Chapter 55: Call Me Gege If You Want It

Qi Qing’s breathing all stopped for a moment.

Aware of this subtle change, Ji Xingjue deepened his smile. “Call me brother if you want it.”

Ten minutes ago, Qi Qing was still thinking about trying to sort out Ji Xingjue, but now, the person who he was anxiously longing for was making trouble as if he was seeking death. His mind went blank, and after a while, he opened his mouth in a depressed voice, his tone stretching out like a string. “Ji XINGJUE!”

“I’m here.”

Ji Xingjue buried his head in the back of his neck, and jabbed his hard abdominal muscles with a bit of vengeance and teasing. “Call me brother? Xiao Bao.”

There was a sudden rustling sound between the pillow and quilt, causing the scene in front of his eyes to turn dark. Qi Qing put his hands on his sides and looked down at him from above. His expression couldn’t be seen clearly in the dim light, but his eyes were like blazing ice flames, and his breathing was heavy.

“You’re doing it on purpose?”

Ji Xingjue was calm as he was lying beneath, and the corners of his lips hooked up. “Yes, what can you do to me?”


Qi Qing stared at him expressionlessly, his gaze was as fierce as a wolf’s.

Ji Xingjue still had no sense of crisis.

Just as Qi Qing thought, he had a pure and natural trust in Qi Qing, and he didn’t think that Qi Qing would do anything to him, which was why he delivered himself to the death door very earnestly.

He deliberately bent his knees against Qi Qing, tilted his head and let the moonlight streamed in from the window falling on his eyes. In the partly bright partly dark, Qi Qing felt that he was like a succubus acting recklessly in the dark night.

It took Qi Qing a lot of patience as he looked at him quietly for a while. Without saying a word, he stretched out his hand, directly lifted the quilt, rolled Ji Xingjue into it, and put it on the other side.

Ji Xingjue’s eyes were spinning for a while, before turning into a bewildered burrito on the spot. “What are you doing?”

Qi Qing turned over and got out of bed, and began to regret having Ji Xingjue here, but if Ji Xingjue wasn’t in his line of sight, he wasn’t at ease, so he could only respond coldly, “Take a shower.”

As a result, before he could take any steps, Ji Xingjue had already gotten out of the quilt, held him down from behind, and smiled. “Are you angry? No more teasing, let me help you solve it.”

Ji Xingjue’s strength clearly wasn’t that strong, but Qi Qing had the illusion of being locked in place. “…what do you want to do?”

“It’s just helping you.” Ji Xingjue thought for a while, “Is this called a fulfilling husband and wife obligations?”

As soon as the statement of fulfilling the obligation came out, Qi Qing didn’t seem very happy.

Ji Xingjue put it another way. “Mutual help between lovers?”

Qi Qing turned his head slowly, only until now that Ji Xingjue realized that his eyes were a little red, as if he could devour him.

When he was with Qi Qing, he always felt a great sense of security, but now the dull sense of crisis finally returned to its place. Ji Xingjue blinked, but didn’t back away, and pressed Qi Qing back on the bed, his dense eyelashes drooping. “Or to say, to learn from your brother’s teaching? The Lord Marshal knows how to arrange troops, but you don’t necessarily understand these things.”

There was a burning sensation in Qi Qing’s throat. “How do you know that I don’t understand?”

Ji Xingjue turned his head to look at him, the smile in the depth of his eyes were like sparkling stars. “Oh? So you thought of doing me before?”

Qi Qing fell silent again.

Ji Xingjue giggled, put his head on his shoulder, and helped Qi Qing earnestly.

In the end, Qi Qing looked even worse.

Ji Xingjue felt something was wrong during the long process. He slowly wiped his hands, got into the quilt and yawned. “Taking it too long is also a disease, you can deal with it yourself, I’ll sleep now.”

A sneer came from above his head. “Just you wait.”

Ji Xingjue shrank back under the quilt again.

When Qi Qing came back, he brought a glass of water and the medicine that Ji Xingjue had stopped taking for a while. He glanced at a certain Ji person, who was pretending to be dead and poked his only revealed head. “Take the medicine.”

Ji Xingjue slowly exhaled. He wanted to reach out to take the medicine, but when he stretched halfway, he suddenly thought of what he had done with his hands, and lowered his head with complicated eyes. “…Lord Marshal, I have a heartfelt request.”

Qi Qing: “Speak.”

“Will you feed me?”

“…” Qi Qing said, “Open your mouth.”

After swallowing a few pills, Ji Xingjue couldn’t help but take a few more glances at Qi Qing, and praised, “Your temper is so good that you don’t seem like a human.”

What a crappy review.

Qi Qing put down the water glass and lay back on the bed. This time, he didn’t try to dodge the touch again, and stretched out his hand to pull Ji Xingjue into his arms, and said vigilantly, “No more naughty things allowed.”

The effect of the medicine came up quickly, and in drowsiness, Ji Xingjue mumbled, “What’s this, I’ve always been a good person.”

The sound of breathing in his arms gradually became even and gentle. Qi Qing looked at his face for a while before closing his eyes, like a dragon who only embraced his own treasure and only closed his eyes with peace of mind after repeated confirmation.

After leaving Qi Qing for more than a month and returning to him, Ji Xingjue rarely fell asleep until the sun was up.

He woke up in a daze, and caught sight of a round head of the little robot that was close at hand.

“Kid, what are you doing?”

Ji Xingjue rubbed his eyes and sat up, subconsciously glanced at the room. Qi Qing wasn’t in the room.

The little robot, who lay cowardly under the bed all night, was caught and brought out by Qi Qing in the morning, said listlessly, “Papa told me to keep an eye on Mama.”

Ji Xingjue was speechless. “Your father is really insecure.”

He got up and went into the bathroom to wash up, and the little robot also followed in a hurry to watch, feeling very sad. “Mama, I hid some beautiful chips and batteries in Papa’s big bedroom, you have to put them away after you go back.”

Ji Xingjue: “?”

“I haven’t said goodbye to A’Xing Huahua (flower) yet. When you and Papa go back to the base, say goodbye to it for me. I can no longer accompany it to bloom.”

Ji Xingjue lowered his head and looked at it.

“There is also a little secret with Papa and Mama, I will automatically destroy it.”

Ji Xingjue: “…baby, what are you talking about?”

The little robot held his trouser leg, looking very pitiful. “Didn’t Mama want to demolish me?”

Ji Xingjue didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and picked up the little guy. “I just want to help you rebuild and repair the aging parts and upgrade the system. It will not change your core.”

The little robot tilted its head.

“You are still you,” Ji Xingjue patted its head, and said softly, “The average human lifespan is two hundred years old. If one day, I have to be separated from Qi Qing, you still have to live two hundred years and stay with him for a longer time.”

The little robot grasped the point and was a little anxious. “Mama, are you leaving again?”

“Not now,” Ji Xingjue put it aside, washed his face, and looked at his own pale face in the mirror. “I’m trying my best to prevent this kind of thing from happening—but humans always have to prepare for the worst.”

The little guy looked at him blankly, half understanding what he said.

There was the sound of the door opening from outside. Ji Xingjue had keen hearing, and when he noticed two footsteps, he immediately pressed the switch of the ring.

It was Damel who followed Qi Qing. The latter also brought breakfast for two and put it on the table. “Marshal, there was a strange loud noise in the capital last night. The Council is probably very lively this morning.”

The culprit who caused the weird loud noise wandered out of the bathroom and greeted without changing his expression. “Morning, Lord Marshal, Your Excellency the Adjutant.”

Damel: “…”

Why is it someone else again!

His Excellency the Adjutant had a bad feeling as he glanced in horror at the big messy bed behind the door.

Ji Xingjue was lazy and didn’t have the good habit of tidying up the internal affairs in the army. The mess on the bed could easily make people think of some bad things.

He sat down calmly and spoke naturally. “You talk, I eat.”

Damel looked at Qi Qing, with extremely complicated and criticized eyes.

Qi Qing’s face was indifferent, without a hint of explanation. “Continue.”

Damel opened his mouth and added to the previous paragraph, “The general election is just around the corner. I heard that some old men in the Alliance Council are very dissatisfied with An Hong’s iron-blooded tactics and want to replace him in the next election. Marshal, you… want to intervene?”

The Alliance had existed for nearly a thousand years, and it had long since fallen from the pinnacle of its power. The previous chairpersons each had their own miracles. It wasn’t until An Hong took office that the decadent Alliance was rejuvenated, but this also caused some people who were vegetarians to be quite dissatisfied with him.

To be able to replace An Hong with a puppet supported by the Council was of course not harmful to the Empire.

But it might not be that easy to replace An Hong.

Ji Xingjue took a bite of the crunchy pancake. “And An Tang?”

Damel wanted to ask who are you, but seeing that Qi Qing had no objection, he replied reluctantly, “An Tang has high prestige in the army, so An Hong has always been supported by the military. Due to last night’s accident, An Tang also set off for the military headquarters.”

Which meant, there was no owner in that villa now.

Ji Xingjue slightly beamed. “Tsk, these two really know how to treat guests.”

When he smiled like this, Damel felt a little familiar, and couldn’t help asking, “This friend, may I ask…”

His voice stopped abruptly.

Ji Xingjue turned off his disguise and looked at him with a smile.

Damel’s voice changed, “Ma, Madame?!”

Qi Qing raised his eyebrows, questioning Ji Xingjue.

Ji Xingjue waved his hand. “It’s okay.”

According to what he overheard last night, Qi Qing seemed to be publicizing that he was recovering from injury, which meant, he couldn’t disclose to others about his appearance in the Alliance, but Damel was Qi Qing’s confidant, and he was trustworthy after getting to know him after a long time.

Damel closed his mouth in astonishment. “Why is Madame here…… was last night also Madame?”

Ji Xingjue nodded with a smile. “Your Marshal is a pure and upright man, so have some confidence in him.”

Qi Qing didn’t bother to pay attention to those four words that were particularly weird to him. “No exposure.”

Damel didn’t know why Ji Xingjue appeared here, but he knew that this was something that must never be said, so he saluted solemnly. “Yes!”

Damel, who concluded that the Marshal did not cheat, left happily. Ji Xingjue continued to eat his pancakes. “Since they’re not here, I’ll go check it out. If there’s no result, I’ll go with you at night.”

Qi Qing opened his mouth, about to speak.

Ji Xingjue knew what he wanted to say, so he interrupted first. “If it’s discovered that the Marshal of the Empire is sneaking through things at the Chairman’s house, if words get out, do you still want this person?”

Qi Qing raised his eyebrows. “Are you so unconfident in your skills?”

Ji Xingjue was calm and was not provoked by him. “I just don’t want you to take risks.”

“This sentence is enough.” Qi Qing hooked the corners of his lips, “Don’t you want to know where the rumored An Hong’s dark room is?”

Twenty minutes later, the two left the hotel together in a car.

Probably because the timing of Qi Qing’s visit last night was too coincidental, An Hong suspected that Qi Qing was involved in the loud noise, and thus, there were a lot of spies outside the hotel this morning.

Qi Qing drove and broke away from those spies, and Ji Xingjue directed him to avoid the intensive surveillance on the road, and said bitterly, “I didn’t expect that all of your people went to the Chairman’s house.”

Qi Qing said, “An Hong has a cleanliness obsession and can’t tolerate dust in the house. The cleaning robot isn’t flexible enough to take care of certain corners. An informant from the Empire, disguised as a cleaner, found it by accident.”

There were obviously more guards on the street than last night, and the car drove up to the Chairman’s house without a sound. Ji Xingjue observed the villa and asked, uncertainty, “Do you really want to come in with me?”

Qi Qing came over and kissed the corner of his lips lightly. “Un.”

“Sticking to brother this much?”

Qi Qing said with a cold face, “Un.”

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

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I follow you wherever you go – peerless man, Qi Xiao Bao.


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