Chapter 56: Maybe He’s Not Even “Ji Xingjue”

After the visit last night, Ji Xingjue was already familiar with the layout of the Chairman’s house. When he successfully sneaked into the courtyard, he clapped his hands and let out a sigh. “In case we lose our jobs, with our skills, it is more than enough to be a robber who robs the rich and helps the poor, and won’t be afraid of starving to death.”

Qi Qing pressed his head, avoiding a surveillance camera. “Have you not checked my account balance?”

Ji Xingjue quickly accepted good opinions from him. “Then I will rob you.”

When Ji Xingjue left the study last night, he opened the window, apparently the aim was to find some kind of information in the study. The timing of Qi Qing’s arrival was too coincidental, so it was suspicious, but An Hong’s greater suspicion should have fallen on a few political opponents in the Council.

After all, those people had been thinking about how to bring him down, and sending people to steal secrets wasn’t once or twice.

It was just that this time the movement was extra loud.

However, even after this happened, An Hong didn’t let the guards enter his and An Tang’s house to patrol.

Ji Xingjue remembered the subtle conversation he heard under the balcony last night, and while touching his lips with his finger, he glanced at Qi Qing, as if realizing something.

It seemed that An Hong’s possessiveness towards An Tang… was quite strong, almost the same as that of his family’s Marshal. 

The two squeezed into the dead corner of the monitoring, and Ji Xingjue carefully hacked into the security system of this villa. The security system of the Star Thief was just a joke. The technological level of the Alliance was too high, and the alarm would be triggered if he didn’t pay attention.

After working on it for a while, the door on the first floor automatically opened.

Ji Xingjue put away his optical computer, clasped his hands together: “I’m sorry, I promise to leave after stealing.”

Compared with the heavy surveillance outside, there was no surveillance inside, and it could be seen that the brothers really wanted to have a normal “home” atmosphere.

This time it was Qi Qing who led the way. The chairman of the Council was good at temperament, and there was a musical instrument room on the first floor. Out of courtesy, An Hong even took Qi Qing to visit.

Walking to the door, Qi Qing turned sideways. “Grand Theft, please.”

Ji Xingjue’s eyes curve with a smile, and carefully broke the password of this door. When the solid door opened, a variety of musical instruments came into view, especially a black grand piano in the center. 

Qi Qing stepped forward and played a small tune with one hand.

The spy wasn’t able to touch this piano. He accidentally discovered that the Chairman of the Council would play this tune every time he entered the piano room. He guessed whether there was a problem, and checked it while lying low during cleaning one time, and realized that there was still room under it.

Sure enough, accompanied by the clear sound of the piano, the piano that was fixed on the ground was slowly moved away, alone with the floor, revealing the secret passage underneath.

Ji Xingjue and Qi Qing looked at each other, and then went down one after the other. 

This was a short stone step and soon at the end, there was another blocked door, and Ji Xingjue opened it according to the old method.

The moment the scene behind the door came into view, Ji Xingjue’s scalp went numb for a while.

The rumored darkroom of the Chairman of the Council was a secret laboratory.

Several incubators were filled with green culture fluid, which had its ups and downs. It wasn’t known if it was human legs or bionic human legs. The dark room wasn’t big, therefore, being locked in the iron cage on the other side, the few dying people were particularly conspicuous.

An Hong actually conducted human experiments here!

Qi Qing didn’t expect such a scene behind the door at all, and frowned. “Is he crazy?”

Ji Xingjue pursed his lips, and he could probably guess why An Hong did this. With a stiff face, he didn’t look at the equipment, and walked quickly to the optical computer, inserted the decoder and started the search.

But this time also, he couldn’t find the information.

Qi Qing guessed it when he saw Ji Xingjue’s eyes. “No?”

Ji Xingjue shook his head.

Just as he was about to say something, his expression suddenly changed. The two of them sensed something was wrong at the same time, and looked towards the tunnel entrance.

A figure appeared quietly, staring fixedly at the culture instruments. “Thank you both, I didn’t know that there was such a place in my house.”

Ji Xingjue glanced behind him. “Is the Admiral just waiting idly for opportunities?”

“That’s not true,” An Tang, who was supposed to be at the military headquarters, turned his head, smiled at the two of them, and said unhurriedly, “It’s purely a coincidence. An Hong has an old illness. He went to the Council in the morning in a hurry and forgot to bring the medicine. I’m not at ease letting other people do it, so I came back to pick up the medicine. When I arrived, I realized that there was a distinguished guest at home.”

His eyes fell on Ji Xingjue’s face, and he sighed slightly. “Since Professor Ji has come to the Alliance, why didn’t you give me a heads up?”

Ji Xingjue spoke calmly. “I’m a shy person. Rather than asking someone, I prefer to take it myself.”

An Tang laughed out loud, “Did you get it?”

Ji Xingjue shrugged.

Qi Qing glanced at this laboratory, and said lightly, “But it’s not without gains.” The Chairman of the Council was doing human experiments in the basement darkroom of his home—only if this article was exposed, An Hong, the Chairman of the Council, would not be able to continue to be the Chairman, and might face legal sanctions from the Alliance.

The Alliance proclaimed the supremacy of human rights. Even criminals had the right to personal autonomy, and human experimentation was absolutely prohibited.

Without saying a word, An Tang hurriedly walked up to the dying people, knelt down and pinched their jaws, and looked at them a few times. “They are all felons in prison, An Hong is not crazy…well, Professor Ji, Marshal Qi, we’ve caught each other’s handles, there’s really no need for us to kill each other, why don’t we seek a cooperative partnership?”

Qi Qing was unmoved. “Compared with us appearing here, it seems that your esteemed older brother’s matter is more serious.”

An Tang’s complexion suddenly changed a few times, and after a while, he smiled again, and looked at Ji Xingjue. “Why are you in a hurry to come to a conclusion, Marshal, don’t you want to know what’s wrong with Professor Ji’s body?”

Qi Qing paused, looked down at Ji Xingjue, and said nothing.

An Tang said, “It’s not convenient to discuss things here. Professor Ji didn’t drink tea yesterday, so you can drink it with confidence today.”

Ji Xingjue gently grabbed Qi Qing’s hand, motioned him to relax, and nodded calmly, “Then thank you for your hospitality.”

When the three of them got out of the tunnel, a minor tune was played backwards to make the piano return to its original position. An Tang listened quietly and sneered.

Ji Xingjue turned to look at him. “What’s wrong?”

An Tang said, “It’s nothing. It’s just that I didn’t expect that the tune I wrote blindly would be the password to open the door. I don’t know how to play the piano, so I never thought of checking here.”

Although they caught each other’s attention, neither of the two parties could see any fluster. An Tang invited the two of them to the reception room on the second floor, and checked the time. “Although I really want to chat with the two of you, please wait for me for ten minutes. I will go to the Council to deliver some medicine and I will come back. Before that, it is best for the two of you not to leave here.”

Ji Xingjue said honestly, “If there is no profir, it will be difficult for me to be obedient.”

“…” An Tang glanced at him wordlessly, and took out a thin memory chip from his pocket, “How about with this profit?”

Ji Xingjue took it and put it on the optical computer to read it.

A line of words jumped out: “Project of Resurrection: The Possibility of Combining Bionic Intelligence Technology and Spiritual Research”.

Avoiding Qi Qing’s sight, Ji Xingjue copied this document calmly before raising his head and smiled. “I think it’s very sincere.”

“This information is incomplete. If Professor Ji wants the second half, hold down your Marshal and wait here obediently.” An Tang smiled subtly, took An Hong’s medicine, and left in a hurry.

Qi Qing watched the whole process and raised his eyebrows. “These two brothers…”

For the sake of his younger brother’s body, one secretly carried out experiments that were absolutely not allowed. The other was willing to temporarily put the two dangerous people on hold for the sake of his elder brother, just to deliver medicine.

No matter how you look at it, something was wrong.

Ji Xingjue didn’t like to gossip about other people’s private affairs, so he smiled and said nothing, and opened half of the file and quickly browsed through it.

It was indeed bold and imaginative.

Scientists of the Randa Empire believed that different people had different mental strengths. For a person with a strong mental strength, before he died, convert his spirit into a code, save it as a piece of data, then make a vessel that had sufficient matches, and enter the code to achieve resurrection.

The data also mentioned the use of bionic technology to make more perfect prosthetics. Compared with mechanical prosthetics, bionic prosthetics could be like regenerated bodies. After success, there was no need to remove and replace, with regular maintenance, and the flexibility would not be any different from the original one.

As for the key parts of this technology, they were all in the second half cut by An Tang.

Mental code, matching vessel.

Staring at these two words, Ji Xingjue felt a cold feeling of blood flowing backwards, and his eardrums were rumbling. After a while, he finished reading half of the information, raised his head to meet Qi Qing’s gaze with his lips hooked. “It’s what I need.”

Qi Qing raised his hand to touch his cold cheek, and asked the key point directly, “What does An Tang mean when he said that there is a problem with your body?”

It was hard for Ji Xingjue to talk about this matter with Qi Qing with a smile. He paused, and said from a different angle, “Well, it’s a bit difficult to explain, let me tell you a little secret first.”

Qi Qing looked at him deep in his eyes, and nodded.

Ji Xingjue bent his lips to a smile. “Aiya, it’s not a big deal. My identity certificate was made by the Duke, and the year of birth written on it is 883. Let’s be honest about the age between husband and husband. In fact, I was born in 878 of the star calendar.”

Qi Qing reacted instantly.

Ji Xingjue was brought home by Qi Bai in the year 889 of the star calendar. At that time, he was in a state of confusion and couldn’t remember anything clearly.

He looked like he was six years old at that time, and his growth rate was faster than Qi Qing, which caused Qi Qing, who had always been far ahead in height among his peers, to be hit hard.

—If Ji Xingjue was really born in 878, then why was there a gap of five years in his growth time?

Ji Xingjue quickly answered, “Have you seen the culture medium in the laboratory below? I was frozen inside of it for five years.”

He didn’t look at Qi Qing’s face, and explained with difficulty. “I lied to you last night, I’m sorry…the people of the Holy Order didn’t mess with me when I was a teenager.”

Instead, some changes were made to his body when he was young, and he had been searching for many years, just to find out what was in his body.

Or rather, what he was.

He had noticed it a long time ago, but he didn’t know how to tell Qi Qing, maybe he wasn’t even “Ji Xingjue”.

What Qi Qing liked may just be an empty shell.

“Madam has checked my body, but can’t tell what’s the problem,” Ji Xingjue thought for a while, and comforted Qi Qing, “Actually, there’s nothing wrong with me. Haven’t I been alive and kicking for so many years, I can solve it when I get the other half of the information.”

Qi Qing’s face was ugly, his eyes were serious as he stared at him without blinking. “You’re still lying to me.”

There weren’t any flaws in Ji Xingjue’s smile. “How come, I only found this much.”

Seeing that Qi Qing was about to speak, he quickly leaned over and kissed Qi Qing’s lips. “Shh, An Tang is back. When there is unanimously external, internal strife is prohibited.”

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