Chapter 58: Would You Do This Kind Of Thing To Your Younger Bro?

The Holy Order had placed spies in the Empire, and of course there would be no shortage in the Alliance as well.

Qi Qing hummed. “Where did you find them?”

Damel had followed Qi Qing for seven years, and had been tracking the news of the Holy Order with Qi Qing ever since he discovered the priest behind the star pirate.

Although the Marshal had also aimed at destroying the Holy Order before, Damel always felt that after going out for a trip, Qi Qing’s murderous intent towards the Holy Order seemed to be a little bit stronger after returning.

He pressed his doubts and continued saying, “The target appeared at the place where the loud noise occurred last night. According to the information given by our informant, this priest is a small secretary in the Alliance government. At present, he has returned to work, and there is no abnormal performance for the time being.”

Qi Qing thought for a while. “Keep monitoring, don’t accidentally alert the enemy, and notify me immediately if there is any abnormal behavior.”

Damel put both his feet together and took the order. “Yes! Marshal, please rest assured.”

After finishing the important matter, he remembered something again, and turned to Ji Xingjue. “By the way, Madam, when you and the Marshal left, someone came to the hotel to look for you.”

Ji Xingjue’s appearance in the Alliance was currently only known to them and An Tang.

Now Qi Qing almost had an instinctive protective reaction towards Ji Xingjue. He subconsciously grasped Ji Xingjue’s hand, saying with coldness flashed in his eyes. “Who?”

Damel scratched his head. “He claimed to be a doctor of the Research Institute. I pretended to be a tourist passing by and chatted with him a few times. His temper was not very good, but according to observation, he is indeed a scholar without combat effectiveness.”

Ji Xingjue appeasingly patted Qi Qing’s hand. “…It’s my fault.”

He asked for a leave yesterday morning from Dr. Chen, but there was no news about him so far. Old man Chen was probably a little worried.

There were a lot of things that happened in just one day that he forgot about this matter. 

It didn’t seem like a big problem. After Damel finished speaking, he quietly exited the room with a meaningful glance. 

There were only two people left in the room. Qi Qing took off the ring on Ji Xingjue’s finger, and touched the red mole at the corner of his eye lightly with his fingertip. His lips curved, meaning unclear. “I almost forgot, Mr. Armon works at the Alliance Research Institute.”

This is not the time to settle accounts after a matter is over. 

Ji Xingjue’s head suddenly grew dizzy. He raised his hands in surrender, and seriously reviewed. “I was wrong, I shouldn’t deliberately make you drunk and run away, next time…”

Qi Qing’s eyebrows twitched as he coldly interrupted, “Next time?”

“…” Ji Xingjue was speaking quickly for a moment, and immediately and firmly changed his words, “Slip of tongue, you heard wrong.”

Qi Qing replied with a tone that held unclear emotion, but Ji Xingjue inexplicably heard some warning: “There will be no next time.”

If Ji Xingjue wanted to run away again, he would definitely lock him up.

Ji Xingjue didn’t notice Qi Qing’s hidden fangs and claws at all, and nodded in a calm manner. “By the way, do you have An Tang’s contact information?”

“Why do you want his contact information?” Qi Qing frowned unhappily.

“I have to ask him to do me a favor,” Ji Xingjue approached him with a smile and bit the corner of his lips in retaliation, “Don’t drink the vinegar, en?”

Qi Qing leaned on the sofa to rest and while hugging his waist, he let him bite in silence. “Didn’t An Tang ask you for something, you can wait for him to speak first.”

Hadn’t Ji Xingjue noticed the sudden tightening strength on his waist when he bit the corner of his mouth, he would have thought that the Marshal’s concentration was so outstanding.

To show consideration and save the Lord Marshal’s face, he didn’t laugh. “I can’t help it, I’m in a hurry, and I don’t know when An Tang will…”

Before the word “come” came out from his mouth, the door of the hotel room was knocked again. Ji Xingjue turned on the monitor and took a look. “Heh, here he comes.”

As soon as An Hong left, An Tang came to the hotel.

Ji Xingjue coaxed the unsightly Marshal to play parent-child games with the little robot before opening the door to receive the Admiral of the Alliance.

Ji Xingjue tried not to look at his slightly red and swollen lips, and couldn’t help thinking for a while.

They are both elder brothers, but why does An Hong’s status seem to be different from his?

It must be because Qi Qing wasn’t behaving enough.

Having been heard a lot through the cabinet by these two people, An Tang’s expression remained unchanged. “Professor Ji, you must have guessed my reason for coming.”

Ji Xingjue smiled. “Admiral An wants me to help you research bionic limbs. To be honest, I am indeed confident in that direction, but why should I help you?”

“Since Professor Ji knows about our relationship, I won’t hide it anymore.” An Tang’s expression was flat, “Actually, it’s not me who is obsessed with these two legs, but An Hong.”

Ji Xingjue was startled.

“At that time, I was proud and arrogant. To become a disabled person for the rest of my life after waking from the hospital, I couldn’t accept that. I had the intention to commit suicide. But after I received psychological treatment afterwards, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with these two prosthetic limbs,” An Tang shrugged lightly, “but he was more persistent than me. After all, he is the one who sent me to the front line and ordered the priests to be captured alive.”

Under the pressure of the Alliance, it was fine to allocate funds to the scientific research institute to set up a project for him.

Regarding the matter of the underground research room, An Tang planned to clear up all the traces there before going to An Hong to settle the matter.

“He is a very paranoid person. I don’t know how far he can go.” An Tang smiled helplessly, “I think Professor Ji can understand my feelings.”

Ji Xingjue fell silent.

An Tang really knew how to touch the softest part of others’ hearts.

Qi Qing was also very persistent, otherwise he wouldn’t go to the front line and wouldn’t return to the Imperial Capital for seven consecutive years.

If something really happened to his body, Ji Xingjue had no doubt that Qi Qing would do very dangerous things for him. 

This was also the reason why he wanted to escape.

Like An Tang, he didn’t want to see Qi Qing take risks for him.

“I can understand your feelings, but Admiral An,” Ji Xingjue looked at him calmly, “this is not a reason, I am not a philanthropist.”

An Tang sighed slightly. “I thought Professor Ji was as soft-hearted as he looks.”

Ji Xingjue beamed with a smile. “Of course I am, but it depends on the person.”

“Is the information about the priests and traitors in the Council enough to invite Professor Ji to take action?” An Tang expected that Ji Xingjue would refuse, and he wasn’t disappointed either, so he offered the conditions.

The priests who could be in the Alliance Council were naturally of high status.

The An family brothers had a deep hatred for the Holy Order, and with two parties on opposite sides, it was very likely that they were some of An Hong’s political enemies.

Ji Xingjue curved the corner of his eyes and said, “The Admiral really has a good plan. It is extremely dangerous to contact the Holy Order, and it just so happens that the Alliance is about to have a general election. Once we deal with this Holy Order, you and the Chairman of the Council can enjoy the benefits without any effort.”

An Tang stretched out his hand confidently. “Will Professor Ji accept it?”

Ji Xingjue blinked, and reached out to shake his hand. “The Admiral is indeed a cunning fox.”

“I’m just worried about my idiot elder brother,” An Tang smiled innocently, “You two rest assured, when dealing with the Holy Order, An Hong and I will not be soft-hearted, and we will absolutely cooperate with each other with full force.”

An Tang had to wait for An Hong to leave to be able to come out here. He had been busy all morning and had to go back to the meeting even before he could even take a seat at the military headquarters. He got up and said, “I will send the detailed information to Professor Ji later. I’ll have to go back first.”

Ji Xingjue stopped him. “Wait a minute.”

An Tang turned around in doubt.

“Um,” Ji Xingjue felt a little embarrassed, “On Dr. Chen’s side, I have to trouble Admiral An to deal with the aftermath. Try not to make the doctor too sad.”

An Tang was stunned for a while, and the eyes looking at Ji Xingjue softened for some reason, and even his smile was sincere. He nodded and said, “Okay, I will help Professor Ji round it up.”

As soon as An Tang left, Qi Qing, who was locked in the room, returned to the living room with the little robot that was out of battery. He put the little robot to charge, sat on the sofa and looked at him. “You two seem to have a common language.”

Ji Xingjue strolled over and leaned on Qi Qing as a cushion. “Who made us either have an idiot elder brother or an idiot younger brother?”

Being told that, Qi Qing was not angry either. He played around the half-length hair on the back of his neck with his fingertips 

Ji Xingjue got a little itchy from being played by him. Resisting the tingling, he said, “You should have heard what An Tang said, right? What do you think?”

An Tang wanted to use them as gunmen, but this was also the most urgent matter for the two of them at the moment.

The chip in Ji Xingjue’s body was like a time bomb, the more it existed, the more anxiety it would accumulate.

Ji Xingjue also didn’t want to collapse in front of Qi Qing one day, either with organ failure or loss of five senses.

Instead of letting Qi Qing see him like that, he might as well plan another escape.

“The goods have been delivered to the door, must be accepted.”

Ji Xingjue nodded, pondering, and added a word of warning, “Does An Tang feel anxious after seeing An Hong go crazy? It’s a bad example. Good children shall not learn from it.”

It was like coaxing a child.

Qi Qing raised his eyelids. Without saying a word, he lifted the hair on the back of his neck, looked at the exposed fair and beautiful neck, and bowed his head to plant a kiss.

An electric current crackled through his body, Ji Xingjue never knew that the back of his neck was so sensitive, so he hissed softly.

Qi Qing stared at his neck that was turning red almost instantly and narrowed his eyes slightly. He raised his eyebrows, and said inexplicably, “I seem to have discovered something extraordinary.”

Ji Xingjue keenly sensed the danger, and jumped up awkwardly clutching his neck. “Okay, let’s stop making trouble, I have to look at the data and help An Tang research the bionic limbs.”

In this regard, he had always been able to handle Qi Qing with ease, and this was the first time he had such… a weird feeling.

Qi Qing clutched his wrist, and gently pulled him back, his fingertips caressing the skin of the back of his neck leisurely. “No hurry.”

Ji Xingjue trembled all over, and it was the first time that he found the back of his neck seem so untouchable.

His waist was a little weak from being touched, and he wanted to raise his hand to beat him a few times, but when he saw Qi Qing’s face which was hard to resist, he slowly put down his resisting hand, and gritted his teeth to endure this weird feeling.

Qi Qing squeezed his waist again in a probing manner, and concluded, “There is no nape sensitivity here.”

Ji Xingjue: “…Have you played enough, Xiao Bao?”

Qi Qing obviously didn’t play enough.

He pressed the slightly protruding prominent joint on the back of Ji Xingjue’s neck, rubbed it lightly twice, moving along as if he was stroking a cat. He watched Ji Xingjue huddled in his arms, his whole body trembling a little with his clenched teeth but said nothing, as if he was being bullied, but he still endured without resisting or fleeing.

Having fully enjoyed Ji Xingjue’s infinite tolerance towards him, a shadow suddenly flashed in Qi Qing’s heart. “…Are you treating me like a younger brother?”

Ji Xingjue, who finally got some space to fight back, held down his troublesome hand, leaned over and blew viciously on his ear before raising his eyebrows, and smiled. “What are you thinking, would you do this kind of thing to your younger brother?”

The author has something to say:

Xiao Qi: I would do this kind of thing to my elder brother.

The same elder brothers, but he’s a top, you’re a bottom, what’s wrong with you Xiao Ji?


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