hands are covered with your or someone else’s blood.”

So he moved out of the Qi’s house and lived alone in an apartment in the suburbs, fearing to make friends with others.

Qi Qing’s eye sockets seemed to be a little red, and his breathing was slightly heavy. “Those injuries on your body…”

“Didn’t you ask me why I switched to researching bionic intelligence, and where did the research samples come from?” Ji Xingjue calmly opened his neckline, “This is my research sample.”

Obviously those wounds had healed to the point where they could hardly be clearly seen, but Qi Qing felt that he was tearing up the scabbed wounds, showing the fleshy, bloody wounds in front of him.

Ji Xingjue smiled reluctantly, “I don’t know if I’m still a human being, or if I’m also a transformed human being, just like those monsters you saw in the underground palace…”

Before he could finish his sentence, his waist tightened, and Qi Qing pulled him into his arms, as if trying to crush him into himself.

Ji Xingjue heard the always calm Qi Qing’s voice trembling, his teeth gritting, and his voice was hoarse, but he was extremely firm. “You are not a monster, you are not allowed to do this kind of thing again.”

Ji Xingjue’s tense spirit suddenly relaxed.

He was a little tired, but leaning against this warm embrace, he regained his strength again. He closed his eyes and nodded, buried his head in Qi Qing’s shoulder, trying to keep his voice steady. “I owe you an explanation for what happened back then. I’m sorry, I didn’t want to leave, I just…wanted to get rid of those restless and dangerous elements in my body, and return to you safely.”

He also wanted to go back to the Qi’s house, to Qi Qing’s side.

But when he first returned to the Imperial Capital, he always thought back to those people’s meticulous examination on his body. Every day when he opened his eyes, he had to double check whether he was still himself.

Qi Qing was quiet for a moment, then his voice fell from the top of the other’s head. “Didn’t you ask me why I joined the army that night?”

Ji Xingjue vaguely remembered this matter.

That was after he was dragged by Qi Qing to register his marriage. They went to the Emperor’s dinner party, Qi Qing blocked him from getting drunk, and when he got home, he looked at the wound on Qi Qing’s waist, and couldn’t help but ask this sentence.

“I know you have difficulties. I’m making preparations. When I become stronger, you can come back with peace of mind.” Qi Qing thought for a while, and emphasized, “But I’m still very angry.”

The young master’s temper was too cute.

Ji Xingjue couldn’t help but burst out laughing. It wasn’t until this moment that he realized that he was almost out of breath, and quickly pushed Qi Qing. “Lord Marshal, I’ll be on my last breath if you don’t let go.”

Qi Qing reluctantly released some strength, but didn’t let him go completely. He lowered his head, pressing his forehead against the other man’s. “Don’t leave me again.”

Ji Xingjue thought about it, and answered honestly: “It depends on the situation.”

“…” Qi Qing said coldly, “Do you believe that I’ll lock you up?”

Ji Xingjue wasn’t afraid at all, instead he smiled again, leaned into his ear, and exhaled deliberately. “This is against the law, do you like me that much, Lord Marshal?”

Qi Qing’s ears turned red with the naked eye, and it tended to spread until his cheeks.

Ji Xingjue looked at this scene in amazement, and heard Qi Qing’s tense voice: “No!”

“Oh, you don’t like me that much?” He dragged his voice, tilted his head, and looked at Qi Qing’s face.

Qi Qing was silent for a while: “I lied.”

Since he was a teenager, his gaze had been fixed on Ji Xingjue.

Every time he pretended to be arrogant, it was just to let Ji Xingjue’s gaze stay on him.

“What did you lie to me about?” Ji Xingjue asked with a smile.

Qi Qing lowered his eyes and faced him frankly: “I like you even more than that.”

Then that thin barrier was completely broken.

Salted Fish -Drifting Wanderer

The author has something to say:

Let us congratulate Mr. Marshal, who was led awkwardly by his big brother and finally confessed, (sprinkles flowers)

Xiao Qi: Do you believe that I’ll lock you up?

Xiao Ji: not believing, you woofer.

English word translation: 2538

PS: will come back again during this weekend.


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