Chapter 57: That Is A Lawful Clandestine Love Affair

Qi Qing was temporarily suppressed.

But his face looked even more depressing.

An Tang pushed open the door. Seeing Qi Qing and Ji Xingjue, he heaved an obvious sigh of relief, nodded and said, “Both of you have been waiting for a long time.”

Ji Xingjue showed a false smile. “Is the Admiral going to hand over the information to me? To be honest, your esteemed elder brother’s laboratory is spectacular, and I couldn’t help but take a few photos.”

An Tang’s eyebrows twitched, and he was silent for a moment. Just when Ji Xingjue thought he would ramble incoherently, he actually took out another memory card, and said indifferently, “I think, Professor Ji also doesn’t want to see the scandal of Marshal Qi Qing broke into the house of the Chairman of the Council as a theft, so how about we cancel each other out?”

Ji Xingjue glanced at Qi Qing. “Lord Marshal?”

This matter was related to Ji Xingjue’s body, and Qi Qing was not interested in getting involved in the political struggle of the Alliance’s general election, so he nodded. “I’ll listen to you.”

An Tang looked at the two people with great interest. “The last time I was in the Imperial Capital, I heard that the relationship between the two of you is extremely bad, almost incompatible. I didn’t expect that the rumors and the gossip are just a shield. The weakness of the invincible Marshal is Professor Ji.”

Ji Xingjue took the memory card, and said with a tone as mild as a drizzle and as gentle as a breeze. “On the way to the capital, I also heard that the Chairman of the Council and the Admiral have a very good relationship. Seeing is believing, and visible facts cannot be denied. The relationship between you two is indeed better than what I heard.”

An Tang heard something in his words, and instantly understood, and narrowed his eyes. “Sure enough, it was Professor Ji last night.”

Ji Xingjue shrugged. “Under normal circumstances, I don’t have the hobby of gossiping. I just hope that the Admiral will do what he says. After all, the Marshal was sent by me, and he is very innocent.”

After some confrontation, Ji Xingjue had the upper hand, and An Tang also was’t that anxious. He made a pot of tea unhurriedly, and poured tea for the two of them. “The Marshal came to the Alliance this time to discuss the encirclement and suppression of the Holy Order, but I think compared to the Alliance, you two are the most anxious.”

Ji Xingjue didn’t touch the tea cup. He used his fingertips to fiddle on the memory card. “I’ve always been curious about how the Admiral knew about my physical condition.”

An Tang didn’t mind either, and took a sip of strong tea slowly, with a calm expression on his face. “Both of you should have heard about the fact that I broke my legs in a defeat on the front line. The truth of that battle was actually that I sent an adjutant to attract attention, and sneaked into the rear with an elite team, trying to find out the priests who were behind the star pirate.”

Unexpectedly, he discovered a huge laboratory in that base, and one of the optical computers recorded Ji Xingjue’s physical data and conditions, as well as future trend predictions.

He swept a glance at it and thought of the unconstrained information stored in the council building, but before he could do anything next, he was discovered by members of the Holy Order.

Without saying a word, the group directly burned down the entire laboratory. 

It was very rare for An Tang to keep his life safe. 

After he finished mentioning the matter casually, An Tang looked into Ji Xingjue’s eyes. “I originally thought that Professor Ji would be a member of the Holy Order, but now it seems that we should have the same standing point.”

Ji Xingjue copied the rest of the materials, raised his eyebrows, and smiled without saying a word.

As soon as the conversation came to an end, there was a sudden sound of footsteps outside.

Qi Qing turned his head and glanced out the window. Seeing the gathered guards, his eyes turned cold. “Admiral An’s sincerity does not seem to be very sufficient.”

An Tang was also taken aback for a moment, walked quickly to the window to look, and his expression changed. “It’s not me, it’s An Hong who’s back.”

He frowned and quickly glanced at the two of them.

No matter how he wanted to explain it, he couldn’t explain clearly how these two people ran to the Chairman’s house without a word in broad daylight.

He knew An Hong’s character better than anyone else, and he would definitely investigate thoroughly. He managed to stabilize these two people, but he didn’t want Ji Xingjue to change his mind at all.

An Tang rubbed his forehead and made a decisive decision. He put away the teacup, and opened the cabinet apologetically. “I have to trouble the two of you to hide for awhile. I’ll lure him away later, and you guys take the opportunity to slip away—Professor Ji, I still have something to ask, see you later.”

Ji Xingjue looked at him, nodded, and pulled the reluctant Lord Marshal into the cabinet.

As soon as the cabinet door was closed, An Hong pushed open the door of the tea room.

There wasn’t much space in the cabinet, and half of Ji Xingjue’s body was stuck in Qi Qing’s arms. In the small space, they could clearly hear each other’s breathing and heartbeat. Qi Qing leaned against the door of the cabinet, taking advantage of the situation, he covered Ji Xingjue with his arms, and bowed his head in his ear, asked in an airy voice, “Do you trust him?”

Ji Xingjue thought for a while, and replied with the same airy voice, “You’ll know after listening for a while.”

Listen to what?

Qi Qing, whose guess towards the An family brothers only “these two have deep interest entanglements and a deeper kinship than relatives”, raising his eyebrows suspiciously.

With his back facing the cabinet, An Tang lightly knocked on the door with his fingertips, indicating that the two of them were ready to leave at any time.

An Hong glanced around the room, and looked behind An Tang keenly. “What are you doing?”

“Lazing around,” An Tang walked up to him with a normal expression, and glanced outside, “What are you doing bringing a bunch of people back all of a sudden? The Council shouldn’t have finished yet, you have to save the face of those old men, and be careful that they will stab you in the back again.”

An Hong said indifferently, “So what.”

An Hong wasn’t the same as Qi Qing. Although Qi Qing looked cold, after getting along with him, one could find that he was actually very approachable and even joked with others.

An Hong was indifferent as if he had no emotion—some people in the Alliance suspected that their Chairman of the Council was actually a robot. Every year, people raised their arms and shouted, asking An Hong to publish the medical examination report. No matter who he was, he had the pressure of a high-ranking person. When he went to the orphanage, he could scare a lot of children into tears. Except for An Tang, no one dared to look directly at him in the eyes.

An Tang smiled. “You’re like this again, forget it, let’s not talk about you.”

An Hong looked around the room again, and his eyes fell on the teapot on the coffee table.

There were still wisps of thin smoke floating above.

An Tang’s eyelids twitched, and before An Hong could speak, he suddenly hooked An Hong’s neck, forcing him to lower his head, and send his own lips up. “Ge, it’s hard for me to free some time… Are you here to question me?”

An Hong’s steady breathing suddenly became chaotic.

The subtle sound of kissing pierced into the eardrums, and Qi Qing was stunned.

Ji Xingjue covered his ears, and his eyes curved into a smile. “Shh, good boy, don’t listen.”

Qi Qing: “……” 

Qi Qing finally understood where the strange feeling came from.

He lowered his eyes, and Ji Xingjue’s facial features were hard to see clearly in the dim light from the carved cabinet, but the corners of his curved lips were exceptionally clear, as if he was ready for a kiss at any time.

Ji Xingjue’s attention was all outside as he teased him casually. “You take a look at how other family’s didi, obediently calling him gege.”

Qi Qing was unmoved. “Look at yourself where you act like a gege.”

Ji Xingjue blinked, poked his abdominal muscles with his fingers, and whispered in his ear ambiguously. “Didn’t what I teach you last night is what gege should teach?”

Qi Qing’s breathing was not steady either.

After Ji Xingjue had some fun, he moved to the side very unconsciously. “Speaking of which, Lord Marshal, do you think the two of us are having an affair?”

Qi Qing, who wanted to eat him to his heart content, said coldly, “We are in a legal relationship.”


Ji Xingjue thought for a while. “That’s legal cheating.”

Qi Qing decided to shut him up.

When the sound outside gradually faded away, Ji Xingjue’s lip was also bitten hard. He opened the cabinet door feeling a little dissatisfied. “Why are you acting like a dog?”

He leaned over to the window and glanced out, and sure enough, the guards had been transferred away.

The two quickly jumped upstairs, then returned from the road they sneaked into before, and smoothly went back to the car.

Ji Xingjue rubbed his gnawed lips, and while opening the other half of the file, said, “It seems that Gege still needs to teach you how to kiss.”

Among other things, Professor Ji’s ability to tease people was absolutely top-notch. Qi Qing glanced at him indifferently. “Ji Xingjue, do you think I really can’t deal with you?”

Ji Xingjue thought about what happened last night, and shut up honestly.

The second half of the data flashed in front of him, and Ji Xingjue scanned it ten lines at a glance. When he landed on a section of the experiment report, his gaze paused for a moment. 

“…The spiritual code is implanted with a chip as a carrier. The vessels that do not fit well with the spiritual code will have a series of adverse rejection reactions in the later stage of the experiment, including but not limited to frequent coma, random failure of the five senses (vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch), adverse transition reactions, rapid organ failure…”

“…But unfortunately, our experiments have not been successful, and we cannot predict how the vessel that is absolutely suitable will react, but according to speculation, in the process of merging with the spiritual code, there will also be certain adverse reactions.”

Chip carrier.

Ji Xingjue rubbed his Adam’s apple subconsciously.

With the help of Yu Tong, he had done many secret body checks, and the check results showed that there was no chip in his body. 

Or, that chip had a hidden system. If he wanted to know where the chip was in his body, he had to cut him open to check, or seek out the Holy Son.

So far, except for the time when he was hit by the priest who exploded in the Imperial Capital, he had not had any adverse reactions. However, this incident was neither a good thing, nor even downright bad.

Ji Xingjue’s heart turned cold when he thought of the man that was seen on the Dark Star, which he was clearly in a coma at that time.

If he guessed correctly, it was the first time the soul in the chip had awakened.

It was him that Scarred-Face saw, and it also wasn’t him.

Ji Xingjue couldn’t help thinking, was there such a person as “Ji Xingjue” in the world?

Was he a vessel created by the Holy Order, or something?

Qi Qing, who was driving the car back to the hotel, didn’t hear Ji Xingjue’s voice for a long time, and turned his face sideways. “How is it?”

Ji Xingjue came back to his senses, concealed the “vessel” section, and said in a relaxed tone, “After reading it, the Holy Order wants to study powerful human transformation. Unfortunately, I was one of the experimental subjects. They implanted a chip in my body and after being frozen for observation and transformation, my parents, whom I had never met, were probably also their researchers. Later, they consciously realized that I couldn’t stand it, and took me away.”

There was no need to ask, if the chip could be checked, Ji Xingjue would have taken it out long ago.

Qi Qing was silent for a while, with murderous intent in his eyes, but he didn’t want to show too murderous in front of Ji Xingjue, so he nodded with a calm manner. “I will seize them.”

Ji Xingjue put away his optical computer, holding his chin, he looked at Qi Qing softly, carefully looked at his face, and smiled brightly. “Ai, following our Marshal does indeed give me a sense of security.”

The terrible things were yet to come, whether it was the disappearance of the five senses or the loss of spirit. Before any of that happened, being able to look at Qi Qing more was a profit.

The two went out for a long time, and Damel was so anxious that he could hardly sit still. Seeing that the two had returned safely, he was relieved and reported. “Marshal, we have captured the traces of the priests.”

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