Chapter 54: You’ve Gone Bad Now ah Lord Marshal

Qi Qing’s eyes were sincere and warm, being stared at by such a pair of eyes without blinking, Ji Xingjue suddenly regretted teasing Qi Qing so much.

His face actually felt a little burning, his eyes drifted away uncomfortably, but was turned back in place again by Qi Qing holding his head.

On the contrary, Qi Qing was calm after having said it all. “Did you hear that? If you pretend to be deaf and dumb, I can say it until you can hear it clearly.”

“…heard it.”

A faint smile unexpectedly flashed across Qi Qing’s eyes. He didn’t go any further on this aspect, but still didn’t want to let go of Ji Xingjue.

A certain person surnamed Ji was too good at running away which made him unable to be at ease.

“How was the harvest at the Chairman of the Council’s house today?”

Speaking of this, Ji Xingjue couldn’t help but glance at him. “You went there to wait for me on purpose? When did you recognize me?”

Qi Qing said, “The first time I saw you.”

Ji Xingjue was instantly struck by lightning.

As a confident scientific researcher, he doubted himself for a moment. In astonishment, he fished up the ring on the table and looked at it, feeling unbelievable.

After many upgrades, the disguise of the ring could even fool An Tang, a cunning fox, and the security inspection of the Alliance, but it still couldn’t escape the eyes of the Lord Marshal?

Could there be something wrong?

Qi Qing guessed what he was thinking. He hooked a lock of his hair, twirled it around his fingertips as he fixed his eyes on him. “I said, no matter what you become, I can recognize you at a glance.”

Ji Xingjue was stunned, and reacted belatedly. His ears were hot as he covered the other man’s eyes helplessly. “It’s a foul, Lord Marshal. Let’s get down to business… I didn’t find the document in the study upstairs or downstairs, but according to An Tang, the document is in their house.”

It’s just that after tonight’s encounter, An Hong should have increased the defense around the house, and it would be difficult to sneak in easily again.

Qi Qing didn’t pull his hand away while giving it some thought. “I’ll take you there tomorrow.”

Ji Xingjue was held in his arms, and it was difficult to change his posture. He moved back with difficulty, but when he was pulled back again, he raised his hand in surrender. “Okay, but An Hong should have suspected you.”

“So what if he suspects me,” Qi Qing said lightly, as if simply talking about how good the weather was today, “I am a distinguished guest.”

With the current situation, the Alliance and the Empire wouldn’t tear each other apart, not to mention that Qi Qing was still the Marshal of the Empire. Even if he did something, as long as he wasn’t caught, the Council wouldn’t care about it.

“You’ve become naughty now ha, Lord Marshal,” Ji Xingjue put down his hand, and discussed with him in a pleasant manner, “Since we have made a merry decision, can you let me go? You see, I’m right here, and I still need you to help me get that document, so I can’t run off anywhere.”

“No.” Qi Qing’s answer was very firm.


He really wished there was something that could make people smaller, make Ji Xingjue the size of a palm so that he could carry him in his pocket at any time.

Ji Xingjue sighed: “Xiao Bao, you’re really clingy ah.”

Qi Qing: “….”

Qi Qing pretended that he didn’t hear this sentence, thus he was unmoved. “There is one thing, if I ask you now, can you tell me the truth?”

This time again, Ji Xingjue’s reply was honest. “It depends.”

Sure enough, there was still something hiding from him.

Qi Qing swept a glance at the seemingly soft but actually hard lips of the person in his arms, using his fingertips to rub the corners of his lips without expression, and asked each word at a time. “Did you kill Yser?”

Ji Xingjue paused, then nodded his head.

“Yser is a member of the Holy Order, sneaked into the Imperial Capital, issued false orders when the front line was at a stalemate. He stole secrets and leaked the coordinates of the base, and fled from the Imperial Capital by making an act with the Star Pirates.” Qi Qing guessed everything, and when it came to the end, he felt a little tense for some reason, “That’s why you left the Imperial Capital and chased after him to the front line, only to show up on the Dark Star, right?”

Although he wasn’t the one who went to the Dark Star half a year ago, this question was too complicated to explain. Ji Xingjue was silent for a moment, then nodded. “Yes.”

Qi Qing looked at him intently, as soon as he thought of the person he cared about, who had pursued his enemies across the star sea for him, a sour stir of emotion surged in his chest.

Ji Xingjue had also been working hard to get back to him.

They weren’t alone.

It’s just that he was too stubborn and afraid of hurting the people around him, so he simply carried the heavy weight on his shoulders, pretending to be relaxed yet ruthless.

Ji Xingjue pretended not to take things seriously. “What’s the matter, Lord Marshal, do you regret protecting me as a murderer in the Imperial Capital now?”

Qi Qing grinded his lips again, without uttering a word.

Ji Xingjue was inextricably linked with the Holy Order. If he reported this matter and continued to investigate Yser, it was likely to implicate himself. Not to mention that later, he, an “ordinary scientific researcher”, was able to travel tens of millions of light years to kill an internal thief, which sounded suspicious.

It was normal for him to hide it.

“Ji Xingjue.”

Ji Xingjue subconsciously straightened his back and looked up at Qi Qing. “Ah… um!”

Unexpectedly, another kiss fell upon Ji Xingjue, making him a little dazed. But to reject Qi Qing was more difficult for him than reading a student’s thesis. After hesitating for a moment, he was pressed down on the sofa and kissed deeply with his face being held.

Ji Xingjue felt that Qi Qing wanted to eat him.

He was passively immersed in the rapidly rising heat, until when the two of them opened their eyes and looked at each other and saw a suspicious round object appeared in the corner of their vision at the same time.

Qi Qing: “…..”

Ji Xingjue: “………”

Both of them were startled.

Ji Xingjue quickly pushed away Qi Qing, wiped the corner of his lower lip and looked at the little robot who appeared by the sofa who-knows-when. The atmosphere fell into an eerie silence.

The little robot finally saw Ji Xingjue’s face clearly, and pounced over happily. “Mama!”

Qi Qing sat on the side with a blank expression, his tone was cold. “Do you want to be demolished?”

The little robot didn’t understand why Papa was going to dismantle it, and threw himself into Ji Xingjue’s arms crying.

Ji Xingjue suppressed a smile, hugged the little guy and glanced at Qi Qing. “This is our only son, are you willing to do it?”

After understanding Qi Qing’s thoughts, it was very simple to guess why the little robot disappeared mysteriously as soon as he figured out how to modify the language system.

Ji Xingjue pinched the little robot’s ears, raised his eyelids, and looked at Qi Qing in a lazy manner. “You’re incredible ah Lord Marshal, able to take advantage of me at a young age.”

His cheeks were still a little hot, his lips were wet and rosy. The moisture in his eyes hadn’t dissipated yet, and the mole under his eye was red in color, seeming as if it could burn anyone watching. The whole person exuding a moist and lazy charm and looking a bit seductive from a sideways view.

Qi Qing was tempted.

His Adam’s apple rolled as he restrained the internal heat in his heart and pursed his lips without answering.

Ji Xingjue unconsciously leaned over, poked his face, and said with a smile in his voice, “Now that I’m back, you don’t have to hold it tight without letting go anymore. Let me rebuild this little guy and make sure it doesn’t change its character and appearance when we go back, un?”

Qi Qing: “……OK.”

Dan Dan only understood the word that he was going to be demolished. He looked at his demon parents tremblingly while carefully and cautiously moved out of Ji Xingjue’s arms, running away without a trace.

Ji Xingjue, who wasn’t afraid of death, poked Qi Qing two more times. Without waiting for him to do something, he fished out the optical computer and set it on his hand before smoothing out Qi Qing’s head. “It’s getting late, you go to rest. I’ll modify the facial data a bit, so I can go with you tomorrow.”

Qi Qing calculated that they had to deal with the important matter first, so he didn’t disturb Ji Xingjue’s business as he quietly got up and went to the bathroom.

Ji Xingjue sat cross-legged on the carpet, put his optical computer on the coffee table in front of him, and quickly focused on his work by briskly modifying data that seemed obscure to outsiders.

In the middle of the change, familiar footsteps approached, accompanied by wet water vapor. Qi Qing brought a glass of water and put it in his hand.

Ji Xingjue just happened to be a little thirsty, so he lifted it up and took a sip, before complimenting him, “You’re so good.”

The very well-behaved Lord Marshal raised his eyebrows, slowly brushed his hair before leaning on the sofa and looked at his profile.

Ji Xingjue’s hair had grown a lot longer, completely covering his neck.

He stared intently at the optical screen. There was almost no pause in the movements of his hands, and the smooth and flowing movements looked particularly pleasing to the eye. His half-drooped eyelashes were thick, and when he blinked, they seemed to rub against his heart, giving a slightly tingling feeling.

The room was quiet. Ji Xingjue stared intently at the optical screen, and Qi Qing focused on Ji Xingjue, while the little robot hiding under the bed stared at the two of them fearfully.

Quite harmonious.

By the time Ji Xingjue was done, the clock in the room had already pointed to 1:30am.

It had been a few hours since Qi Qing quietly watched him.

Ji Xingjue turned his stiff neck, put away his optical computer before picking up the ring and tried it on. “How is it?”

Qi Qing nodded. “Not bad.”

Ji Xingjue wasn’t quite convinced. “Can you tell it’s me this time?”

This was a brand new face—not sure if it was because Ji Xingjue didn’t want to wear a face with a sour expression in front of Qi Qing, however, even though it was under the influence of a little weird psychology, this was a face that could be called good-looking.

But it was still very different from his original appearance, completely unrelated. Even people who know Ji Xingjue stand and stare hard in front of him, they wouldn’t be able to tell.

But Qi Qing could still recognize him at a glance.

Qi Qing said decisively, “I can.”

Ji Xingjue: “…”

His pride of being a genius suffered a setback again. Ji Xingjue depressingly put away the ring, feeling a little moody. “The monitoring of the hotel is under my control now. You can do whatever you want. I’m going back to sleep.”

Qi Qing was stunned and raised his eyebrows.

How could he still go back to sleep with peace of mind?

Ji Xingjue obviously didn’t understand his own situation, and waved his hand as he walked. “See you tomorrow, remember to wake me up…Qi Qing?!”

With a paralyzed face, Qi Qing directly picked him up by his waist, and walked to the bed fast and hurried. “It’s better to sleep here than to let me wake you up.”

Ji Xingjue was stunned for a moment, and felt that what he said made sense. “That’s true.”

Qi Qing weighed Ji Xingjue’s weight, feeling he was as light as a feather, which made him feel very unreal.

Yu Tong was right, he wasn’t well raised.

Being hugged by him like this, Ji Xingjue felt a little uncomfortable. “Then let me go, I’ll go wash up.”

Qi Qing hummed in a low voice and let him go. Seeing that Ji Xingjue really got into the bathroom honestly, he kneaded his temple.

Ji Xingjue seemed to have an extremely frank and straightforward trust in him, naively thinking that he wouldn’t do anything to him, and always felt that Qi Qing was still that half-grown boy who didn’t understand anything.

Compared to being a lover, Ji Xingjue treated him more like a younger brother.

Of course Qi Qing knew that Ji Xingjue liked him, but he didn’t like this feeling. At least he had to let Ji Xingjue truly understand that his “younger brother” in his cognition was already a mature man.

But being in the Alliance, obviously the timing was very wrong.

Qi Qing lay on the bed, took a deep breath, and decided to let Ji Xingjue go temporarily.

Ji Xingjue’s movements were quick. After taking a shower, he saw that Qi Qing had already laid down and seemed to be asleep. He turned off the light, dried his hair, and slipped into bed lightly.

The lights in the room were dimmed, and the sound of breathing became very clear.

When climbing onto the bed, Ji Xingjue accidentally bumped into Qi Qing, and immediately noticed that Qi Qing’s muscles tensed.

He half-closed his eyes, looked at Qi Qing thoughtfully, and lay down slowly.

Qi Qing gradually relaxed again. Closing his eyes while sniffing the familiar scent, he forced himself to fall asleep.

When he was half asleep and half awake, a warm body suddenly came up behind him.

Ji Xingjue leaned into his ear with a smile, like a fox that seduces the human soul. “Lord Marshal, do you want to sleep with me?”

Salted Fish -Drifting Wanderer

The author has something to say:
Ah Xing: very skinny.

English word translation: 2420


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