Chapter 53: I want to sleep too

The atmosphere suddenly became ambiguous.

Ye Nanqi’s heartbeats quickened as he was being suppressed. He couldn’t get away nor ask the other person to roll out. The only thing he could do was to stare at him with his big round eyes.

He had round dark pupils, the color which seemed to be serene and peaceful, yet at the same time could swallow everything with just a glance and when he looked straight at someone, the color was so clear that it could reflect everything.

“Don’t look at me like that…” Shen Du couldn’t help but reach out his hand to cover his eyes, his voice was hoarse. “Your look is like an invitation calling for me to quickly eat you up.”

When a deep, pleasing voice spoke words like a hooligan in his ears, Ye Nanqi’s body became so weak that he didn’t have the strength to push him away. Feeling that his “ear would get pregnant”, he pulled his hands off his eyes, and after staring at him for a moment, his heart was even more nervous.

Shen Du…didn’t seem to be joking.

His eyes seemed to really look like he would swallow him up.

Ye Nanqi, whose eyes were freed, couldn’t stand such a straightforward look, and had to avoid again in vain.

Fortunately, although President Shen had the mouth of a hooligan, he never used his means to force someone against his will. Apart from him liking to use his paws to grope around, or light tender kisses, in general, he could barely be regarded as a “gentleman”.

As Ye Nanqi thought, somehow he became happy, forgetting this dangerous situation, and laughed at Shen Du.

When someone laughs sincerely, they look particularly good. Like a rare flower blooming slowly in the dark.

Shen Du’s eyes darkened. Originally, he was only teasing Ye Nanqi, but now he began to wonder if he really should take someone to bed and eat him clean today.

When the car in Shen Du’s mind drove to the edge of the city, his thoughts were floating wandering around about what kind of condoms or what posture he should use, Ye Nanqi raised his hand suddenly, holding his mobile phone, and making a call in front of him.

[T/N: driving a car: refers to something dirty.]

As soon as it rang, the atmosphere was immediately disrupted. Ye Nanqi gave a nasty laugh, pretending to be surprised. “Ye Nanqi’s phone call?”

Shen Du: “…”

Shen Du squeezed his face amusedly. He was still lazily pressing on him, biting his slightly longer hair one after another, answered the phone, and said calmly, “En? Baby, what’s the matter?”

Ye Nanqi silently watched him talk to himself.

“…okay, don’t go out alone, there are many bad people outside. You are a big baby, remember to bring an assistant when you go out.”

“What do you want to eat tonight?”

“Mm, I’ll miss you if I don’t see you even for just a while. Does my baby miss me… miss me so much? Sweet.”

Ye Nanqi thought, does Shen Du even still want a face?

After acting as though there was nobody else for a while, Shen Du hung up the phone. With a relaxed smile, he hugged Ye Nanqi and kissed him.

Ye Nanqi said, “Hugging me and talking to others, Young Master Shen is too much.”

Shen Du was still smiling. “When I look at you, there is only you in my eyes.”

“… Are we having an affair?” Ye Nanqi turned his head and pushed him away.

When that faintly ambiguous mood in the air had been destroyed by Ye Nanqi, it was obviously impossible to continue. Shen Du was full of regret yet he could do nothing, only grabbing the person, rubbing against him and sitting up obediently. However, he didn’t release him as he lowered his head to catch his lips. “Un, do you like it?”

When he said “Do you like it”, his eyes were serious, and he was obviously not talking about the “affair”. Ye Nanqi immediately understood, he paused for a while before trying to push him away.

Did he like Shen Du?

The answer was certainly.

It was just that Ye Nanqi wasn’t sure about his own liking, but some parts were true.

Towards him, Shen Du was good. He was so good that he almost filled a gap in the relationship he had never experienced in years. Before he noticed it, when he felt exhausted, and wanted to relax, the only place that could make him fall asleep peacefully was by Shen Du’s side.

Shen Du, what was he like? A harbor where he could anchor, or perhaps a beam of…light?

Those who only knew how to search and crawl in the dark, fell to the ground and suffered beyond words, seeing a beam of light, the feeling of pleasantly surprised and depending was definitely greater than the feeling of love.

Shen Du noticed Ye Nanqi’s retreat, frowned and pulled him back. Relied on being two years younger than him, he acted like a spoiled child with a clear conscience, leaning on his shoulder, and whispered, “Baby, I am already yours. Do you want to abandon me after seducing me?”

Ye Nanqi looked at Shen Du’s hands that were tightly hugging his waist, feeling a little confused for a while.

Shen Du was really important in his heart.

Then what he was feeling toward Shen Du, was it a feeling of gratitude and dependence or a feeling of liking a person?

Ye Nanqi had lived for more than 20 years, and had never experienced a real love for others.

When he thought of Shen Du, his mood became pleasant and he felt good. Was this because he liked him? Or just pure dependence?

If it was the latter, with how much Shen Du liked him, and if he responded with this kind of feeling, it simply tarnished Shen Du’s likes and was not worthy of that feeling of love.

If the former …

If it was about liking a person…

Without him realizing it, Ye Nanqi clenched his hands, and turned to look at Shen Du in silence

He wouldn’t run away from it anymore.

But now, he needed to distinguish this feeling of gratitude, dependence and a liking.

The car stopped in front of Shen Du’s other house in the city.

When he got out, Shen Du threw the two eavesdropper devices he found to the driver and motioned him to deal with it.

This area was within a high-class community with a high level of confidentiality and security. When the car which was following them couldn’t get through, they drove outside for a while for a few rounds before retreating.

When he entered the house, Ye Nanqi, who had already cleared his mood, looked around left and right before raising his eyebrows. “I never heard that you still have such a resident. There won’t be a canary hiding in the house, right?”

Seeing him like that, Shen really wanted to take a bite of him. He then leisurely said, “Isn’t my canary right in front of me?”

Ye Nanqi gently smiled. “Aren’t I a little wild cat?”

Shen Du: “…”

“I still lack training. Will President Shen be able to satisfy me?”

Shen Du was afraid that his flower face was being scratched by a cat’s paw and corrected him. “You’re a house cat, and it’s me who lacks training. Be obedient, I will feed you later.”

[T/N: 花脸, literally means flower face. Yet, another meaning is dirty face. Ahhh, Chinese.]

Ye Nanqi’s face was not as thick as his, and he couldn’t continue to discuss this topic with a composed and calm manner. After losing his voice for a while, he gave him a kick, sat on the sofa, and coughed slightly. “Let’s talk about business first.”

After being disturb a moment ago, Ye Nanqi had no idea from where he should start talking about this business. He thought for a while and chose to contact Li Hengran first.

Li Hengran quickly answered the phone. Judging from the slightly noisy background through the phone, it was obvious that he was still at the scene. Only after he found a quieter place did he speak. “The man was rescued and the kidnappers were also caught. Dr. Chen was a little frightened, but soon adjusted his mentality and is now undergoing examination in the hospital.”

Obviously it was a good thing, but his tone was deep and serious. Ye Nanqi couldn’t help looking up at Shen Du as he pressed the speaker button.

“Officer Li, what happened?”

Li Hengran was silent for a moment before speaking with difficulty. “While rescuing the hostage in the factory, the opponent opened fire. The other party was very familiar with the terrain, and someone attempted to sneak around and shoot us from behind… but Yanzi blocked the shoot for me. Fortunately, there was no life-threatening danger. Nanqi, you can’t understand. Before Yanzi was shot, I was still wondering if he was a spy, and whether he was cooperating with the insider. Otherwise, how would the other party know our deployment and could almost escape?”

It was a very painful thing to doubt the sworn brothers who had encountered life and death together. In this kind of torment, the brother used his own body as a shield and got injured while protecting him. Li Hengran was absent-minded; he was on a brink of doubting himself.

Ye Nanqi also had the experience of being upset and questioning Shen Du because of Xue Xiangyu’s remarks, and he could understand it to some extent. He explained a few words to Li Hengran in a low voice to ease his anxiety. “Officer Li, you are a policeman, you should know better than me. Sometimes seeing is not believing, and normal logical reasoning can sometimes be inferior to intuition.”

Li Hengran softly sighed. After giving a tone of acknowledgement, he hung up the phone.

Ye Nanqi played with his mobile phone for a while, he didn’t think that his words would have much impact on Li Hengran.

After all, in a person’s mind, be it anger or sympathy, it couldn’t be relieved right away after just a few words. Moreover, verbal words also weren’t that powerful enough to ease the tension.

He couldn’t and didn’t know how to help the long-term relationship between Li Hengran and his comrades-in-arms.

“Do you want to see Chen Wen later?” Shen Du added some honey to the hot water, tested the temperature, and after finding that it was just right, he handed it to him.

Ye Nanqi took the honey hot water, warmed his still cold hands with it, and nodded. “What do you think of Xue Jingshan’s attitude before?”

“Very familiar.” Shen Du stared at Ye Nanqi without blinking. “I probably had the same look when I looked at you.”

Ye Nanqi was bewildered by his stare. To conceal his disgusted manner, he took a sip of water and said in a low voice, “But you are completely different.”

“Yes, you’re also different from Bai Yu.” Shen Du smiled. Knowing that his nerves were tense, he longer forced him and looked away with a thoughtful expression on his face. “Xue Jingshan actually likes Bai Yu… these people really know how to toy with each other. Bai Yu obviously knows how Xue Jingshan feels about him.”

Ye Nanqi recalled the information he had collected, and hesitated. “But… isn’t Xue Jingshan straight? I have checked before. He’s only in relationships with women and seems to hate contact with men.”

“Data is one thing, reality is another thing, everything can be changed.” Shen Du leaned his cheek on the sofa, and lazily said, “The information stated that there was a little bottom that was almost killed when he was rolling on Xue Jingshan’s bed, but the way Xue Jingshan looked at Bai Yu wasn’t right. The information also says that I lack sexual pleasure, tsk, but everyday staring at you, I’m going to be suffocated to death…”

Ye Nanqi said indifferently, “Thank you for your hard work, keep hanging there.”

He dejectedly sighed. “Wife, if you don’t try, how can you know that I’m incapable? It was really an accident that time. Believe in my learning skills, I also watched a lot of videos…”

“Shut up!” Ye Nanqi blushed, and drank a mouthful of water in his hands in anger, then quickly skipped the topic. “Do you think Bai Yu is helping us?”

Bai Yu’s welcome declaration seemed to be an approving proof of Shen Du joining them.

Although they couldn’t go deeper for the time being, at least it was a smooth first step.

Shen Du, “Should be. He feels different from the others.”

The others were beasts with a layer of glamorous skin and rotten bone inside, but Bai Yu, from beginning to end, always resembled a noble son who was aloof and remote with restrained words and deeds.

“I also saw a few acquaintances…” Shen Du tilted his head and sneered. “There are a lot of people who can pretend to be better than me. Being outside has become a benchmark for abstinence, and they were letting loose in the swimming pool… I don’t know how their family would feel if they knew that they wasted hundreds of millions for children in the swimming pool.”

Hearing him say that, Ye Nanqi almost laughed. He shook his head and said, “These people… In other words, most of them may conceal it from their family.”

The two looked at each other and stopped talking.

It was bound to be difficult to go through this path.

Fang Xingyuan might have been trusted by Ye Mei at the beginning, but now that he was surviving, he was living in fear of being striked back. Ye Nanqi could accuse him for betraying Ye Mei, but he couldn’t force him to stand on the same front line with him.

There was no reason for Shen Du to help him. However, not only did he help, he also took the initiative to jump into the muddy water, supporting him to move forward.

As if telling him that, before they could get out of this muddy water, he wouldn’t let go even if he died.

Ye Nanqi wanted to express his gratitude toward Shen Du, but with a light thank you, how could it be possible to compare with what Shen Du had done for him.

Besides, Shen Du wouldn’t want his thanks.

What could he give Shen Du?

Excluding gratitude and dependence, could his likes be compared to Shen Du’s likes?

Ye Nanqi hesitated, but in the end he didn’t say anything.

This house was prepared when Shen Du and Ye Nanqi first got married…an escape place when Shen Du wanted to get away from Ye Nanqi’s annoyance. When they couldn’t get along under the same roof, he could always move here and live without seeing or worrying about each other; out of sight, out of mind.

After all, half a year ago, if someone told him that he would like Ye Nanqi so much that he could cut out his heart for him, he would definitely not believe it. On the contrary, he would believe that there was something wrong with that person’s brain.

Looking back at the past, Shen Du pondered for a moment, but still didn’t dare to tell the original purpose of the house.

The aunt, who came to work hourly, cleaned the house regularly, and filled some food in the refrigerator from time to time. When it was almost expired, she would take it home and eat it herself. So there were always fresh fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator.

Ye Nanqi, who didn’t eat at noon, began to have a stomach ache. He opened the refrigerator and after seeing the neatly packed things inside, his eyes were complicated. “Are you really raising someone behind my back?… Is he upstairs? I’m not angry, you tell him to come down and cook a meal.”

Shen Du had nowhere to say that he was wronged. He wrapped his hands around Ye Nanqi’s waist, insisted on hugging him, sticking to his back and helplessly said, “I only raise you, why do I need to raise someone else for?”

Ye Nanqi took out the food he wanted to eat, and finally found a handful of noodles, pushed Shen Du’s hand away, handed it to him, and said casually, “Oh? Why don’t you raise someone else?”

“Does someone else look as good as you?”

Ye Nanqi raised his eyes, which was full of complications, to look at him. “It turns out…you are looking at my face.”

Shen Du went into the kitchen to wash the vegetables without any complaint, and followed his words. “Yes, my Nan Xiaoqi looks good. Among Asian male artists, he’s in the top ten in terms of beauty.”

[T/N: Nan little Qi.]

“…you went to see that kind of thing?”

“I also go into your fan base.”

As Shen Du said, he cut a slice of fresh cucumber and stuffed it into Ye Nanqi’s mouth. He smiled and said, “Your fans are yelling about sleeping with you every day.”

Ye Nanqi: “…”

Shen Du fixed his gaze on him, and his tone was serious. “I want to sleep too.”

Ye Nanqi held on firmly despite extreme adversity for 3 seconds then ran away.

[T/N: if YNQ was a dark mist, then SD would be a beam of lightbulb.]


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